One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 164: Copy!


After he gave the order, he flashed and disappeared.

Meanwhile, No.6 began to move. As he moves, the ground was shaking hard.

When he heard the order, Rogen was very angry.

He moved forward to block this big guy, and naturally, he couldn’t put his opponent very close to him.


After roaring, he stepped forward once again toward No.6.

After three steps, the two-behemoth collided again.


They punched together, which shocked the air.

Subsequently, No.6 took the axe with his other hand and tried to attack Rogen who was very close to him, and he made a roar.


Seeing the ax on the other side hand, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and then he rose his left hand and grabbed No.6’s wrist. At the same time, he jumped and became in the back of the giant agent.

His body was thin, he was made up of special molecules, he wasn’t flesh and blood, so he was much more flexible than the other side.

During this movement, there was a slight stagnation in the movement of No. 6, which didn’t keep up with Rogen.

This whole action happened in a short moment, he grabbed the wrist of No.6, roll over and clung him tightly.


With a roar, Rogen leaned forward with both hands and launched a back-fall.


The wind blew, and No.6’s expression changed, his whole body was controlled by Rogen, and after a moment, he was pushed down to the ground.


A large piece of flowers directly crushed by his big body and got smashed under him. After he falls, the ground vibrated as if there was a small earthquake.

Fortunately, this place was a remote area of the country, there weren’t many people around, otherwise, the battle between these two giants would inevitably cause panic among the civilians.

After that, Rogen decided to jump, and then he kneeled on both legs and jumped in front of No.6.

Then, he looked up at the sky and roared. In a while, several punches fell on No.6 body like rain.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

After falling, Rogen didn’t show him mercy with several punches on his face and his whole body.

In an instant, No.3 came to his side.

“Damn it, Rankyaku!”

At this moment, he shouted and used one of the Rokushiki.


Unlike before, this blow went directly into the body of the Titan.

Rogen needs to concentrate to defend himself from this attack, but this time, all his attention was on No.6, and it was hard to defend himself from it.

This was a special kind of giant from Attack On Titan. Its body structure is very mysterious, and it wasn’t pure flesh and blood. They were physically light, but they have a strong destructive power. At the same time, they have strong armored skin, capable of shielding the titan from a significant amount of damage. They are as hard as diamonds. It’s incredible. Moreover, their bodies have a strong ability to recover.

When the Rankyaku was launched, Rogen Roared and his expression changed.

With the Titan possession, Rogen’s spirit seems to become crazy.

After more than a dozen punches, No.6 face was covered with blood, his nose was smashed, his eyes were swollen, and his jaw was broken. The poor giant was screaming with pain.

But even then, Rogen didn’t cut off his domineering.


He roared and his anger was completely released at that moment.

Blood, only blood can relieve his depression and anger before.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

He kept punching him at this moment.

At this moment, because of the huge power of the punches, there was a deep pit under No.6’s head.

Behind him, No.3 kept hitting him with his Rankyaku, Rogen almost endured 15 hard blows. The bloodstains were horrifying, but they recovered quickly in the white fog.

The ability of the mutated giant gives his body much more resilience than the original owner.

This also makes Rogen understand why this is not a powerful giant in his eyes, he will hardly enter the ranks of the green soul, and he will need billions of coins to exchange.

“Even though the peak species of the original world are not so powerful as the world itself, are they likely to mutate to produce more power, skills, and effect?”

Of course, this is just a guess about the system’s capabilities. In fact, for Rogen, there are still a lot of things that he’s not clear about this system.

He was clear about the power of the system, but it’s very hard for him to know exactly how powerful was it and what are the other levels in it.

Clenching his fists, Rogen moved his knees and stood up slowly.

No.6 still had some resistance, but he couldn’t move any part of his body.

In close combat, make only one mistake and you’ll face the storm of power.

It has to be said that although Annie’s close combat skills are rough, the effect is surprisingly good.


As he clenched his fists, Rogen stared at No.6’s head and then he punched it again.


With this punch, he put more effort into it, and the huge head of No.6 was blasted directly into the ground in an instant.

The blood on his face flowed out like a small river into the ground as fertilizer for the flowers.

In just one minute, No.6 was completely defeated.


When he finished him, Rogen roared, and then he stood up again.

Seeing this horrible Titan, No.3 was panicked.


He launched his Rankyaku again, but this time, Rogen raised his hand and waved it. As always, the air blade was crushed and failed again, but his hand harmed a little bit.

“Now, it’s your turn!”

In the back of the Titan’s neck, Rogen’s expression became very serious, and the three Tomoes in his eyes began to rotate quickly.


The white fog appeared again, and the Titan’s hand recovered quickly.

Seeing this strange scene, No.3 got shocked.

After recovering, Rogen clenched his fist and punched into the air.


No.3 disappeared, he was stepping in the air as if he was on the ground, appearing and disappearing at a very high speed, and Rogen, who was hidden in the back of the Titan was looking at him carefully using his Sharingan with the three Tomoes that were rotating very fast.


At this time, No.3 launched the Rankyaku again.

Rogen turned his head and blocked the blow.

The tomoes rotated, and the trick was copied once again in its memory.


Rogen kept punching the air trying to hit No.3, the latter kept moving in the moving in the air trying to avoid him.

This scene was parsed and copied by his Sharingan again.

It was like copy and paste something in a computer, all No.3’s actions were copied in the Sharingan.

the Rokushiki displayed by No.3 was like a demonstration for Rogen, he Copied it in his memory and became ready to display it.

A minute later, a cold light appeared in Rogen’s eyes.

“That’s the end of your role!”

“Shine!” (Die!)