One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 148: Proximity of parturition

The change of the Qi makes Rogen very happy.

In this way, in the face of devil fruit users, he’s no longer helpless, he became very effective. With it, he can harm and even kill them.

Moreover, Rogen’s attack power has also increased a lot.

“Now, I can attach to those who are more skilled in kendo, my power would be able to go even further.”

Rogen’s eyes flashed, and he was looking forward.

From the beginning till now, he has come into contact with the ordinary swordsman from a strong world, these people have strong skills, but there’s a limit to their power. In a world where pirates destroy everything like vast and powerful areas at all times, these ordinary swordsmen are obviously not enough.

For people like this, Rogen has a lot of plans in his mind.

“In the swordsman realm and more, in the masters of Qi realm, there’s a lot of strong and powerful people.”

“Like Li Xiaoyao, Mihawk, Chen Nan, Xiao Yan and Qin Yu!”

Such persons, their prices must be beyond Rogen’s expectation.

Therefore, Rogen will face another problem.

“I don’t have much money!”

With a bitter smile, Rogen was helpless.

Such as Yamamoto’s possession, it cost him all his money. It can be imagined that the price of more powerful persons would be even more shocking.

“We have to save more money!”

Rogen decided to prepare for danger in advance.

After thinking and frowning for a while, he looked at Jason and the others and said.

“After one month of training, how do you feel?”

“Captain, obviously, my strength has increased a lot, I’m able to increase my power sic hundred times!”

Jason crossed his arms and seemed to be confident.

Rogen was speechless, this guy’s cultivation of the body and external strength was amazing.

“Captain, I also feel that my strength has increased a lot!”

Trensu smiled.

Rogen nodded and looked at Crocodile.

“I’ve studied morphology thoroughly, and I began to integrate natural power.”

“I’m strong now, but I don’t know how strong!”

Crocodile was a bit confused.

When he heard Crocodile’s words, Rogen smiled.

Since the suggestion of that day, he clearly saw the progress of this guy.

“Very good, the progress of the three of you is great.”

He looked at the three of them and paused again.

“Now, I will teach you the power of what I just experimented with, and let you go one step further.”

Although, The Qi plays a smaller role than the Haki, but, it has obvious advantages.

With the increase of Qi, the progress of power was obvious. It has a very strong effect on the reaction speed and on the body’s strength.


Jason was happy.

Crocodile stared at Rogen; he didn’t expect that the other party would be so generous. The power to restrain the natural system is obviously precious and unusual, they really need to learn it.

“Of course!” Rogen smiled, “Trensu, you had the worst physical power, after I teach you, you must practice hard.”

“Hai, captain!”

Trensu was excited.

Later, Rogen spent 7 days teaching Jason and his crew how to identify acupoints and three more days to teach them the Congenital power.

These three people have different personalities, and of course, different physical qualities, also, intrinsic merits need such practice to be improved.

As for the exercises he created himself, it’s only suitable for him, it won’t work for the others.

Most of the strongest men in the pirate world are training under great pressure, so it’s necessary to train hard to be able to defeat them. Rogen’s training was indeed great for that.

After teaching them the skills, Rogen called his crew together again.

“Now, there’s an important task left for you.”

“What is it?”

The three were curious.

“We have no money, so from today on, you three need to go out and get some money!”

Rogen said with a serious tone.


The three men looked at each other, and their faces were a bit strange.

“Yes, we need a lot of it, you can choose the method, but you are not allowed to do bad things.”

Seeing that they still have strange expressions and didn’t move, Rogen shouted immediately.

“Jason, don’t you want to be stronger? Crocodile, don’t you want to make your fruit stronger? And you Trensu, don’t you want another good sniper?”

When he said that, their eyes were all bright.

“Let’s go, no matter what you do, give me money!”

Rogen shouted loudly.

Jason and Trensu blinked and didn’t utter a word, they didn’t even think that they would care about money anymore.

Crocodile’s eye flashed, so he took is cigar and smoked.

“Captain, do you mind if we choose the black path and kill some rich guys?”

“Robbery?” Jason and Trensu stared at Crocodile with a strange look.

“I said, do whatever you want, the only requirement is that you are not allowed to harm ordinary people!”

Rogen smiled.

Crocodile is very good at it, and he totally agrees with these ideas. If they want to collect money quickly, there’s no doubt that they need to plunder those who have money and kill bad people.

“Then, you can rely on me!”

Crocodile nodded and turned away.

Jason and Trensu also understood what they should do, their eyes brightened, they waved at Rogen and left.

“Oh, this time I don’t need to take it by myself, my group will work on it.”

Rogen smiled, and he was very happy.

In Alabasta, these three counts from the strongest, and he believes that no one can stop them.

“What about Jason?”

At this time, Rouge stood up with a big belly and walked out with the help of the little master.

Her belly has reached its limit at this time, she was walking slowly. Rogen saw her immediately.

“I sent him on a mission.”

“How do you feel?”

“It’s estimated that it will take a few days for this little guy to come out.”

Rouge’s eyes were full of motherly warmth.

“I’ve arranged a midwife, and she’s waiting.” Rogen nodded.

This was the most critical period; Rogen was very careful.

“Sorry for the trouble, Rogen!” Rouge smiled.

“That’s what I should do.”

Rogen smiled and moved two chairs and walked out with Rouge to the garden and accompanied her while telling her some interesting stories.

Little Ace was about to come out, so Rogen kept paying attention to every detail.