One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 147: It’s Getting Effective

“I just don’t know if I had the effect of armament Haki to threaten the Devil fruit users.”

Standing up, Rogen walked outside.

“I’ll try it with Crocodile!”

After a month of cultivation, the changes in the three people were obvious.

First of all, when Rogen went out, he saw them, and each one has a heavy tree on his shoulder, and they were jumping. The courtyard was dusty.

“One, Two, Three!”

Jason shouted loudly, Crocodile and Trensu were grinding their teeth and followed closely.

The physical fitness of them was obviously better than a month ago. The slim body of Trensu has become fuller. Also, Crocodile’s body looked very strong.

Rogen wasn’t stingy, he passed the Dragon elephant and the Yijin Jing to them. This is why they were able to make rapid progress in this short period of time.

Now, Crocodile is able to lift trees easily by his own strength and without relying on his fruit. The same for Trensu, for this time, there’s perseverance in his eyes, and he has firm muscles, he looks really strong.

“Crocodile, come here!”

Nodded with satisfaction, Rogen called for Crocodile.

When he heard his captain, he threw the tree on the ground.

Subsequently, he took the leather jacket on the ground and put it on his shoulders.

“Captain, what’s up!”

As he strode forward, the sand converged on Crocodile’s shoulders, forming a great statue of an alligator, his prestige and momentum while walking was obvious.

Seeing the sand alligator on Crocodile’s shoulders, Rogen smiled.

Crocodile didn’t take the advice to carry a big gourd, he thought that it will lower his prestige, that’s why he replaced it with the crocodile.

The alligator looked small, about two feet only, and it was squatting on the shoulder of Crocodile, its back seemed very solid. It took a long time for Crocodile to compress countless grains of sand to form this statue. This is the kind of gourd he loves.

In just a month, Crocodile had a much better understanding of his devil fruit than before.

The alligator on his shoulder was the best proof.

He just didn’t know how Rogen knew about his Devil Fruit.

“I want you to do some experiments for me!”

Rogen said directly.

“Experiments? What experiments?” Crocodile wondered.

“I want to try my new skill, whether it can play a role in your devil fruit abilities!”

Rogen answered.

“Oh, the captain has mastered the new power already?” Crocodile blinked and smiled.

At this time, Crocodile’s expression was a little shinier and a little less gloomy.

“Well, transform!”

Rogen reached out, and in the air, his hand became black, as he wore a glove.

“I’m ready, go on!”

Crocodile nodded.

Then, without hesitation, he stepped forward and directly punched Crocodile’s stomach.


Crocodile didn’t dodge it, but stood in his place and withstood the blow.

The punch directly penetrated the stomach of Crocodile.


Rogen took back his fist and saw that Crocodile’s stomach slowly recovered, so he frowned.

“Ugh! No captain, I can feel a sharp and fierce power that prevented me from being elementary, and now it blocking me from recovering!”

Crocodile found difficulty while he was talking.

It wasn’t the same feeling as the effect of the water or Sea Stones. This power was like delay the elementalization. It was magical.

“Oh really!”

Rogen thought about it.

To be precise, Devil fruits are controlled by natural elements, also the Qi, it’s controlled by the energy.

Therefore, the Qi will react to the elementalization of the devil fruit.

“I’ll try again, transform your arm!”

In a while, Rogen rushed again.

Crocodile didn’t hesitate, his shoulders trembled and his right hand turned out into the sand.

Then, this hand quickly grabbed Rogen.

On the other side, Jason and Trensu dropped the trees and stood up to watch them.

Rogen’s eyes condensate, and all the three hundred acupoints in his body exuded a brilliant light. On his right arm, he was covered with a layer of transparent haze.

His right hand firmly caught Crocodile’s hand.


This made Crocodile’s eyes shrink, and also surprised Trensu and Jason.

“Sure enough!”

Rogen was able to catch Crocodile hand while it was sand.

Two different types of Energy clashing…

Crocodile was stunned, he turned into sand and grabbed Rogen once again.

But after a while, Rogen’s other hand grasped his sanded arm as if he hadn’t been affected by it.

What surprised Crocodile was that he couldn’t move his arm, as if the desertified failed at this moment.


Jason exclaimed.

“It works!”

Rogen smiled, and he was very happy.

The Qi is very effective against such transformation, but the mainly embodies delaying the speed and the possibility to transform.

In this regard, there is a clear distinction with Haki, after all, armament Haki is able to play a restraining role in the natural system.

For Rogen, this was enough.

When Crocodile realized that his elementalization hadn’t threatened Rogen, he was shocked, so he transformed into the sand and rushed to Rogen.

At this moment, Rogen used his Sharingan, and his eyes turned to the seconds Level of the Sharingan, which has two Tomoes.

Only an instant and Rogen acted.

The aura covered him, and then he punched.


Crocodile, who was desertified, got hit directly in the abdomen by Rogen’s punch, and he was thrown back.

“I can attack now!”

Rogen’s eyes were bright, and his face showed a large smile.

In this way, he became able to attack devil fruit users.