One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 205: Run!

The black robes wearing by Rogen and his mates became known all over the island. Only Rogen, he didn’t know that they became famous with these robes.

Rogen and his friends thought that they were running from the Marines. But actually, everyone wants to capture them, they just ignited the war between pirates and Marines, and everyone wanted to kill them.

“The pirates want to kill us, why? Aren’t they fighting against the Marines?”

Rogen was angry and the others were confused.

“What to do?”

When they were running, the Marines saw them, and immediately formed a team to kill them.

Suddenly, everyone wanted to kill them, why?

“We have nothing to do but killing them and run!”

Crocodile shouted.

“Our identity has been exposed, we need to get rid of them and then hide quickly!”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes opened.

“Let’s do it!”

Rogen seemed to be excited.

Suddenly, the four rushed toward the crowd.

A total of 1 billion pirates, their strength was just amazing. As soon as they rushed, all the Marines were down in a blink of an eye.

“Oh My God, they are very strong!”

Seeing this horrifying attack, all the pirates retreated and they were afraid to attack.

“The four are in area 21!”

In a blink of an eye, the Wraith’s location spread all over the Sabaody.

In area 3.

A group of 15 people was running fast, they were very strong, behind them, there were many corps of the Marines killed by this group.

“Boss, these Marines are so weak!”

The pirates were laughing when they saw another wave of Marines rushing toward them.

This group of people has eliminated 3 waves of Marines already.

“Of course, they are, we are Crazy Lion Pirates, haha!”

One of them was very proud when he said that.

Hundreds of millions were the bounties of the members of the Crazy Lion Pirates, and their captain has a total of 320 million on his head. There were 7 people at least in this strong group.

This group with this strength can compete with one billion pirates.

They were very confident, and they didn’t leave the Island because they weren’t afraid at all.

“We won’t fear anything in this life, hahaha!”

Another one was very excited and he shouted.

The captain of this group is a strong pirate who has golden hair and a scary face. When he heard his crew member, his eyes flashed and he laughed.

They are really strong pirates.

After moving forward, they found the Marines in front of them retreated and didn’t attack them.

“Marine, what the hell?”

“Are you afraid of us, Haha Justice? ha.”

the captain laughed loudly.

“Crazy Lion Pirates, you are so brave!”

Suddenly, a sound came from behind the troop of the Marines. Immediately, a burly man with a purple hair moved forward.

The Crazy Lion pirates were shocked, and their pupils contracted.

They weren’t afraid, but they hesitated a little. They weren’t stupid after all, they knew that this is the highest rank in the Marines, and his power was absolutely huge.

“This is Admiral Z, you dared to launch an attack against the Marines on this island, you’ll suffer!”

After seeing him coming over, all the pirates prepared for the fight.

“Haha, I didn’t expect to fight an admiral today!”

“If we kill you here, we’ll be famous again!”

The captain smiled, and then he stared at Z directly in the eyes.

“We are Crazy Lion pirates, and I’m sure that you’ll be honored to see our power!”

Their captain yelled loudly and waved his hand, immediately, all the pirates behind him raised their weapons and prepared for the fight.

He wasn’t an arrogant person, but he knew very well that the enemy this time wasn’t a normal Marine soldier, it was the Admiral of the marine department.

“Kill them!”

With a loud roar, all the Crazy Lion Pirates rushed and their target was Z only.


With a cold tone, Z stepped with his right foot, and in a blink of an eye, a cyclone appeared and his shape disappeared.

He was as fast as lightning. In less than a moment, he reached the crowd.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

With a loud voice, his right arm quickly covered by the Busoshoku Haki and the violent power broke out from the depth of his body.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

At the same time, The captain also roared, and his right hand covered with black. He’s a man that mastered the Busoshoku Haki.


“Die bastard!”

At this time, all the pirates launched an attack, some of them used their swords, and some use their guns.

In the face of these pirates, Z was expressionless.


His body became hard like steel, and its density increased.

All the attacks became useless in front of the Admiral, unbelievable!

The Crazy Lion Pirates didn’t believe what they just saw, they panicked and their pupils contracted.

Z and the Crazy Lion didn’t stop the battle, their fist collided and both sides shouted, everyone was shocked by the power of this admiral.

Immediately afterward, he flew out like a shell.


After hitting dozens of buildings in a row, the captain exhaled blood, and it seems that his hand was broken because he couldn’t move it.

One blow was enough to take the pirate of more than 300 million down.

Looking at Z that was cold after that blow, all the pirates retreated and didn’t want to rush again.

“Die bastards!”

In a while, Z shouted again, and as he shouted, all the pirates passed out.

It took only ten seconds, to annihilated The Crazy Lion pirates.

After finishing the pirates, Z turned his head and frowned.

“Oh! One more!”

As he said that, a group of women panicked.