One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 204: kill them!

A Celestial Dragon was killed…

The whole island is surrounded by a large number of Marines, and many soldiers were running fast looking for the criminal.

The island became under the control of the Marines, people on that island were shocked when they saw such a scene.

“It wasn’t a joke; he has been killed really!”

The Celestial Dragon was lying on the ground with blood hole between his eyebrows, and the red blood was flowing on the ground. This scene shocked everyone.

“Admiral Z!”

When everyone was looking at the dead corpse, a burly figure appeared and made a big step.

“What happened here?”

When he came to the field, Z glanced at the dead Celestial Dragon and then he asked with a deep voice.

“Ten minutes ago, Saint Charlos passed away, four people that didn’t kneel in front of the Celestial Dragons did that.”

“The killer is one of them!”

Z was expressionless, and he glanced at Charlos again.

“It took only one shot, great gun master!”

He turned back and asked the guy who has witnessed the scene.

“Is the murderer identified?”

“Not yet, they were four people wearing masks and black robes, that’s all we have!”

The soldier answered quickly.

“Is it premeditated? What a brave man. “

Z looked serious.

Four unknown people with black robes and masks appeared here, and as soon as they saw Saint Charlos, they killed him. This group must have a plan to do that.

They dared to kill one of the World Noble, they are so brave.

“Seal off the port immediately. These people may be pirates. Killing a Celestial Dragon is not a simple thing at all.”


The Marines responded immediately and left.

Ten minutes later, a commander of the marine came to Z and asked him.

“Admiral Z, we located the positions of all pirates in this island, do you want to start?”

“Let’s begin!”

Z answered quickly.

In a moment, all the Marines on the island began to move.

Pirates in this island were all known, and after this disaster, they would be in a big danger, no matter how strong they were.

Pirates in this island were all known, and after this disaster, they would be in a big danger, no matter how strong they were.

“Damn, we are stuck in here!”

Looking at the dense group of Marines all around, the pirates panicked and didn’t know how to act.

The zombie’s pirates have ugly faces, and they were just one of many pirate groups, there’s a bounty of 130 million on the head of their captain. They were planning to stop here for a few days before going to Fish-Man Island. They didn’t expect they would encounter such a thing here.

“Fight them!”

With a roar, all the pirates rushed up.

These pirates from all over the world came here with the blood of enthusiasm, coupled with power, they became very fierce.

The chaotic scenes spread throughout the Sabaody Island. The marines moved quickly and controlled the port so that the Sabaody Archipelago became an iron bucket, and all the pirates inside it were stuck there.

The death of the Celestial Dragon angered the high ranked Marines. Such a bad incident, the pirates should pay for it with their blood.

At that moment, cannonball sounded everywhere, and the flames were burning all over the Sabaody island.

“Kill them!”

“Fight those bastards!”

Pirates were roaring, pirates were too much, of course, this is the pirate’s era.

Even the Marines couldn’t suppress such thing.

When the war launched, The Wraith was in a dark alley.

“Damn it, damn it, Damn it!”

Trensu was trembling and cursing all the time.

“It’s too late to panic now, why didn’t you hesitate to shoot from the beginning?”

Crocodile shouted and he was trembling also.

What did they just do? It was a big mistake to kill a Celestial Dragon.

“Damn, you didn’t tell me it was a Celestial Dragon. Also, he was about to shoot us, it’s self-defense!”

Trensu became very emotional and impolite in the face of Crocodile.

“Show some respect kid, I didn’t order you to shot him!”

The two quarreled with a low voice. Rogen had no choice but to pull them apart.

“If Trensu didn’t attack, I would do that. And now we have nothing to do!”

Hearing Rogen’s words, Trensu and Crocodile retreated.

Crocodile trembled, he lit up his cigar and took a long puff. He wanted to calm down.

“Give me one!”

Trensu asked Crocodile for a cigar.

Crocodile stared at Trensu without saying anything, and then he threw a cigar at him.

Everyone needs to calm down and try to find a solution.

Rogen was helpless.

The original plan was to walk around to collect some information about the pirate regiments for this day. The next day was the day to stir up the wind and rain of these pirates to aggravate their conflict. This conflict will attract the Marine Headquarters and they would knock the door easily.

He didn’t expect that he would meet the Celestial Dragons in the streets.

Now, everything became a disaster.

“Captain, listen outside, do we have to prepare ourselves to fight?”

Jason looked at Rogen and asked him with a low voice.

Upon hearing Jason word’s, the three looked at each other and immediately ran to the end of the alley and looked carefully outside.

This time, they found that the streets were crowded, and the pirates were fighting against the Marines with bravery.

Just a hundred meters in front of them, a group of pirates was stained with blood, and their captain looked stern and fierce, he raised his sword and shouted.

“Brothers, fight with honor, if these navies don’t give us a way, we will kill ourselves!”


The pirates shouted loudly behind him.

After a while, the pirates jumped to the water.

“Oh, My God!”

Trensu was stunned.

“Captain, we have to kill them secretly, they are going to see us!”

Jason asked awkwardly.

He wanted to kill the pirates before the Marines, otherwise, they will be seen and get caught.

“You know what? Let’s run!”

Rogen didn’t hesitate and whispered to the three behind him.

After a while, four figures in black robes jumped out of the alley and ran quickly in the street.

The way they dressed immediately attracted the Marines.

“Damn it! Those are the killers, kill them!”