One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 144: Stable

When the index finger pressed slowly, the sound of the trigger friction quickly transmitted into Sagaki’s ear, making him extremely frightened.

For the very first time, he felt that death was very close.

“I… I’m the weak!”

Like the sound of the pig, the loud voices spread throughout the street.

Not far away from the scene, he kept looking at them with a smirk on his face.

“This kid is a bit interesting!”

Crocodile took his cigar, and the smoke began to spread.

He was naturally impressed by the guy who pushed him to the brink. Speaking of marksmen, this kid is the most special one he has ever seen.

And then, after a while, they saw Trensu approaching slowly.

When the blonde man said, “I’m the weak!” Trensu turned his head and left without hesitation.

What he likes is the memory of Erza, but now when all his memories were gone with the wind, why would he stay?

The blonde Sagaki was still on the ground, he was scared, and his body was shaking.

Erza stood at the door of the blacksmith’s shop, looking at Trensu’s departure. The courage she had just erupted, also her fearless temperament, she understood her fault.

That year didn’t change her only, but also changed the boy that she loved once.

Trensu trembled as he strode in front of Jason and his voice trembled.

“Jason, let’s go!”


Jason patted on Trensu’s shoulder and turned to leave.

After two steps, Jason stared at Crocodile and said.

“You won’t leave yet?”

“You can leave first, and I’ll take care of them!”

Crocodile smoked again, and then he looked at Sagaki who was kneeling on the ground and talking to the Den Den Mushi.

Jason suddenly turned his head, and he saw the blonde man, and also noticed the Black-suited men who were rushing over the street.

He nodded and then left with Trensu.

“What a fragile man, what’s going to happen? It’s really worrying!”

Trensu caught Jason’s arm while they were walking, and Jason shook his head and strode away.

They disappeared quickly, leaving Crocodile alone.

The latter smoke again, and he looked indifferently toward the front. His Black Robe fluttered in the wind, emitting a unique hegemonic momentum.

After a dozen seconds, the black-suited men quickly rushed to the side of Sagaki.

“Kill them for me!”

The shameful Sagaki immediately yelled, and pointed at Crocodile and the others.


Exhaling a white smoke, Crocodile’s eyes sharpened.

Although he still doesn’t like Jason and Trensu, as Jason said, they are already partners. At least, there should be some cooperation, isn’t it?

The ground was quietly shaking, and the sand grains were floating around Crocodile.

This strange scene immediately shocked the black suit men who had caught up.

“Wait, this guy’s face is so familiar!”

“It’s… This is Crocodile!”

Suddenly, someone recognized him, and hurriedly shouted.

“Crocodile the pirate! Oh, God!!!”

“How could it be him!”

The fighters were instantly frightened, and such a person, for these fighters, is simply invincible existence.

“Don’t come, or I’ll shoot you!”

Crocodile smiled, he raised his eyebrows and then he moved his right hand.


The sand trembled and headed toward them, and in a blink of an eye, they were all covered.

The soft sand, under the control of Crocodile, became very strong, it was like a part of his body. With few swings, all of them were laid to the ground.

Seeing them on the ground, Crocodile felt bored.

He shook his head and turned around. He slowly left the place.

Alubarna, a rural area.

More accurately, it should be described as the suburbs, the road from the city was a field full of yellow and Brown colors, it looks like a golden ocean.

“That’s it!”

Rogen stood in front of the wooden house, he nodded and soon completed the handover with the landlord.

Jason went around, and then he came here with Rouge and rent a house.

This house had six-bedrooms, and it’s divided into two floors, the layout is clear and unique, and they don’t need to buy anything because there’s all the furniture they need.

In front of the wooden house, there’s a courtyard, which covers an area of about 100m², on the left, there’s an old pine tree, on the right, there’s a vegetable garden of about 20m². Further, there a golden sea of sunflowers.

It can be said that this place has beautiful scenery and fresh air, which was very good.

After making arrangements for the room of Jason and others, Rogen entered the wooden house to rest.

Rouge was lying on the bed with the little master.

At dusk, Jason came to Rogen.

“Wow, very nice house!”

Jason exclaimed.

Trensu and Crocodile were looking around, they liked it too.

“We’ll stay here for some time!”

“By the time I’ll help you to improve your strength!”

Rogen looked at the three people and talked to them.

Then, he looked at Trensu’s strange face.

“What’s the matter with him?”

“He just lost his love, we accompanied him to drink some wine!”

Jason answered quickly.

Seeing the three standing together with no conflicts, Rogen nodded.

“The failure of love will make a man mature faster!”

“But I’m glad to see that the three of you didn’t fight.”

Crocodile smiled. “Does the captain really want us to fight?”

Rogen shrugged his shoulders and joked, “Then you will surely be surrounded by them.”

“That can be a little troublesome.”

Crocodile also shrugged.

Jason laughed too.

“Have a rest today, and we’ll start practicing tomorrow morning!”

Rogen ended the chat.

The system can give him powerful abilities, but the true power should come from his inner. He didn’t want to lose any opportunity, so he had to strengthen himself.

Jason, Trensu, and Crocodile, they didn’t know yet how much potential they have.

Rogen felt that it was necessary to spread their thinking and help them grow up quickly.

After all, these guys are his future partners, and they should be very strong.