One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 156: We’ll start!

“Who are you guys?”

Jason asked loudly, and he was a bit cold.

During this time, they didn’t talk very much, and they kept staring at them. Jason wasn’t surprised at all, Rogen had already told them.

The three black-suited men didn’t speak, only two of them began to walk.

“Don’t ask more question, they came here to destroy us, get ready to fight!”

Crocodile’s eyes and his expression became serious when he found that the other party wasn’t easy to deal with.

“It’s really hard!”

Jason put the parcel on the ground, and his eyes became sharp, and then he strode forward.

After three steps, Jason accelerated his pace, he rushed toward them, and after then quick steps he jumped.


With a bent of both knees, a huge force directly burst the ground, which made the smoke and dust flew out. In a moment, Jason’s figure disappeared and then appeared again in front of the two and clenched his fists.

Seeing the appearance of Jason, the black-suited man was obviously surprised.

“Beyond my expectation!”

With a low voice, the black-suited man was very calm in the face of Jason’s punch.

“Hah, but it’s still not enough!”

In the next moment, Jason fisted down and hit the ground. The two men were like leaves blown by the wind. They were in mid-air fluttering and then they were landing slowly.

Jason’s eyes shrank, and he was very serious.

He could see clearly that the other side wasn’t easy to deal with, it was like he was facing the Admiral of the Marines.

Actually, these two guys seemed to be more aggressive.

“One By one!”

The black-suited man in the left said in a low voice, and the other one nodded and stepped out.

Just a moment later, another man passed by Jason’s shoulder and made his whole body tight.

At this moment, his face suddenly changed, so he pushed his hands to the front.

“You are too slow!”

An indifferent voice came out, and immediately, a huge force held Jason’s arm firmly, which made his body tremble and threw out toward the rear.


At this moment, Jason looked up, he saw that his opponent didn’t use his hand at all, and already stood ten meters in front of Crocodile.

“Very strong!”

As his pupils contacted, Jason quickly looked at the person in front of him who slowly pulled his right leg back.

Seeing that his opponent came to the front of him, Crocodile stared at the black-suited and lit a cigar.

“Very confident.”

“Jason, are you okay?”

As he shouted, the alligator on Crocodile’s shoulder seemed to be shaking and roaring.

He was ready to attack at any time.

“I’m okay, such a thing is not enough to kill me!”

Standing up, Jason turned at Crocodile.

It can be said that besides the Rear Admiral who froze himself, this guy in front him is the most powerful opponent he has ever met.

“Both of you, are you ready?”

A cold voice came from the black-suited man who just hit Jason.

After he said that, the other party didn’t answer, and they made a step forward.

In less than a moment, Jason, who kept looking at his enemy, he didn’t find him anymore, he disappeared, leaving a crack on the ground.

With the speed of light, he came to the front of Jason.

He was shocked, so he slammed his right fist.

“Hundred times power increment !”

With a loud voice, Jason pointed his fist toward the position where his enemy was about to appear.

For the close-range combat, Jason had a wild intuition.

However, Jason was even more astonished. When he punched, his enemy who was about to appear suddenly trembled and disappeared again.

“I’m right here!”

There was an indifferent voice behind him, which made Jason’s angrier.

“Damn it!”



A strong hit directly hit Jason back and let him roll forward again.

Crocodile clearly saw this scene, his expression changed immediately.

Actually, he saw the black man while he was standing in mid-air, and after he made his attack, he landed slowly on the ground.

How can this be?

After a while, the black-suited man stepped up and rushed toward Jason again.

Crocodile’s eyes were sharp, and then the alligator suddenly roared. It made a loud voice and turned into sand rushing toward the black-suited man.

One of the black-suited men shook his leg and hit the sand stream, which made it tremble and fell to the ground.

“Actually, you don’t have time to take care of others!”

A faint voice came into his ears, and when he turned, he saw the man in black stood five meters away from him looking at him with cold eyes.


Slowly puffed the smoke, Crocodile looked at Jason again, who already stood up again with anger and looking at his opponent carefully.

There was no expression on the black-suited man, and then he disappeared again.


The sand flow spontaneously appeared, blocking the other side’s attack.

Then, another attack sounded, and again, it was blocked by the sand.

All the five or six attacks of the black-suited man were blocked by Crocodile’s sand and didn’t harm him.


Crocodile puffed the smoke, his expression remained calm and he didn’t move.

The alligator on his shoulder turned into sand and hovered around him, it was like he was guarding him tightly.

“Aren’t you going to attack again? Or it’s my turn now!”

Seeing that the other party didn’t attack again, Crocodile said with a mocking tone.

As he finished his words, the sand around him trembled fiercely, it was like sharp sand swords that roared toward his enemy at a very fast speed.


The black-suited man avoided these swords so that the sand hit the ground, causing deep pits.

In the wooden house.

“Hurry up, she’s giving birth!”

In an instant, Rogen’s face changed.

This was the voice of the midwife, which was accompanied by the screams of Rouge.

After waiting for a long time, Ace is finally here.

He stepped into the house and went to see it, but he was blocked by the midwife and asked him to stay outside.

“Trensu, you need to pay attention to everything around you.”


Trensu nodded.

Just on the road not far from the house, six figures appeared one by one.

“Everyone except His Highness.”

“No one stays, we’ll move!”