One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 100: The Harvest

Rogen was in the kitchen, holding a kitchen knife, “Chik! Chik! Chik!” he cut the potatoes one by one into pieces. Then he took all the ingredients and put them together in a pot and then he smiled.

“This man and this cat, huh, are really impatient.”

He shook his head and laughed, a charming steaming heat came out of the pot with a sweet smell.

Looking at the kitchen, there were several dishes in a row, and they were cooking fast.

With the skill of the God of Cookery, cooking became the easiest thing to do for him.

He wiped his hands, poured the food into the plates, and carried it out.

“Here it comes the food, you little greedy cat.”

Rogen put the food on a square table on the deck while he was laughing.

It was a square table, Jason, the little master and Rouge each one had a corner. Seeing the food coming, Jason’s saliva came out, and the little kitten stretched out his claws and grabbed the food toward her.


Her claws were stopped by Rogen, which made the cat screamed fiercely at him, and Rogen shook his fingers.

“No one is allowed to eat, we must start together!”

He entered the kitchen again and as before, he brought some other food.

Soon, a plate of exquisite dishes was served, and in the blink of an eye, the whole table was filled.

About five minutes later, Rogen took out some Saki that he had stored in the cabin and took the cup. Then he sat at the table with a smile.

“After all these crises, we can finally have a good meal!”

Rogen said with a smile.

He saw everyone’s eyes were flashing in a touch of relaxed expression.

“Hey captain, you cooked such a delicious meal, but it’s too little!”

Jason stared at the dishes on the table with greedy eyes.

These dishes, full of color, fragrance, and taste, were extremely attractive to watch, and they couldn’t help swallowing their saliva.

Rogen was too lazy to talk back to Jason, he couldn’t prepare a large quantity, he would need barrels to prepare, and he couldn’t afford it.

“Sister-in-law, you have worked so hard, now, it is safe for the time being!”

In front of Rouge, Rogen’s expression seemed to be calm.

He had great respect for his woman in front of him. Not every woman has the courage to do that for her unborn child.

“I should thank you.”

Rouge was equally serious.

Surrounded by the marines, the man who looked like a teenager just rescued her.

And the crew of this ship was actually just two men and a cat!

This fact made Rouge simply unable to believe that, until now, sitting here, it was still a dream.

“Is it time to eat?”

At this time, Jason took a bite, which made Rogen’s face covered with black lines.

This Foodie!

“Let’s eat!”

Looking at the eyes of Jason and the cat, Rogen had no choice but do to so.

Rouge grinned, and the table began to tremble quickly.

Silently Looking at Jason and the little master reluctant to stop, Rogen laughed.

“Thank you, Jason, little master!”

“Thank you very much!”

Without the help of these two, the chances of his rescuing Rouge were slim.

In this rescue activity, the role of these two was great.

From the beginning to the present, from tension to relaxation, it can be said that everyone was so stressed, but fortunately, they finally succeeded.

Rogen didn’t say all that, some things just had to keep them in his heart.

After a quick meal, Rouge was accompanied by the little cat, and she was turning around on the boat, and smelling the orange trees planted by this rough man Jason.

The Handicraft was hard and rough, after the adjustment of Rouge, it has obviously become more pleasant.
Jason used a toothpick to clean his teeth, and he has a comfortable expression on his face and enjoyed holding the rudder.

Looking at the faces of everyone, filled with a relaxed smile, Rogen smiled happily.

He likes this kind of life.

Really great, isn’t it? With the sea breeze blowing, eating a delicious meal, singing little songs, and these people accompany.

At this time, Rogen didn’t think about the marines, nor about any powerful force, but simply enjoyed a moment of peace.

The Dragon Root was slowly moving in the sea, swaying in the wind and breaking the waves, rippled over the sea, leaving a scratched mark on the surface.

Rogen stood on the bow and looked at the sea in front, with a faint smile on his face.

Sailing out of waters near Baterilla island, he basically wasn’t worried about the pursuit of the marines anymore.

In the south blue, during this period, the marine’s main military strength was concentrated there, and in other areas was scarce.

For example, they have been five or six hours away from the battle place, but on their way, they haven’t encountered any marines’ warship.

The sea is immensely vast, except in the Grand Line where the pirates are dense. Among the four seas, there were more merchant ships among the civilians.

After calming down, Rogen began to check his harvest.

After looking at the system, his face showed a faint smile.

Compared with Dragon’s failure, when the system judged it as a lost battle, the harvest this time can be said to be enormous.

“Defeated Kizaru and obtained 120 million possessed points!”

“Defeated 5 vice admirals and obtained 85 million possessed points!”

“Defeated 3628 marines and obtained 35 million possessed points!”

“A total of 240 million possessed points were acquired!”

Seeing this huge amount of possessed points, Rogen’s face showed a big smile, but he wasn’t as excited as he thought.

It can be said that these possessed coins this time were enough to allow him to exchange them for some very good skills and abilities.

For example, he could have Uchiha Itachi’s Sharingan, or the refinement of Chakra, Ninjutsu and so on.

But after he saw the attributes of the captain Yamamoto, he was somewhat helpless.

“It looks strong, but….”

Shaking his head, Rogen was speechless.

“The Zanpakutō, Ryūjin Jakka, cost 130 million! Note: needed a Shinigami to use it!”

“Ittō Kasō, 60 million possessed coins! Note: needed a Shinigami to use it!”

“Dankū, needed a Shinigami to use it.”


The captain Yamamoto had many good skills, and they were very powerful. They were really domineering and very overbearing. But it made Rogen felt desperate, needed a Shinigami, this had put him in a tight position, and he wanted to commit suicide by putting his head in a Tofu pat.

“There is only a momentary step, you can redeem it.”

It can be said that the Spiritual body of the Shinigami was a very good one. It would suppress the human soul, whether it was strong or not depends entirely on the level of the Reiatsu.

Even he has a variety of unique talents, such as being able to stand in the sky.

Moreover, without the weight of the body, he moves faster.

Unfortunately, Rogen has no such thing! These were somethings that only the Shinigami could use!