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S.P.P Chapter 145: Development of Sand Fruit

Flowers swayed in the wind, and the morning sun shone through the gaps between the curtains and fell on Jason’s body.

The bright light woke him up, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Is it dawn?”

Rubbing his eyes, Jason felt a little sleepy, so he closed his eyes and slept again.

When he heard the birds again, Jason was completely awake.


Stretching out, Jason felt so good, he never slept well on the boat, but this time, it was very comfortable.

“I wish the captain would take more rest, haha!”

Standing up, Jason opened the curtains, and then he saw three figures in the courtyard.

“It’s crocodile, Trensu and the captain!”

“What are they doing?”

He was full of doubts. He opened the window, and he heard the conversation between them.

“Trensu, your shouting is very accurate, but your mental power is very weak, which means that your willpower is weak. It also shows that your physical strength isn’t enough if you want to sail!”

This was Rogen’s voice.

“Rogen-Sama, what should I do?”

Trensu and Rogen were at the same age, but Trensu called him “Sama” as a kind of respect.

“You need to focus on physical strength and endurance. It’s the important thing right now. And after that, you’ll follow Jason’s exercise!”

“Crocodile, you too, your physical strength isn’t enough, you’ll follow Jason’s training in the future!”

Rogen said softly.

Jason was a fellow who has a natural instinct for power.

That’s why he still has such great strength without much systematic training.

“In addition, Trensu, if you want to change your gun, you need to change your own life first, which will make you feel better with a new gun and a new life!”

Trensu nodded, though he didn’t quite understand what he needs to do.

According to his understanding, he needs to forget all the past, which means that with a new gun, he won’t remember the past, and he’ll move on.

“As for Crocodile…”

A smile appeared in Rogen’s eyes.

Crocodile’s ability made him think more than Jason and Trensu.

Seeing Jason from the window, Rogen immediately looked up.

“Did you sleep well? Come down to train Trensu!”

Jason scratched his head, then quickly put on his clothes and went downstairs.

After that, Rogen called Crocodile to come to an open space with him.

“With your power, there’s a lot to do to improve yourself!”

“Huh!” Crocodile looked at Rogen with confusion.

In fact, he feels that his strength has entered a bottleneck period, which made it hard to improve.

“To develop your fruit, there are rules to follow, but first, you need to improve your abilities!”

“And if your sand fruit has the abilities of weathering, cracking, sanding, and manipulating sand grains, then you have more potential to tap on!”

“First, for the development of your skills…”

Speaking of this, Rogen paused, and his face showed a strange smile.

“Have you ever thought about carrying a gourd behind you?”

“Gourd!” (LOL Gara XD)

Crocodile looked at Rogen awkwardly.

“Yes, a sanded gourd, you can compress sand inside, so even if you are in the middle of the sea, you’ll have countless sand grains to use!”

“And such sand can protect you and form an invisible barrier. In this way, even those who use Haki, it will be hard for them to break your defense!”

“Think about it, as soon as they attack, the sand in the gourd behind you will defend you!”

Crocodile’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t agree with the gourd that Rogen talked about.

He is 2.53 meters tall. Also, he has a rough face. But the gourd, isn’t that funny? Everyone will mock him.

“Anything else?”

However, Rogen’s suggestion was indeed very good, so he asked.

“Then it’s all about skills, such as the ability to weathering and drying up, can you imagine how powerful your attack would be?”

“As soon as the sand melts out, all the things touched by it will become sand, and the scope of your control will become wider and wider. Among them, the fate of the enemy wrapped in the sand grains can also be imagined!”

“For example, you can make a way to use sand to cover the enemy at once, and then, a large number of sands will form a cascade attack. And like that, you can choke them, and in the last moment, through these sands, the special ability of weathering and cracking will be played!”

Rogen smiled and said slowly.

“Sounds great. Do you have a good name?”

Crocodile’s eyes flashed. It can be said that such skills were terrible. If he becomes able to develop it, then his attacking power and defense will reach a new level.

“The Sandstorm’s funeral!”

Rogen said with happiness in his eyes.

Rogen was very happy to push the development of Crocodile. For now, he was a great user of the devil fruit, but when he trains more, he would be unbreakable.

“To sum up, for fruit development, you need to exert your imagination as much as possible and move towards the change of shape and character of sand grains.”

Rogen said, moving out the development of Chakra.

“Shape, nature?”

Crocodile wondered.

“The form is… for example, you can transform the sand into a giant, a beast, or sandstorms, also, the Desert Spada and so on, these are all changes in the form!”

“If you can combine them all, could you imagine how powerful it would be?”

Hearing such thing from Rogen, Crocodile himself got amazed by that.

If he could reach such a realm, then his strength would be bigger and powerful than the Admiral.

In that case, his dreams may indeed realize.

“Thank you, thank you, captain!”

With a severe and solemn tone, Crocodile thanked Rogen.