One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 146: Training!

Rogen squinted with a smile on his face, and then he waved his hand.

“These are just my suggestions for you, specific operations, integration, progress, you have to do it yourself.”

“These are a very valuable suggestion, captain!”

Crocodile naturally knows how precious Rogen’s words were. A lot of people who want to develop their Devil Fruit capacities, but they don’t know how to do. For Crocodile, he has Rogen to clear the path for him.

“Shape, nature!”

“As long as I can control these two aspects, my power will inevitably go one step further!”

Crocodile was very certain.

Crocodile wasn’t stupid after all. Since Rogen explained and broadened his horizons, he began to draw inferences and had a complete set of plans.

Subsequently, Crocodile left.

In the morning, the sun was beautiful and created a good mood.

Rogen was sitting in front of the ripe flower field, watching Jason and the others sweating while they were practicing.

Jason has his own set of strength training.

He didn’t know very well how to cut a big tree with a one-meter diameter and a length of more than ten metes. After he cut it, he tied the tree with a rope and handed it toward Trensu and Crocodile.

“Guys, your task is to drag this big tree to me!”

“When you did it, you’ll pass to the next step!”

Jason crossed his arms and smiled.

Trensu’s face changed immediately. He was looking at the big guy who was thicker than him, he couldn’t help but wonder if Jason was joking.

Crocodile just blinked his eyes, and behind him, the sand began to float.

“Oh yeah, Crocodile, you can’t use your devil fruit!”

Hearing this, Crocodile trembled and his face was shocked.

It was easy for him to lift the big tree using his fruit ability, but with his physical strength, this will be very hard for him.

“This tree is cumbersome!”

He took a cigar and tried to keep his mood steady.

“Yeah, you can’t rely on your physical power.”

Jason smiled and walked to the big tree, then he caught it with his right hand.


The heavy tree was tied by him, and then his right arm trembled and pulled up in the shocked eyes of Trensu and Crocodile.


The thick tree was lifted directly to his shoulder. This scene displayed pure power, and it was shocking for the others.

“Look, it can lift it easily!”

“Why can’t you do that?”

Looking at them, Rogen almost burst out laughing.

Jason, who has a strong body plus the fruit of strength, that was too fuzzy for Crocodile and Trensu.

Crocodile’s eyes trembled, and he had a very intuitive understanding of the strength of the rough man in front of him.

“What a beast!”

He spat out these words, and he couldn’t utter another word.

Trensu also couldn’t help it, with his thin body, it was impossible for him to do that.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Crocodile removed the cigar from his mouth then he tied the rope to his body. He bent forward and tried to move the tree.

He was an arrogant person if the other guy could do it, why couldn’t he?

Also, if he can get stronger, so it’s worth trying!

“Trensu, Crocodile is on, come on, move!”

Seeing that Trensu was still in a daze, Jason shouted immediately.

Trensu’s face was bitter.

He moved forward and tied the rope to his body.

Followed by, Jason’s voice came up.

“1, 2, get up!”

“1, 2, come on, get up!”

Rogen smiled when he saw that his partners were so energetic and closed his eyes with satisfaction.

It wasn’t difficult to keep this momentum and became a strong man.

Rogen turned his attention back to his body and began to look inward, his cultivation in this world was full of vitality. Also, his Qi speed was incredible.

The 365 acupoints of his whole body have been opened, and his Dantian spiral was also full.

During the operation, purple thunder and lightning appeared and disappeared from time to time, with endless roaring and great momentum.

At that moment, he learned inner merit for the stars, also for the body cultivation. There were the Dragon elephant training and the Yijin Jing. With it, he learned a total of 108 outstanding swordsmanship skills from various swordsman worlds. For the martial arts, he has learned Luohan Quan (known as the Arhat fist), Xing Yi Quan (known as Shape-Will Fist), Tai chi, Baji Quan (Known as Open-gate eight-extremities fist), he also learned the dragon’s eighteen palms and the Buddhist palm.

For his movements, he has a momentary step, simple and fast, like a teleport.

Using the Sharingan, his eyes kept bleeding, and he just evolved to the level of two Tomoes. With the ability to see and copy any skill, it wasn’t a good attack but excellent combat assistance.

The rest, including cooking, Birds/Beasts control ability and so on, are not mentioned.

To sum up, at this moment, it can be said that Rogen has learned a lot, also, he has the foundation of a strong person.

He won’t rely on the system to be strong for an hour of possession anymore, he can face strong enemies and trounces them.

With Rogen’s own progress, his strength gradually improved, and his dependence on the system will become smaller and smaller, and that what he always wanted.

After all, the system gives him an external power, but what he has now is internal power.

Of course, Rogen didn’t give up the system, when he encounters an invincible opponent, the effect of the system is obvious, and in order to obtain more skills, he must rely on the system.

The system was just a boost for Rogen, not his current source of power.

Time passed quickly while Rogen’s group was in the ripe flower field.

They were waiting for Rouge to give birth.

In a blink of an eye, one month passed quickly.

With the quiet life of this period, the change in Rogen’s group was noticeable.