One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 167: The departure.

After taking Trensu to the hospital by Jason, Rogen and the others began to move.

There was no place to go, so it took three hours for Rogen to find and buy a new house in the town.

A new house that covers 400m², including the main hall and a total of 6 rooms. This was the perfect house for this group.

“Captain, Trensu’s injuries need at least three months of treatment. He’s injured his left lung.”

Jason came to Rogen’s side and told him about Trensu’s situation.

“Rouge also needs to take a rest, she just gave birth!”

Crocodile whispered.

After they said that, their fists clenched and their eyes narrowed.

“The Celestial Dragons are so powerful, we’re not strong enough to confront them. We should practice before going to the little master.”

Jason stared at Rogen and then he whispered.

At this time, Rouge came out with her child in her arms. When they saw her, Rogen and the others stopped talking and kept silent.

“Sister-in-law, how’s Ace?”

Rogen looked at her and smiled.

“Don’t ask me about Ace, he’s fine, it’s about you. Do it if you want to do it!”

Rouge stared at Rogen and said with a serious tone.

“It doesn’t matter!”

Rogen answered her with an indifferent tone.

“What about the little master? You haven’t found her yet, don’t you?”

“Have a good rest, we are taking care of everything, there’s no problem!”

Rogen smiled again.

“Rogen, listen to me, go ahead, I can wait for you but the little master can’t! there’s no need to hide, your expression, your face, there’s anxiety everywhere.”

Rouge’s voice was hard in Rogen’s heart, making the smile on his face disappear.

“I know!”

Rogen loosened his fist quietly and his expression became serious.

“Thank you, sister-in-law.”

“I’ll stay with you for another two days, and then I’ll go and bring the little master back!”

Rouge laughed at this time.

“That’s good!”

When she left, Rogen swept his eyes toward Jason and Crocodile that were very close to him.

“Get ready, we’ll go in two days!”

When he said that, their eyes flashed a sharp look.

No one snorted, the anger in their hearts was already raging.

Rogen, Jason, and Crocodile went out to make sure that the town was safe for rouge, and it took them a whole day.

When they chose the previous wooden house, they were looking for remoteness. however, this town was almost the same as the previous place, it was sparsely populated. And a good place to be safe.

In Alabasta, the Marine hasn’t the authority to enter it, and even if they succeeded to enter it, it would be difficult for them to find their target on this island.

After all, regimes around the world are not so easily violated. Of course, they could come here as reinforcements in wartime and support, but they can’t in peacetime.

Two days later in the morning.

“Ace, grow up as soon as possible. Your future is amazing!”

Rogen smiled while he was holding Ace’s chubby little hand.

Rouge was standing behind him and smiled.


After a few minutes, Jason’s voice came from outside.

“I have to leave now!”

Rogen kissed Ace’s little hand and left slowly.

“Take care, Rogen!”

Rouge murmured.

“Rest assured.”

Rogen nodded and left.

When Rogen went to Jason, he found Trensu was lying down on his shoulders, and Crocodile was smoking.

“What’s the matter with him?”

Rogen asked while he was pointing at Trensu.

“Captain, I’m going with you!”

“They hurt me; I need to take my revenge!”

Trensu gritted his teeth.

“This kid spent the last night begging me, I can’t help it!”

Jason said helplessly.

Rogen smiled, and then he went over and patted on Trensu’s shoulder and left.

“We’ll go together, but don’t die!”

Trensu’s eyes lit up, and then he coughed loudly.

Rogen and his group slowly left the room, and then they disappeared.

after reaching Alabasta, Crocodile called for a camel trailer.

When the trailer has come, they enter it and sat cross-legged.

Two days later, they reached the port of the city. It was faster than the last time.

Rogen took a careful look at the port, and he saw the Dragon Root which had been moored there for a long time.

“Jason, Crocodile, go buy some food!”

“Also, you have to buy a permanent pointer.”

After he said that, he went toward his ship.

No cleaned it for a long time, that why the ship accumulated a lot of dust that was clear from a distance. Even more, the sails were broken and damaged in many places. Rogen was afraid that it was damaged by some people who played on the ship.

Rogen helped Trensu to lay down, and then he took out the bucket, broom, mop and began to clean.

He was full of energy and strength, so he was fast. When Sir Crocodile arrived with the huge package, the whole boat has been already cleaned.

“Captain, I bought food and daily necessities.”

“Crocodile bought sails, some orange seedlings, and I have the rest, Min’na!”

Jason didn’t come yet, but his voice has arrived.

Rogen smiled and shook his head.

“Get on the boat, we should leave!”

An hour later, the Dragon Root had returned to its original state. Although the ship looked worn out before, its keel was complete, its overall structure was very good, and there were not many problems.

“let’s go!”

Jason stood at the bow and laughed.

Crocodile stood beside him, looking at the deep sea ahead, with deep eyes and white smoke hovering from his mouth. He seemed to be feeling that he had finally embarked on his journey again.

“Trensu, how’s it going? This is your first time in the sea!”

Jason looked at Trensu and shouted.

“I’m bored!”

Trensu said with a low voice.

“Your lungs are truly damaged, and you didn’t rest well!”

Jason was sorry about what happened to Trensu.

“No, I have to go with you, I have to sail. I have to remember this scene like forever!”

Trensu took a deep breath and said loudly.

Then he even shouted out toward the sea, regardless of the wounds in his lungs.

“I’m Trensu, and I’m a man of the sea!”


“Cough, Cough!”

After shouting, he coughed several coughs.

“Let’s go!”

At this time, Rogen came over and nodded to Jason.