One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 101: Redemption!

This kind of skills that are purely determined by Reiatsu Is it possible to become a Shinigami? The generating conditions are very rough.

Although Captain Yamamoto had possessed him, he was very clear about the composition of the Shinigami, but Rogen did not think of suicide in the past to form such a spirit. There are so many powerful people who can possess him, so why hang on this spiritual body?

“Can’t become a Shinigami, can’t make the most of the Reiatsu, and naturally, the power of the Zanpakutō can’t reach its limit.”

“Such power is not very helpful to me now.”

On the contrary, Rogen was delighted with the fact that the possession coins reached a total of 240 million.

Even if Captain Yamamoto could not bring him substantial benefits, it is a disposable thing. However, these possession coins can be used to exchange the skills of souls who have been attached before, or it can be retained, and it can be used for the next summoned soul.

“Shunpo, 50 million.” (Flash Steps)

Once again, he scanned the property bar of Captain Yamamoto. Rogen’s eyes flashed, and his mind directly read it in silence.


It’s a near-instantaneous skill that he can use, similar to the Soru, one of the six Marines’ techniques, but more subtle than that.

Shinigami’s usual instantaneous skill is powerful without words.

Just in an instant, Rogen’s mind was shocked, in conjunction with the experience just acquired by the old man Yamamoto, and all the information about Shunpo has been completely under his control.


With a slight tremor, Rogen’s feet had already left the position of the bow. If you look carefully, you can see that he was an inch away from the ground. He stood steadily in the air. He did not fall down, it’s totally against gravity.


His figure flashed again and returned to its original place.

If you don’t pay attention to it, you won’t realize that Rogen has already moved.

“There is a slight gap compared to the speed of the spiritual body, but it is pretty good. After all, the weight of the body is much higher than that of the soul.”

When Yamamoto was attached to his body, his constitution physique was also forcibly transformed into a Shinigami. At that time, his strength and speed were strong enough to touch hard with the ability of Kizaru’s fruit, and its speed was conceivable.

With the weight of the body, it strengthened the resistance of the air, but the instantaneous power is still strong.

The system was instilled, Yamamoto’s experience, so that Rogen will instantly learn it.

Then, his eyes were aimed at the souls that had been attached to him before.

Previously, because of the insufficiency amount of possession coins, some powerful abilities, or skills, could not be exchanged at all. But this time, he had a surplus food in the landlord’s house, but he was not worried.

“Itachi Uchiha!”

Automatically, Rogen’s vision was fixed on this person.

“Sharingan, 50 million possession coins!”

“Tsukuyomi, 30 million.”

“Fire Release (Systematic Ninjutsu), 23 million.”

“Chakra extraction, 10 million.”

“Genjutsu, 20 million.”

He had seen it before. It was only then that the horrible price scared him directly and forced him to not think about these high skills.

But now, Rogen’s eyes began to twinkle.

“Sharingan relies entirely on Chakra, as well the Ninjutsu.”

With a slight frown, needs Chakra to release Ninjutsu, and Chakra is a kind of energy in the body. This kind of energy, it can not be arbitrarily practiced.

His body has already laid the foundation for practicing internal Chi and internal strength, but this kind of chakra is not suitable.

In other words, Ninjutsu must be abandoned.

Shaking his head, Rogen was unfortunate. The practice of internal Chi in China can also be converted into the practice of genuineness and immortality at a certain stage. It’s much safer than a ninja’s dangerous profession.

“Obtain the Sharingan.”

Of course, Rogen has not forgotten the strong bloodline of Naruto.

“The Sharingan exchange success.”

The cold voice of the system sounded almost as soon as his voice fell. At the same time, Rogen’s face changed suddenly.

Pain, in his eyes, a feeling of incomparable pain swept in, causing his entire body to tremble constantly.

A strip of red threads suddenly appeared in his eyes, cheering, jumping, and fiercely pouncing toward his eyes. From a distance, it was like two red flames flashing out of his eyes.

The pain lasted for about thirteen seconds before it became cold.

This kind of coldness made Rogen feel his own thinking seems to be clear a lot of like.

Touching his eyes, he slowly opened them.

Looking at the whole world again, he just felt that it was a lot clearer than before. The distance within the kilometer, with his eyesight, can be freely magnified and shrunk.

In the sea, when the fish leaps out of the water, the water splashes were clear into his eyes, and it looked incredibly bright. Even He could see a hint of filth on the scale of the fish.

“Is it just a blood exchange?”

After careful experimentation for a while, Rogen’s eyes glimmered.

This kind of talent skill is exchanged by the system coins, but it is not like martial arts cheats, direct package learning, but it is only exchanged for its blood.

In other words, Rogen has the gift of Sharingan at the moment, but not yet awakened.

His eyes were still black and white, and there was no sense of being able to change into a Sharingan.

“It’s okay, Itachi’s experience, tactics, and my mind have also recorded a lot of things. It’s not difficult for me to open my eyes to develop the Sharingan.”

“Then, exchange Tsukuyomi!”

Now that he has the Sharingan, this powerful trick, Rogen Won’t naturally let go. Even if it hasn’t turned into a Dōjutsu yet, it is only a matter of time for him.

Quickly, his mind circulated, and the Tsukuyomi was also fully mastered by him.

These things are not like martial arts cheats, even if he has the talent of martial arts wizard, to learn them, it’s a little complicated, It’s more like a gifted skill, It’s very mysterious.

Once again, he searched for all the attributes of the characters he had possessed before. Rogen selectively exchanged some useful skills, then he stopped.

After half an hour or so, Rogen felt that his mind had a feeling of immense fullness.

It’s like a full person and can’t eat anymore.

He exchanged Shunpo, Sharingan, and a variety of unique skills, which temporarily made him full at the moment and could not intake anymore.

“It turns out that martial arts, the road to becoming stronger is like eating, but also can eat enough, eat enough!”

Rogen has a clear understanding in his mind.

In his mind, these miscellaneous martial arts, skills and so on, have been filled up, let him fill slowly, No more stuffing.

Only by digesting these things completely can we begin to absorb them in the next step.