One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 203: “The death of the Celestial Dragon!”

Seeing the four people walking in front of the Celestial Dragons, the civilians were stunned, and the fear appeared on their faces.

“What’s the matter of these guys? How dare they?”

“Oh My God! They have angered the Celestial Dragons!”

“I hope that we will not get involved!”

“They must be newcomers who just entered the island. I think that they are looking for death!”

Kneeling on the ground, people kept whispering and looking at the scene secretly.

“These for guys, do they want to die?”

The man with the baseball cap whispered to his friend.

“Stupid people!”

It was obvious that these four have the power to compete with strong pirates, but dying in the hands of the Celestial Dragons, that would be very sad.

The slave of the Celestial Dragon was a supernova last year. After offending the Celestial Dragon, he was treated as a slave. There was 230 million as a bounty on his head before slavery.

However, in the next second, something happened made his eyes opened.

“Oh god! Don’t attack pls!”

He even cursed in his heart.

While he was looking at the four men, he has seen one of them that raised his hand which became black.

It turned out to be a gun.

That’s insane! That guy dared to point his gun at one of the Celestial Dragons!

Is he going to shoot the Celestial Dragon?

What made him shocked was his 3 mates didn’t stop him. Don’t they know the consequences of such action?

This will inevitably attract the admirals and the whole world to this Island.

The man with the baseball cap was going crazy.

At this moment, the scene became calm in the street. In the next second, everyone heard a brief conversation.


“Almost there!”

The brief conversation made everyone confused. They wanted to understand, but it didn’t take much time until they heard the next sound.


Everyone’s heart trembled to hear this loud sound.

At this time, the Celestial Dragon was about to raise his hand and.


The bubble on his head exploded.

No one believed what they just saw. Even the Celestial Dragons, the fear appeared in their eyes.

Gradually, the light in the Celestial Dragon’s eyes dissipated and passed out.

“Oh, My God!”

It seemed that time has stopped. Three seconds later, all the civilians screamed and ran with panic.

“Run! Run!”

With a scream, everyone hurried and left the place. As if they woke up from a nightmare.


“Oh, God!”

The one with the baseball cap run quickly with his companion and he didn’t dare to look behind.

“Run, we might die because of these 4 bastards!”

As he ran, he shouted loudly.

The companions seemed to understand the seriousness of this matter. The tension and panic appeared on their faces.

What troublesome! One of the Celestial Dragons got killed, this is the first horrible incident in so many years.

It can be said that soon, this area will be completely taken over by the powerful Marine forces, even the Admirals will be very angry.

From now on, all the pirates on this island will suffer!

“Let’s leave!”

The four guys realized that they have done something terrible by killing this guy, so they turned around without hesitation.

When the whole street became empty, the black-suited man trembled, looked at the fallen Celestial Dragon, he swallowed his throat, and his forehead was already covered with fine beads of sweat.

He was stunned, and he didn’t know what to do and what to say.

“Hey, captain, we have to call the Marines!”

At this time, someone reminded him.

“Oh, yes, I’ll call them!”

The captain was still in a daze.

He was shivering, he took the Den Den Mushi and called the garrison of the Sabaody Archipelago.


Immediately, he shouted.

“Hurry up, send troops to area 40, something is happening!”

The captain was very nervous.

“What’s the big deal?”

The garrison wandered.

“Someone killed a Celestial Dragon!”

On the other side of the Den Den Mushi, the garrison was stunned and he went to call the troops.

Something terrible just happened. Soon, the whole island will suffer.

Inside the bar, Doflamingo and his crew were drinking.

“One of the Celestial Dragons is killed!”

“Let’s go!”

Doflamingo’s face became serious, and he lost the mood to drink. He stood up and walked quickly toward the door without hesitation.

When they left the bar, they saw a fleet of fast-moving Marines.

“Damn, who dared to do that?”

Hearing the news, many pirates in the Sabaody decided to leave the island immediately.

In just five minutes or less, dozens of pirate ship sailed away from the port, as if they had encountered the end of the world. They were frightened and didn’t dare to stay.

The news spread all over the island in a short while. Many powerful pirates heard the news, it can be said that they got shocked a little bit, but they didn’t leave and kept drinking as if nothing happened.

“Captain, Captain, something terrible just happened! Someone killed a Celestial Dragon!”

The man with the baseball cap was breathing hard and shouted loudly.

“Someone dared to do that?”

Shiki was a little surprised, and then he smiled.

“I’m not alone, I didn’t expect that there is such kind of guys in this world, that’s good!”

Rather than panic, he laughed aloud.

“Aren’t we going to escape?”

The man wandered.

“Run? Why do we have to run? We are lucky to witness a rare battle in the world, rest assured! At this juncture, the Marine’s attention is on the Headquarters, they have no time to pay attention here!”

Shiki smiled with confidence.

In a calm coffee shop, a tall man with a bear hat was reading quietly.

When he heard the news, he slightly hesitated and then continued flipping through the book calmly.

Outside the suburb, under a large tree, a group of women was playing cards.

“Sister, shocking news! A Celestial Dragon has been killed.”

Everyone who was there got shocked.

Their captain seemed to be calm, he didn’t utter a word from the beginning, but then she turned and said.

“Don’t be panic, there must be more excitement!”

Pirates who dared to come to this part of the world are very strong with great courage.

Facing such an incident, they won’t panic because they believe in their power.