One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 150: hurry up!

At that moment, Sagaki was very angry.

The last time, Trensu pointed the gun on him, also Crocodile intimidated him and made him frightened, all of that, and he didn’t dare to take his revenge. The pirate Crocodile, he was very famous among the first half of the Grand Line, and everyone knows him and his horror. That made Sagaki even more panicked, the famous pirate just came to his home.

“Is it good to be one of Conan’s family?”

Sagaki didn’t move, he stood on his place because he knows very well that all his power is useless against them.

however, the guards who were distributed in various places heard the screams, and they came immediately.

A minute later, Sagaki saw a middle-aged man in a black woolen windbreaker striding out of the main hall.

“Father is coming!”

Sagaki felt comfortable, his father was better than him. In this Island, only a few people that still don’t know his father’s name.

He knew what his father was doing, especially when he was in his early years.

“Who are you guys?”

At this moment, Conan, the father, just came, followed by a group of people well dressed and looked amazing, this group was like stars surrounding the moon, this Conan looked stronger than Sagaki and very wealthy.

He was an extraordinary person. He started his black business in his early years. He killed and murdered a lot of people at that time. He stopped this business six years ago, and clean up himself and began to work in trading.

“I heard that this kid’s family wasn’t good before, it’s a shame to walk through the black path to be from the mighty and the wealthy people, isn’t it?”

Crocodile showed a sly smile.

Jason took a big step forward and shouted, “It’s a good deal to spend money on disaster relief, isn’t it?”

Conan was stunned and he even though that it was a joke. “Do you really want to rob me?”

He looked at them and then he took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

At the moment when he lit up the cigarette, a large group of fierce-looking men in black clothes came from all sides of the courtyard, and they were holding different weapons and stared at the three with anger.

When he saw them, Conan’s face turned cold, and he whispered. “It seems that if I don’t kill people from time to time, the others will think that my days are gone!”

“Crush them and throw them to fishes!”

Conan ordered, and he took another sip of his cigarette.

As Conan finished his words, the men in the yard moved in an instant.

These guards were the private fighters of Conan who often fought in his early years. They were true fighters and very cruel, they killed and tortured a lot of people, they were even worse than pirates.

However, he never imagined that the three people who came to his house at the moment were strong and very fierce.


There was no expression in the eyes of Crocodile.

“Who wants to take this shot?”

“Haha, of course, it’s me!”

Jason laughed and jumped. This burly body smashed the ground directly when he jumped. He was already in the middle of the guard, and then he waved.

With huge power, more than a dozen people were flying out, and he kept laughing as he waved his hand. Every wave he made, more than a dozen people flew out, and they lost their conscious when they fell heavily to the ground.

This scene shocked everyone, even Conan, he was surprised.

“This big man, he’s very strong!”

“Who are they?”

Conan blinked and asked for the identity of this group.

Behind him, someone stepped forward quickly and whispered. “The one who has a cigar on his mouth is Crocodile, and the bounty on his head is 45 million, he’s a pirate!”


Conan couldn’t help it but look at the latter.

Crocodile noticed Conan when his body trembled, so he smirked.

He knows very well that the price of a pirate is proportional to his strength, which proves his threat to the world government.

He had a lot of fights in his early days, so it wasn’t necessary to fight against such an opponent.

In particular, Conan stared at Jason and kept looking at him.

In less than a minute, he defeated more than 60 guards.

“This big man also has terrible power!”

He smoked again and forced himself to calm down.

“Kill him with a gun!”

In the battlefield, the guards saw Jason while he was hitting them, they panicked, and someone just shouted.

Immediately, some of them pulled out the rifle from behind and pointed it at Jason.

But while raised their heads and tried to pull the trigger, a series of gunshots suddenly came out.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

The ones who pulled the rifles screamed, and their blood flew out.

“That boy!”

Conan saw clearly what just happened. He stared at Jason, and he got angry.

Trensu was very fast, he took out his gun, and in less than a second, he killed these people at the same time. It was something hard to imagine.

“He only used two bullets, so that more than a dozen guards were down. His bullets are very accurate!”

Behind Conan, someone shouted.

Such a thing was impossible unless his bullets hit and turn back to another target.

Retrieving the rifle, Trensu looked calm, and back to Crocodile’s side.


Looking at the scene, Jason exhaled out the smoke and frowned slightly.

“He’s very slow, we have to make a quick decision. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to alarm the guards around us.”

Of course, it’s a matter of power and time.

“I’ll help him!”

Trensu nodded, he lifted his rifle and pulled the trigger.


The sound of the gunshot came out, and the guards started falling down like birds.

Crocodile’s black robe fluttered, he strode forward, raised his hand, and then shook it toward the front.

As he moved, the crocodile on his shoulder drifted into the sky and rushed toward the front.

In the blink of an eye, the sand grains formed a long and strong rope reaching the position of the fighters.


“Oh, My God…”

At the same time, the bone breaking and the painful sounds rang, and the rope that divided into dozens of sand ropes and tied up a large number of fighters and then dragged them directly three meters away from the ground.


Slowly exhale the smoke from his mouth, and he whispered.

“Ground Secco!”

A strange force stretched along the sand rope, and in the twinkling of an eye, it reached the guards.

“What is that?”

In less than one moment, a large number of the guards turned into a corpse and then into mummies.

Conan was astonished at the moment; he couldn’t believe what he just saw. Also, everyone behind him was panicked.