One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 165: The anger of the agent No.1!


The giant looked up and roared, it seemed very angry when he saw No.3 constantly evading in the air.

But in the next second, No.3 got shocked. Rogen’s feet hit the ground, and a cyclone appeared beneath him.

No.3’s eyes contracted, the huge titan with a height of 75 meters disappeared in front of him.


The giant agent was shocked.

How is that possible, the Titan just made a Rokushiki.


Rogen disappeared and then appeared behind No.3, which trembled and shouted.


In the neck of the titan, Rogen used his Sharingan, and all No.3 movements were engraved in its memory.


Suddenly he slapped him with his huge palm, it was very strong and hard.


With his palm, he threw No.3 to the ground, and because of its huge body, the ground trembled and the dust rose.

No.3 used his iron (Tekkai), bit with the huge force of Rogen, he couldn’t help but spurt a lot of blood.

In the next second, Rogen stepped again and lifted his huge and slammed in No.3.

“Oh My God!”

Rogen wasn’t as fast as the giant agent, but in the case that No.3 didn’t find time to react, he got hit by Rogen’s foot.


Rogen hit No.3 again, and his body was completely printed on the ground.

It didn’t over yet, with the rage of Rogen, he won’t give up any chance to kill the agent. He lifted his foot again and stepped on.

15 times in a row, Rogen stepped on again and again. No.3 blood kept gushing and he couldn’t stop it. With his powerful body and skills, Rogen almost killed the agent, he destroyed his viscera under the epidermis, making him pale and losing his power.


Seeing that No.3 was fully covered with blood and lost consciousness, Rogen Roared in the sky and stopped his attack.


Breathing heavily, the Titan’s body shape began to become smaller, and under the white fog, Rogen restored the original figure.

His face was cold when he glanced at No.6 and No.3 on the ground.

He strode a few steps toward No.3 and then he grabbed him with his right hand, and then dragged him and moved.

“Is it over?”

Slowly breathed, Rogen said low voice.

“No, it’s not over yet.”

His eyes condensed while he looked away, the wind blew and the sky was dusty.

The next fight is coming.

At this time, two figures rushed quickly and came to the field.

Rogen looked carefully and he found that it was Crocodile and Jason.


The two rushed over and saw the bloody corpse on the ground, so they shouted nervously.

“Enter the wooden house and send Trensu to the doctor!”

Rogen ordered with a serious tone.

“Crocodile, handle this giant!”

“Hai!” Crocodile who was stunned nodded.

He walked toward No.6 and extended his right hand and pressed on his head.

“Ground secco!”


For a moment, the body of No.6 was pumped out of the water and became dry.


Once again, when he spit out this word, the sand under No.6 rose and threw him away.

At this time, Jason and Rogen have come to Trensu.

“Jason, good, you are fine!”

Trensu was sweating hard, but he was very happy to see Jason.


Seeing him in this situation, Jason was very angry.

“Take him to the Doctor!”

Rogen said again.

Jason nodded and he picked up his fellow and ran out quickly.

Crocodile finally joined Rogen, he looked at Rogen and said.

“Who is this?”

“Who knows, when he wakes up, ask him!”

Rogen turned his eyes and stared at No.3 who way lying on the ground.


“Keep your eyes on him!”

At the next moment, Rogen went toward the room where Rouge was.

When he entered the room, he saw Ace in Rouge’s arm, and the mid-wife standing next to him.

“This little guy is very energetic!”

Rogen smiled.

“Is there an enemy?”

She seemed to know what happened outside.

“Rest assured, I dealt with them!”

Rogen calmed her.

“What about the little master!” Rouge asked again while she was looking around for the kitten who accompanied her.

Rogen didn’t dare to answer and he kept silent.

Seeing Rogen’s appearance, Rouge noticed that something terrible happened.

“She left!”

“You’re going to bring her back, right?”

Saying this, Rouge was very serious.

“We’ll see, you should rest first, we’ll move out of here after you recover!”

Rogen whispered.

Rouge who just gave birth showed weakness in her expression and her voice.

After a few talks, Rogen left the room.

He checked the system and saw a significant increase in the possession of the coins.

“The balance is 140 million!”

The balance has increased from 90 million to 140, these two black agents added 50 million in total.

He went toward Crocodile and said.

“Wake him up!”

Rogen stared at No.3 with sharp eyes.

Meanwhile, No.1 and the little master were heading toward the port.

Suddenly, No.1 who was moving fast trembled.

His wrist shook, and a piece of white pager began to burn and turned into ashes in a twinkling of an eye.


And then, two more pieces of paper have burned.

“No.7, No.8!”

No.1 eyes shrank, he didn’t utter a word and kept walking forward.

After three or four minutes, his right hand trembled again, and another piece of paper burned also.


At this time, he got shocked, and his eyes shrank again.

The ashes of another white paper floated on his palm.

He closed his eyes and his expression changed hard.


“Okay, Okay, Okay!”

“I’ll take your revenge!”

In the words, the killing intent was very clear in the expression of No.1. He kept looking at the little master in front of him, with an indifferent eye.

“What are you going to do?”

“Your friends have made great work and succeeded in irritating me!”

No.1 said coldly.

“You’d better pray that they won’t meet me again.”

“Otherwise, I will crush their bones and grind them into powder for tea!”

Hearing this, the little master trembled, and she became afraid.