One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 155: Broken

After hearing this, No.4 immediately stopped talking.

At this time, there was no smile on No.1’s face, and his eyes burst with a trace of despair.

The nine persons gathered together, and they were calm, because without the permission of No.1.

After a long time, No.1 finally spoke.

“According to the information obtained by No.2, No7, and No.8, the cat is with them.”

“In addition, the other party has a total of 5 people, one of them is pregnant, so we have 4 opponents!”

Saying that No.1 paused and took out the four wanted posters.

“Crocodile, 45 million, a famous pirate in the first half of the Grand Line and he has the Suna-Suna No Mi.”

“Jason, appeared in the south blue with the kid, he has a bounty of 110 million, he has huge strength and special physical skills.”

“Trensu, from Alubarna, according to his ability, he is good at using the gun.”

“Finally, the world criminal, Rogen!”

Slowly look at Rogen on the photo, and then he continued.

“150 million, he is great swordsmanship, he also has a great power hidden in his body. It’s rumored that he fought against Kizaru and defeated him.”

Upon hearing this information, the other eight persons were shocked.

The Admiral of the Marines, they knew very well what was his power. This called Rogen, can he actually compete with Admirals?

If he weren’t strong like that, they wouldn’t give them such a task.

“I believe that we can deal with the rest easily, only him, it would be troublesome.”

No.1 looked at Rogen’s photo and then tied it up with a dagger, which made his eyes became sharper.

“We must focus!”

Everyone became serious, the guy who can fight against the Admiral shouldn’t despise them.

“No.2, we must carry out this task perfectly, that’s why we should make a good plan, and it must be without any traces!”

“We must take care of our princess first, and then we’ll destroy this group!”

Igor said in a deep voice.


No.2 nodded.

“We’ll act soon, the next time, No.7 and No.8 will monitor each other’s move!”

“Remember, it’s possible to launch the attack at any time, do not slack off!”

No.1 slowly said.


Everyone yelled back and then moved away.

After this meeting, the group dispersed again. Some of them took their position near Rogen, while the rest followed Crocodile, Jason, and Trensu.

Gradually, time passed day by day.

The patience of this team was very good, No.1 wasn’t in a hurry, and no orders issued, also, the rest of the group were quiet, they were very professional.

In the ripe flower field.

Rogen opened his eyes, and they were purple at that moment.

“360 acupoints are open!”

The cultivation during this time was very fast. In this short period, he almost completed the work he created by himself. Up to now, there were only five acupoints left.

Now, in the world of martial arts, he is one of the top 5 strongest people.

He kept looking at Trensu who has reached a high level in Qi, obviously also he cultivated the inherent power to a good level.

After checking his internal force, Rogen looked at the system interface.

“The balance is 1.35 billion.”

This huge amount of money made him very happy.

In this kingdom, the situation became very hard. Crocodile and Jason were incredibly efficient, during this period, they plundered the big families one by one and amassed such an amazing amount of wealth.

“We won’t be able to go out anymore!”

“We already destroyed 7 or 8 families, I’m afraid that the royal family of Alabasta has already noticed!”

No country will tolerate the wanton action of robbers in their prestigious families. Although these families weren’t from Alabasta, they were outsiders.

“1.35 billion, I really don’t know how strong it will be the soul, but I’m sure that it will be very powerful!”

The last possession was Yamamoto, and he wiped out everything, what about this time.

“Rouge, is it coming soon?”

Slowly stood up, Rogen’s expression was a bit serious.

These days, Rouge rarely left the bed, Ace was likely to be born at any time. Rogen told Rouge they’ll stay here, and he is ready for everything. They should only wait for the final step.

Rogen turned around and looked at Trensu.

In those days, the feeling of being monitored was very obvious, which made him very angry.

“No matter who is it, once they appear, attack them immediately.”

His eyes were sharp, and he took out the Den Den Mushi.

“It’s time to call them back.”

In an alley leading to the suburbs in the city of Alabasta.

“Damn, why are there many guards following us?”

Jason and Crocodile were holding a full package and running in the lane.

Behind them, there was a team of well-equipped and fast guards.

“We’ve been plundering rich families, so they noticed us!”

Crocodile replied.

“Should we attack them?”

Jason asked loudly.

“Obviously, no, unless you want to be the enemy of the whole country!”

Crocodile laughed.

As he spoke, His footsteps swelled, and his hand swayed slightly toward the rear.

“What are you doing?”

“Blocking them!”

The alligator on his shoulder turned into sand and then extended toward the front.

“Desert Girasole!” (Desert Sunflower)

Crocodile whispered.


The ground quivered, and layers of sand were pulled out. In less than a moment, the sand in the roadway rushed forward like a river.

“Sand wall!”

Crocodile moved his right hand again, and a large amount of sand quickly gathered into a wall, it directly piled up in the roadway and blocked the path in front of the guards.

“Oh My God, what is that?”

“That guy, he can manipulate the sand!”

All the guards were astonished by the horrible ability of Crocodile, they couldn’t help but stop.

After doing this, Crocodile turned and walked away with Jason.

“Your ability is getting stronger and stronger, so do I.”

Jason said.

“Hah!” Crocodile smiled.

The two ran quickly and headed for their house.

Just after a hundred steps, their expressions changed.

In front of them, three people dressed in black staring at them indifferently.

“Your way ends here!”