One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 103: The God’s Mountains!

Then they saw a very spectacular scene.

A white paper, like small newspaper pieces, it was unknown how many gulls were there, fluttering wings, flying over the sea, and then into the town.

One newspaper after another, sheets of paper, falling from the sky, like white paper snow.

A large number of seagulls passed the island, throwing sheets of paper down. Their goal was very clear. As long as there were signs of human, they open their paws.

“What the hell is this?”

Jason’s face was also pasted with a newspaper. He muttered with a dissatisfied face and turned the paper over.

What he saw was a shock to him.

“How does this picture look like me?”

When Rogen heard this sentence, he looked back. His eyes narrowed, and he said earnestly, “You are the man above, Jason.”

Jason looked at it carefully from a long distance, and his face was full of wonder: “This, this, is really me?”

“Wanted, broken Jason, bounty, 110 million, regardless of life, note, extremely dangerous!”

Looking at his bounty, Jason was a bit confused.

“I, I’m actually rewarded by the Marines?”

“Yeah, I don’t know whether to congratulate you or comfort you.” Rogen shook his head.

At this time, he squinted and waved the bounty that happened to float to him.

“Oh? I’m also wanted.”

With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Rogen did not make a fuss.

It’s weird not to offer a bounty for getting those guys. However, he thought that the Marines would continue hiding his identity, but unexpectedly, the bountiers were posted directly.

But the amount on the wanted poster made his pupils shrink.

“Rogen, bounty, 150 million!”

“They offered a bounty on me too.”

Rouge was also holding a wanted poster , in a curious way.

“The amount is not small, 50 million.”

She wasn’t nervous, she acted more calmly than Jason, and then she just smiled.

Rogen frowned and compared the rewards offered by several other people, and he felt that something was strange.

According to common sense, the number of the defeated high-ranking officer will never shrink to such a state. And the amount on his bounty was exactly where his strength was at the moment.

“What did the Marines find?”

His eyes narrowed, and Rogen’s heart was heavy.

‘Such a Marines is really hard to deal with.’

It’s not 200 million, it’s not 300 million, this amount is just in the position of his accurate strength, and it’s quite wonderful!

“Fortunately, Captain, you’re easy to accommodate. Otherwise, when we go into a town, we’re looking for our own death!”

Jason scratched his head and said with relief.

“Are you afraid of being wanted by the Marines?”

Rogen asked and laughed.

“That’s not true. Rear Admiral, I have done it, I am not afraid, just the first time, a little uncomfortable.”

With that said, Jason’s face turned red and made Rogen burst laughing with tears.

Seemed to be in a hurry to explain something, Jason spoke again.

“Really, Captain, you haven’t seen me. That Kuzan, the Rear Admiral, was smashed directly by my blow, and he didn’t get a chance in front of me.”

Rogen shook his head and said, “I only saw you being frozen into ice sculptures.”

Jason shook his pale face and tried to say something, but he didn’t say anything for a long time.

“But you don’t need to be ashamed. That man is a Logia Fruit user. It’s hard to deal with him without Haki.”

“He’s immune to physical attacks like yours.”

Rogen comforted him again.

“Immune to physical attacks? I just said that I hit him so many times, he is like a hill, and he was knocked down by me, but he seemed okay.”

Jason nodded, thoughtfully.

“Haki, what is that? I seem to have heard it before.”

He folded the wanted posters in his hands together, and then they went to the town.

The structure of the island was very simple. Near the coast is a jungle’s road. Through that road is the town. Behind the town is a rolling mountain range. This small mountain range looks like a layer of mountains and has a heavenly momentum.

They quickly entered the town and walked into the crowd. Because of the simple disguise, no one recognized them.

Jason was turned into a tall bearded man by Rogen, walking there with fierce momentum, everyone else walked around his road. Rouge was turned into a fat woman who was a majestic figure, three times thicker and her face became ugly. And Rogen was more simple, a little beard, thick eyebrows, he was turned into a tall and handsome 26-year-old man.

This group of people was walking in the street, and nobody recognized them at all.

After a simple inquiry, Rogen’s eyes twinkled a few times about the legend of the big bird on the island. Behind the town, among the hills, these were few people entered.

Among these mountains, it is the paradise of these big birds. Listening to an old man playing chess on the street said that after the big bird spreads its wings in its adulthood, it would be nearly 30 meters or so. It’s good to fly high in the sky. But once it falls, they can hide the sun from the sky. Everybody hides when they see one of them, what’s more frightening is that these huge birds are carnivorous and very ferocious.

Because these birds have made these mountains their home, all kinds of wild animals were there, it is very dangerous.

“That bird is called Tetoria. Tetoria is on our island. It means the mountains of the gods. It represents the unknown.”

“All about the gods, ordinary people don’t want to interfere, so for so many years, nobody cares about them, and we also forbid villagers to go up the mountain.”

“That’s too dangerous!”

The old man sighed with a dry mouth and hooted.

Rogen looked at the old man, smiled and thanked him, then looked at the mountains.

“Captain, are we really going up the mountains to catch birds?”

Jason was a little shriveled, it was the mount of the gods, and he listened to him.

Moreover, he has never seen a bird with wings that stretch for nearly thirty meters. Human beings have an inexplicable fear of unknown creatures.

“Yeah, if we want to go to the Grand Line, we must catch these birds.”

Rogen nodded.

His face was indifferent, and he was very confident in the White Phoenix’s skills.

The little group had already asked for the way up the mountains before, so they just took a little rest in the town and went the mountain road.

Just as their backs were about to disappear, in the entrance of the lane, and a pair of cold eyes were watching them silently.

“Keep a close watch on the target?”

A Den Den Mushi whispered through the clothes of the figure.

“I won’t lose them.”

The figure said.

“Follow them and report everything right away.”

“That cat.”

“Absolutely not mistaken!”