One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 169: Monkey D. Garp

Hearing Trensu’s words, people on the board couldn’t believe it, because it’s quite impossible, and then they looked to the front.


At this moment, the shells fell to the sea and exploded making the whole ship swayed.

“Hurry up, prepare for the big fight!”

The trainee crew shouted and ran on the board.

Rogen and his crew went to the bow and they looked at the warship that was coming toward them. It was a sharp and hard momentum. At the bow of the warship, there was a tall figure wearing a Dog’s head cap, he was throwing the black shells with his bare hands again and again.

Followed by, he shouted.


This time, two more shells smashed the void and came straight toward them.

“Oh My God, is that possible?”

Jason was shocked.

Jason has a very strong body, and he was powerful, but such thing, it was very difficult for him to do, he couldn’t even think about doing it. He should be stronger than he was to be able to control these explosive shells, it would explode immediately when he catches it.

“How could he do that?”

In a blink of an eye, the shells have already reached the Dragon Root.

Rogen’s pupils contracted, he bent his knees and then he jumped.

“Battōjutsu!” (drawing blade technique)


The long sword swayed and went straight toward the shells.

The two artillery shells that were coming at high speed were cut in an instant and the fell on the ship’s sides.


The explosion occurred and the seawater splashed again on the ship.

“Haha, I’m sure now, he has some of the power!”

A loud laugh and a thick voice came from the warship.

Hearing this sound, Rogen’s expression became serious.


He shouted and said the other side’s name.

The man who was on the bow wearing a dog’s head cap, was Monkey D Garp, the Vice-Admiral of the Marine. He has a big and powerful figure, and also, he was full of pride and unrestrained.

Rogen never expected to see this man here. What makes him very angry, was that the goal of this man was very clear, and it’s to destroy him and his crew.

“Don’t think about running away kid, you can’t do that!”

Another sentence came from Garp, and his ship was getting closer and closer to Rogen’s.

“Captain, we are ready to fight!”

Crocodile said that and the Alligator on his shouted had begun to turn into sand.

“Don’t be impulsive, you have to look at what the other party is going to do first!”

Rogen whispered back while he was staring at Garp.

While they heard Rogen, the crew immediately stunned.

The enemy now is the Marines, and things to do must be obvious. However, they listened to Rogen and stopped the action.

After a while, the warship reached one meter opposite the Dragon Root.

With close observation, Rogen saw that Garp is much younger than he was in the anime. Garp, the middle-aged man with his black hair, was standing on the bow, he was calm and overbearing, giving a heavy pressure for his enemies.

He was like a mountain rising in the sky, thick and sharp.

“Boy, I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and now you let me wait for you?”

Garp jumped from the warship and came to the Dragon Root.

At the same time, the officers on the warship also jumped over and looked nervously at Rogen and his crew.

“Vice-Admiral Garp, those are world criminals!”

The officer behind Garp shouted with a nervous voice.

Of course, he would be very angry, they are facing the guy who has beaten Kizaru.

The young officer couldn’t help but tremble, he was a cruel young man.

“Take your swords back!”

Rogen looked at his crew and ordered them with a cold voice.

All his crew was stunned and they looked at each other, and then they stuffed their swords into the scabbard.

Vice-Admiral Garp is someone very strong in the eyes of the pirates.

“Haha, your little captain has the courage to face me alone!”

Garp laughed.

“Lieutenant General Kapp, what’s the cost of chasing me here?”

Rogen asked softly.

“What will you do?”

Hearing this question, Garp’s expression changed and he wondered.

“I’m here to catch you!”

In a word, the team behind him, as well as Rogen’s, raised their weapons again.

In less than a moment, the atmosphere became full of tension throughout the ship.


Rogen shrugged his shoulders and his voice was fierce.

“It might be difficult!”

“Who knows?”

Garp’s tone was very casual, and his expression was still cold.

“will you come with us alive or I should kill you?”

“Hmmm?” Rogen Wondered.

“Breaking into the naval encirclement and rescuing Roger’s wife, this is great!”

“I fought against the agents of the Celestial Dragons also.”

“You’ve done terrific things in a short period of time!”

His tone changed and became very serious.

“You’ve made a lot of trouble, just like him…”

When he said that, Rogen’s face changed a little.

“It makes me hesitate whether to arrest you or let you go.”

Rogen was a bit confused when he saw the complex face of Garp, and he trembled in his heart.

Garp and Roger, they used to have a relationship that goes between friendship and enmity, but they were in a big conflict. Quite the same like Luffy and Smoker in the original story.

It can be said that apart from where they belong, they were completely friends.

“Alright then!”

Rogen smiled.

“If you don’t do it, then you won’t settle in the new world!”

“It seems that you didn’t make any big mistake, it can be said that you helped me to solve a disturbing thing!”

Garp was upset.

“Garp-Sama! He is a world criminal, and his origins are very bad!”

The officers behind him became angry and they shouted.

Don’t let this one goes astray. That’s terrible.

“So be it!”

Suddenly, Garp’s eyes lit up and he clenched his fists.

At this moment, Rogen’s heart trembled.

His eyes turned into red, and the three tomoes began to rotate at a high speed.

In less than a moment, a fist came straight toward his face.


The cyclone appeared and Rogen’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Garp’s fist is very famous, it was very strong, but when wanted to punch Rogen, it became useless.

“Hey, buddy!”

When they saw Garp’s punch, Jason, Crocodile, and Trensu went berserk.

Jason made a big step and pointed his fist toward Garp.

Seeing this, Garp smiled and moved his fist.

The next moment, two punches collided. This scene shocked everyone.