One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 166: fight against the world.

After a few talks, No.1 didn’t look back to find out what happened to his friends, he speeded up the pace and kept his way.

Their task was very clear, everyone in the team should dedicate everything to accomplish the task. No.1 was very angry about the death of his friends, and he neglected these emotions for a while just to complete his task.

When the little master saw No.1’s face, she guessed that the rest of his group have killed by Rogen and the others, she felt relieved at the moment.

If the agent wasn’t happy, then Rogen and his group won’t be safe.


She was very happy.

In the wooden house, Crocodile poured cold water on the face of No.3.

When he did that, thee agent shuddered and woke up.

When he opened his eyes, his pupils shrank, he found that he was completely broken, and there was pain all over his body, he has no strength at the moment.

“Who are you?”

Crocodile asked with anger.

“Ugh…You don’t want to know!”

No.3 whispered.

“Believe me, if you don’t answer, you’ll regret it!”

Crocodile bent his knees, and he was very serious. He placed his finger on the agent’s right leg and in a twinkling of an eye, his half leg became dry.


The pain forced No.3 to scream when he saw what happened to his leg, he panicked.

“Speak up, or do you want to try it on your stomach!”

Crocodile’s indifferent eyes showed a hint of mocking.

“You’ve offended someone you’ve never wanted to provoke in your life.”

No.3 felt huge pain.

Crocodile moved his right hand, and now, the agent’s leg became completely dry.

“You’d better to not talk nonsense!”

“We are the secret forces of the world government. We are the CP-8!”

No.3 closed his eyes and answer.

“In the world, our group doesn’t exist, we have no identity, no name, and even no dignity!”

When he said that, he made a smirk.

“The world government and the Celestial Dragons should not come out, so we do whatever they wanted to do.”

“This is what we are!”

“Celestial Dragons?”

Crocodile’s pupil contracted and he was shocked.

With his fierceness and courage at the moment, when he heard these words, he felt panic, and he couldn’t help but look at Rogen.

“And where did you take the little master?”

Rogen asked faintly.

“The reason behind our presence here is to bring her back to the Holy land, this is our mission this time!”

“Also, to amuse ourselves, we’ve been ordered to destroy you all!”

When No.3 saw that Rogen didn’t respond, he got surprised.

Then he said again.

“Did you know who’s the one that you just offended?”

“The summit of the world is the descendants of the Twenty Kings, you will live in panic and fear, also you’ll hide and you’ll be lonely because you’ll be dead when they catch you!”

“The power of the Celestial Dragons is not something you can compete against.”

“You stupid guys. You certainly don’t know that if a finger of a Celestial Dragon sticks out, you’ll be dead!”

“You are a talky person!”

Rogen suddenly talked, and when he opened his eyes, a fierce power bloomed in it, which directly let No.3 shut up.

At this moment, he felt that the young man in front of him has an unimaginable power that could kill him.

“Where will she be sent?”

“To the Holy Land.”

No.3 smiled and answered, his voice was full of mocking.

“If you are lucky enough, you could run away before you met the Celestial Dragons.”

“With such a family, you can’t do anything and you’ll be very small in front of them!”

“Do you want to be friends with her? That’s ridiculous.”

Hearing No.3 sarcastic tone, Rogen didn’t respond, he just stood up and stepped forward and came to his side.

“How can you live with this shame; you always bend down to those nasty people!”

His voice was like a thunder in the agent’s ear.

“I never retreat, I never lose hope!”

“You’ll find the Celestial Dragons wherever you go!”


Rogen pulled out the Yuan Hong sword and pointed it.

“My friend, I’ll bring her back!”

“Whether she is in the Marine headquarter or in the Holy land of the Celestial Dragons.”

“I’m Rogen, and I’m not afraid of anything!”

And then, he slowly stabbed the sword in the agent’s stomach, and the bright red blood came out.

“But you can’t see all this.”

These words showed Rogen’s will and determination.

Looking out of the window, Rogen’s eyes became deeper.

“I will never leave my companions, ever!”

“Even against Celestial Dragons!”

The descendants of nineteen of the Twenty Kings who established what is now known as the World Government, the rulers of the world, the Celestial Dragons who have various privileges. They are called the most powerful and privileged people in the world. Their majesty is inviolable. If they are offended, the admiral of the Marine headquarters will immediately crackdown on all disobedience. To show their greatness and distinguish them from ordinary people, they put a bubble on their head to isolate the air and show that they do not breathe the same kind of air as ordinary people.

Those who want to confront such aristocracy people must possess great courage. If they ever have any trace of hesitation and fear, they should retreat and stay away.

Throughout the ages, people who offended the Celestial Dragons didn’t face a good end. In this era, if anyone angered them, then he’ll fight against the whole world.

How many people have the pride and courage to confront the whole world?

No.3 was right, the power of the Celestial Dragons is not something that ordinary gangs can fight against. It’s not just about strength only, but also about strategy, intelligence, and courage.

In the original story, the Straw Hat Pirates beat the Celestial Dragons and survived, that was only because of their Protagonist. If it was another group, they would face a tragic end.

However, in the face of the Celestial Dragons, Rogen wasn’t afraid at all.

It seems that his bravery has come from his blood at this moment. It is a kind of courage that dares to face all difficulties.

“Celestial Dragons! I want to see what they can do!”

Looking ahead, Rogen’s eyes were full of anger.
He even pointed his sword and decided to fight against the world.