One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 99: Men’s Commitment

“In addition, the disposal of Rogen!”

At this point, Kong paused and looked slightly sluggish.

“Search for him, arrest him, still can not give up on him, issue a wanted order.”

“The reward is set at 150 million Belly!”

A major war made the marines fully aware of Rogen’s strength and threat. His strength fluctuates unevenly and unstable, but at the same time when it erupts, it is more terrible than an Admiral.

It’s impossible to solve the problem of such a guy concealing his identity in a moment. As a result, Sengoku’s plan to hide his identity was ineffective. So Kong did not hesitate to adopt the second plan.

“The secret of his identity cannot be arbitrarily leaked, and the blow to his power must go further.”

“As Sengoku just said, this person’s strength is uncertain, once he is weak, then it is our opportunity.”

“Finally, the disposal of the 4,000 rebels must be accelerated and solved as soon as possible!”

“Remember what I said, as soon as possible!”

Kong’s face was so severe, and his words were louder than the bell sound.

The officers present also had a serious complexion and thought silently in their minds.

After that, the meeting was over, and the marines left one after another.

A figure stepped out of the conference room, and Sengoku’s eyes moved and looked at the person ahead, then he accelerated his pace and followed him.

After a few steps, he walked alongside his predecessor.

“Garp, don’t think that I don’t know about you letting Aokiji go.”

Sengoku’s voice was very low and serious.

“Ah? What are you talking about?” Garp answered with a puzzled face.

“In this battle, Aokiji went out alone on the water, don’t think that I don’t know that.”

“In other words, you indirectly helped the kid a lot.”

“But, have you ever considered anything in the marines?”

Sengoku’s tone was too heavy.


Suddenly, Sengoku’s figure paused and stood still. His expression also became severe.

The difference was quite different from the usual time. At this time, Garp has a majestic momentum.

“What I promised, I will do it anyway.”

“This is a man’s promise!”

Face to face, his expression was extremely serious, Garp said such a sentence to the Sengoku.

After that, Garp turned around and left.

Sengoku stood there, clenching his fists, his face showed a trace of anger.

This fellow, if he keeps messing around like this, he’ll destroy himself!

Looking up at Garp, his figure has disappeared, Sengoku fiercely clenched his fist and strode forward.

After a few steps, he saw a figure at the corner leaning against the wall.


Sengoku looked at him doubtfully.

“Ha ha.”

Dragon nodded to him with a smile and then left.

With a shameful stare at Dragon, Sengoku accelerated his pace and left the place.

This kid is also uneasy. He secretly does those things, really think he can not notice? It was only because of his relationship with Garp that he did not expose it.

“This bold guy is not afraid of losing his head!”

He muttered, thinking of his old friend, and he had a headache.

As the father as the son, they almost had the same actions. This family is really disturbing.

Dragon, standing in the corner of the wall, heard all the conversations between Sengoku and Garp. Others may not be able to talk with them secretly, but he can easily get the information he wants to know.

As the Marines’ crowd came out, Dragon returned to his office in a few minutes.

Sitting on the chair at his desk, he opened the information on the office.

This was an information book about five centimeters thick with no text on it, it was a collection of photos.

Every picture was bloody, and the patterns in an information book were like interpretations of all kinds of evils in the world. The ultimate sin of all human beings can be clearly seen in this book.

His eyes were calm, and he began to flip the album.

On the first page, Dragon’s face was still calm, but then, on the second page, on the third page, to the fifty or sixty pages that followed.

Gradually glancing at these bloody pictures, his chest began to fluctuate, and his face turned red.

Even, there was blood in his eyes.

It was caused by anger. Looking at these bloody pictures, Dragon’s heart burst into indefinable flames.

“Celestial Dragons!”

Finally, Dragon slammed the table and closed his eyes.

After a long time, Dragon’s face recovered, and his breathing calmed down.

He took a long breath as if he took out all of the anger in his chest.

This anonymous album records all kinds of evil deeds done by the Celestial Dragons to civilians and even to marines’ officers. It was bloody and cruel, also if he is such a habitual fighter, but that was unbearable.

Behind these pictures, there are all the great crimes committed by the world government at this time.

“This world is sick!”

Slowly, Dragon whispered.

After a while of calm, a black owl flew in from the open window of the office.

The owl fluttered its wings and, after a few flashes, came to Dragon.

Dragon reached out and took a note from under the owl’s claw.

Open it and write a line in black letters on the note.

“Everything is ready, please arrange.”

Only then did Dragon’s face show a slight smile.

“Since no one is innovating, then, let me start.”

“Let them sleep in a coffin in a world that has been rotten and renovated!”

With a slight tremor in his right hand, the white paper seemed to be divided by invisible energy. It suddenly split into countless tiny pieces. Soon, the dark little characters were completely invisible.

When he reached the window, Dragon spread out his right hand and let the wind take away the shredded paper.

Then, Dragon dialed a number on the Den Den Mushi.

The call got through, but there was no sound on the other side. Dragon was not in a hurry, sitting there waiting quietly.

Five seconds later, the Den Den Mushi sent four thumping sounds.

His eyes condensed slightly, and Dragon extended his forefinger and struck it three times at the Den Den Mushi.

Then the Den Den Mushi hung up.

After all of this was done, Dragon stood up, stretched out his waist, and smiled. He turned around and collected the data layers on his desk. After putting them away, he left slowly.

Time passed away, and the undercurrent was also surging.

On the South Blue, a thousand miles away from the Marine Headquarters, an ordinary wooden ship was sailing slowly.

“Captain, is it all set? I am so hungry that my chest turns to my back.”

Jason’s complaints came out clearly.


The little master cried in a hurry.