One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 143: Who’s the weak now?

“Oh, really?”

Crocodile’s face showed a smile.

“That kid, and you, you are very strange!”


In his heart, it can be said that Crocodile began to enjoy this feeling of being trusted by others.

The pirates in his crew before, even him, he couldn’t believe that they were weaker than his current team.

The danger of the vast sea, besides, people who sail in it were more dangerous.

This new group, in just 2 days, they gave him a different impact that might change him.

Silently stepping forward, Crocodile came to the position alongside Jason.

“Look, there’s not much hope for this kid!”

Crocodile commented while he was smoking.

“You are a talky person!”

Jason said.

“The more experience you live, the more you understand!”

Crocodile said with wisdom tone.

“Huh, I see!”

Jason responded with these words and stopped talking.

After a while, they saw the frustration on Trensu’s face, and it became darker.

“It’s Trensu!”

When he saw Trensu, Jason rushed to ask, but he was stopped by Crocodile.

“Look at him, the situation is not good!”

At this time, Jason looked at Trensu carefully, and he noticed that something terrible happened.

Just as Trensu walked out the Blacksmith’s Shop, a taunting voice came out behind him.

“Poor kid, do you want to get Erza?”

“I’m not afraid to tell you that Erza became with me a month after you left.”

“You have no money, you have no strength, how could Erza be with you?”

A tall, thin man with blond hair and a combed back, with a woman in his side, went to the door and looked down at Trensu.

“Did you get that necklace after a year’s work? I gave her at least a hundred necklace!”

“Damn it!”

The woman next to him hit the man lightly as if she was a little shy.

“Kid, you have no money, no strength, you look like a cockroach to me, I’m really worried about you!”

“The goddess in your mind, she’s mine, and she’s just a woman who is panting and groaning and tired of playing with me. What a pity!”

He released the woman and strode to the ear of Trensu and whispered.

“By the way, that necklace is worth some money, you can exchange it and get a good outfit, there’s still some hope to get a girl like that!”

Hearing these words, Trensu felt the fire rising his heart, and he became outraged.

Suddenly, he looked up and shouted loudly.

“What are you saying?”

“I said, you are very pathetic, in this life, you can only be crushed under the feet of a powerful person like me!”

The blonde guy squinted and sneered.

“You know! I already trampled five people like you this year!”

“Sagaki, he’s just a poor boy!”

At this time, the woman who stood at the door came out.


When he heard the woman’s words, Trensu clenched his fists hard.

He had high expectations and fantasies about a better life. At this moment, he looked at the necklace in his hand and felt ironic beyond words.

The goddess he always dreamed of, turned out to be such a girl.

The beautiful image in his heart was shattered, also his dreams.

Erza in his memory was pure-looking, never put makeup, nor wearing the clothes with gold and silver as she is now, nor speaking like that.

Obviously, to favor a villain, she has a lot of courage, but also a sense of justice.

Time changes everything.

“I understand!”

Suddenly, Trensu smiled. He strode forward and handed the necklace toward Erza.

“This is what I wanted to give you a year ago.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t have money at that time. One year and three months, I’ve worked hard, and I did it!”


Trensu paused, and then he looked at her and said.

“Although it a little late, but this necklace needs to be handed over to you!”

He pulled Erza’s hand and put the necklace into it.

Then, he stepped back two steps.

“Now, my goal has been reached, and I woke up from my dreams!”

Time has changed everything, but it can’t change his insistence. What he has to do is to finish this. No matter what will be the result, he will bear it.

“Kid, I’m still here!”

The blonde man turned his head back.

“You just said that I’m weak!”

Trensu turned his head and stared at him.

Sagaki suddenly stunned by Trensu’s calm eyes, and a trace of fear grew inexplicably in his heart.

And then, he got angry.

“Kid, how dare you to look at me like that?”

That kind of stare was as if he usually uses it against weak people, he felt as if he was one of them.

” You’ll die! I swear you won’t live for more than two days!”

Sagaki was very angry at that moment.

He swore that he would arrange for the boy to be killed.

However, Trensu’s face didn’t fluctuate at all when he heard this threat, which surprised Sagaki.

There was no fear in his eyes.

On the contrary, his height was only 1.7 meters, and Trensu, who reached his chin turned around and took his weapon.

Then, the muzzle turned, and the sound of the hammer came out. The next moment, Sagaki’s face turned pale and cold.

When he realized what was going to happen, Sagaki became afraid.

“I don’t agree with you, saying that I’m weak!”

“Because you don’t even know what I’ve experienced in the past year!”

Trensu was very calm.

The back of Sagaki soaked, and his legs were shaking hard.

In the face of the kid who didn’t care about the threats of the famous man in Alubarna and in the face of his gun, Sagaki was very afraid.

“This gun is now against your forehead, and the safety lever has been opened just now, and when I pulled the trigger…”

Trensu paused.


“Your head will burst like a watermelon!”

“Damn it!”

Sagaki fell on his knees, and he was completely frightened.

Looking down at the man who had been as proud as a white swan before, Trensu did not mock him at all, he just asked him calmly.

“Now tell me, who is weak?”