One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 104: Billows

This figure was close to the entrance of the lane, and he was dressing completely different from the marine, a black suit, with a black top hat. Also, his eyes under the sunglasses were indifferent and ruthless. He looks powerful, revealed a cold and robust momentum.


Whispering coldly, he hung up the Den Den Mushi. Then his figure twisted and he disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was already on the top of a tree dozens of meters away. Standing on the tree with his black suit, he kept looking at the group from a distance and following him like a shadow.

His eyes were cold, and he was more focusing on the little master, but Rogen and Jason didn’t pay much attention at all while they were walking.

Every time he looked at the little master, there was a mixed feeling of fear and respect in his eyes. It was like facing a nobleman or someone you can only look up to.

For the one who was tracking them, Rogen and the others didn’t notice anything about him, they kept hiked up the mountain, carefully watching the movement in the surrounding jungle.

After a few meters up the mountain, they did see many beasts. For ordinary people, it was hazardous to go up there. However, as they passed through these big birds, it only glanced at them and silently retreated. Both groups were silent and did not attack each other. Perhaps they both felt troubled by each other.

“It’s good that these beasts don’t mess with us.”

Jason smiled.

“Maybe they felt that you are too big and not good at attacking!”

Rogen answered.

Jason was speechless, and his captain was a little nervous. What was the relationship between being big and not being able to attack?

Everyone continued climbing up the mountain. Halfway up, a startling bird scream came out, and they all raised their heads.


It was a sharp, penetrating bird sound.

Standing on the hillside, Rogen could clearly feel the sound coming from the top of the mountain, and that sound made the leaves shook around them. For a moment, they covered their ears.

“What a sharp sound!”

Jason said with a painful look on his face.

Rogen’s eyes flashed, he looked at the top of the mountain covered by the jungle, and his eyes became a little serious.

There weren’t any creatures there, only the scream and the after tone that they had just heard echoed.

That sound was so loud that it could be predicted that the bird that makes sounds will not be too small.

“Go ahead, keep moving!”

Rogen shouted, and they took off their hands and kept moving.

In about 50 meters behind them, on the treetops, the black-suited man looked at the top of the mountain and blinked. However, he didn’t say anything, his figure flashed, he only kept following Rogen and the others carefully.

While Rogen and his crew were climbing the mountain, a pile of Rogen’s Wanted posters was spread all over the world, and it caused billows of unrest.

In Loguetown.

“Jinx (the little girl from the beginning of the novel Lolita), slow down, you are running so fast that I can’t keep up with you.”

A 16 years old boy, panting, was running on the street.

“Isawa, you are too slow, how can you go to the sea and find Rogen with this body? Come on, you lazy boy!”

She said in a dissatisfied way.

Isawa’s eyes flashed helplessly “You are faster than me!”

Reasonably, although his body was not the best in Loguetown, comparing with other pirates, it can be said that he was better than them a little bit.

Because of Isawa’s drag, Jinx stopped and waited for him.

But at that moment, her eyes flashed for a white, and she couldn’t help, she looked up at the sky.

“It’s a wanted poster!”

Someone in the Loguetown said that loudly.

Jinx glimpsed and then looked at the wanted poster that fell to the ground.

The bounty order was just in front of her, neatly laid on the stone floor. So she could clearly see the picture and numbers on it.

And suddenly, she screamed in disbelief.

“It’s, it’s Rogen!!”

Her sharp voice scared Isawa and made him cover his ears.

“What? Where? Where is Rogen?”

“He’s here!”

She pointed at the bounty on the ground.

Isawa was stunned and looked to the ground.

“Rogen, a bounty of 150 million Berries, dead or alive! Note, this man is extremely dangerous and ferocious!!”

A picture with a faint smile of Rogen, it was big, and it appeared in the middle of this wanted poster. His image was full of energy, with deep eyes and revealing an unusual momentum.

“He’s really Rogen!”

Isawa was surprised.

“Of course, but he seems to have changed!” Jinx hesitated.

“That’s not the point, he’s being Wanted, look here!”

Isawa pointed at the large amount of Berries below, and he was earnest.

“Haven’t he been offered a bounty before? What’s the big deal, but this also proves that he’s alive, that’s great!!” Jinx said happily, and her cheeks turned red. “It looks like this guy is still handsome, I really miss him. I really want to go to sea soon!”

Isawa covered his forehead in silence, his face was covered with black lines.

“However, if they put such a bounty on him, it means that he is really unique!”

Looking at the wanted poster, Isawa looked heavy.

Despite the identity of Roger’s younger brother, Isawa has an intuition that the marines were doing that not just because of his identity.

“That kid, he has changed a lot!”

Looking at the wanted poster, Isawa’s face remained unchanged, but his momentum was totally different, ‘Rogen’ he muttered.

On the other side, On the coast of an unknown island.

“Buggy, come with me and be a pirate, let’s build a pirate group together and made a big name for us!”

The red-haired young man, with a slender sword at his waist, reached out to the opposite of Red-Nosed man with a smile on his face.

“Go away shanks, who wants to form a group with you? I want to be the captain and goes on my way!”

Buggy refused the request of shanks without hesitation.

At that moment, a few wanted posters fell from the sky, on the top of the two men’s heads.

“Rogen, a bounty of 150 million Berries!”

Shanks took it and glanced at it for a few seconds. His face showed surprise.

“This is our captain’s younger brother. How awesome! He is very powerful, and he has a bounty of 150 million Berries!”

“Stupid shanks, the marines put such bounty on him just because he is Roger’s younger brother, not because he is strong.”

Buggy shouted.

“But Buggy, you saw his first battle, didn’t you?”

“That kid, he is really strong!”

Shanks admired it.

“Huh, I don’t want to keep talking with you!”

Buggy turned around and left.

Shanks stood there, holding the Wanted Poster in his hand, and his eyes were sparkling.

“It’s really amazing, 150 million Berries already after going out to the sea, I’ll do my best too!”

There was a feeling in his heart that this fellow, who was somewhat like his captain, was absolutely extraordinary.