One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 142: Partners!

In order to please the loved ones, it might take more than a year to do so, and it was strange that Trensu wasn’t excited.

After returning to Alubarna, Trensu’s legs were shaking every time he moved forward.

“What happened to this, kid?”

Crocodile stared at Trensu and asked Jason.

“This kid is going to see his goddess soon, so he’s very excited!”

Jason answered with clear happiness on his face.


Seeing Jason’s reaction, Crocodile wasn’t surprised at all, he took a puff of the cigar and smiled.

“Jason, I’ll go with Rouge and the others to find a place to settle down, and you go around to discover the place.”

Hearing Rogen’s orders, Jason nodded.

After seeing Rogen left, Jason grabbed Trensu from his neck and said: “Guide me to a good food place!”

As he said, his mouth was drooling.

“I’m hungry, I need food!”

“Very hungry! Mmm!”

Trensu looked at Jason’s big figure, and he knew that this one needs a large quantity of food to satisfy his needs, after thinking about it, he said.

“The Barbecue Shop will certainly satisfy you!”

When he heard the word “Barbecue,” Jason couldn’t help it anymore, and he urged Trensu to take him quickly.

 “But Jason, I have to see Erza!”

“Let’s eat first, and then I’ll go with you!”

Jason was very urging and pushed Trensu forward.

Seeing the two gradually disappeared, Crocodile stood in the spot and smoked his cigar, with a smile on his face, and then followed them closely.

The Barbecue shop wasn’t far from the gate of the city, and they’ll reach it soon.

After having a meal, Jason was very happy, and he even yelled, but Trensu was a little worried.

He hasn’t seen Erza for so long, and the thoughts in his heart almost killed him.

“Jason, we n…!”

Looking at Jason, who was half lying of the chair, Trensu shook Jason’s right hand.

“Yes, I almost forgot, let’s go and see your little love now!”

Jason laughed, and when they were about to leave, the waiter came to them.

“Gentlemen, 30000, please!”

With a smile, the waiter asked them to pay, and that changed the expression of the two.

They suddenly remembered that they didn’t bring money.

“The money, it’s with the captain!”

Jason scratched his head!

“I thought that you brought some money!”

Trensu was surprised.

“You don’t have money?”

The waiter was still smiling, but his eyes flashed with a dangerous light.

Looking at the bill on the table, Jason didn’t know what to do, but then, a cloud of smoke appeared, and a fearsome man came to the front of the three.

“I’ve invited them for this meal!”

It was Crocodile’s voice.

It was him, with the faint smile on his face and the cigar that never leave his mouth.

The waiter was afraid of Crocodile’s ugly face and fierce momentum, and he stepped back a few steps.

Crocodile didn’t care at all. He threw a few Berries on the table, and then he returned and left.

Jason looked at Trensu and went toward Crocodile.

On the way, Jason hesitated for a while, but eventually, he kept up.

“Thank you, Crocodile!”

“Thank you?”

Crocodile’s eyebrows rose.

“Huh! No need!”


Seeing the other side’s attitude, Jason’s thanks disappeared immediately.

“Jason-Sama, let’s go see Erza!” Trensu urged Jason.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

At this time, Crocodile suddenly turned around.

Trensu and Jason left the place, and after a while, Crocodile joined them.

The thought of seeing his goddess of his dreams soon diminished Trensu’s hate for Crocodile.

After crossing four or five streets, Trensu suddenly stopped in front of a blacksmith shop.

“Here’s the place, this is the home of Erza!”

Walking to the door, Trensu’s legs shook a little.

“Don’t be nervous, be confident!”

Jason smiled.

Crocodile stood behind the two, and he smoked another cigar quietly while he was looking at them.

To join this group of people, he needs to understand the composition of this group as soon as possible, and also, he needs to know their character, temper, and strength.

Rogen was very mysterious and hard for Crocodile to understand, so he wanted to go with these two to start with.


Trensu took a deep breath and then focused.

After more than a dozen breaths, Trensu finally regained his courage, took out the necklace and strode toward the blacksmith shop.

“Do you think that he’ll make it?”

Standing behind Jason, Crocodile suddenly spoke out.

They were very close to each other, under this distance, if Crocodile made a mess, Jason could hardly react.

It was a dangerous distance. Crocodile seemed to be totally ignorant, but his eyes were fixed on Trensu’s back.

“Who knows? but tell me, you are very close, what do you want to do?”

Jason was very angry, and his tone was very serious.

“I’m very close to you, and if I wanted to do something, you’d be a dead person already, you don’t need to worry about your life.”

“The captain said that you’ve joined the crew!”

When he heard Crocodile’s words, Jason turned sharply, and he seemed to be very serious.

“I’ve never liked you, but when the captain said that, it means that you are already a part of us!”

“I just hate you again, and I can’t change the fact!”

“Crocodile, from this day on, you are already my partner, our partner!”

“For being partners, I must unreservedly trust you like the captain!”

In a few words, Crocodile’s body was shaken, and the smile on his face vanished. Also, the cigar in his mouth seemed to be unstable.

“Of course, if you let us down!”

“To betray your partners, I’m sure that our captain won’t forgive you, and you’ll regret it!”

Jason’s words made Crocodile’s heart tremble.

“Do you believe him?”

“My life is his!”

Jason stared at Crocodile, and his tone became heavy.

“So, you’ve to put away these thoughts.”

“Get into us early, Crocodile!”

“Of course, no matter how hard you try, you can’t change it. I hate your facts!”