One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 206: the first contact!

From the distance, the Phoenix pirates who were very confident of their power, they panicked after seeing this scene.

This is the Admiral, and this is his true power. He destroyed a whole pirate regiment in a short time.

When Z turned his gaze, all the pirates who were there panicked and their hearts were beating hard.

His eyes were full of disdain, the pirates immediately ran to avoid his horrible power.

“Run, Run!”

The phoenix Pirates were very afraid and they left the place in a hurry.

The guy who killed the Crazy Lion Pirates is not an easy enemy to confront.

Z stepped forward and he wanted to chase them, but at that moment, the Den Den Mushi in his pocket rang.

“Mushi, Mushi!”

Z took out the Den Den Mushi and answered.

“Admiral Z, we found the killers, they are in area 21!”

The voice on the other side was loud.

Z eyes flashed, he stared at the running pirates and cursed.

“Lucky bastard!”

He turned and ordered his group.

“Go to area 21, hurry up!”

As he said that, his figure disappeared.

The guys who killed the Celestial Dragon are more important than those who ran away.

It doesn’t matter if they were strong or not, killing a Celestial Dragon needs a lot of courage, and that’s what surprised Z.

On the other side, the pirates ran for several kilometers and didn’t stop.

And then, they looked at each other and said.

“Is he coming after us?”

“No Captain, Z turned and left this area, it seems that he discarded us and went after someone else!”

“Discarded us?”

The captain was surprised. She was 17 years old, and she was a very beautiful girl and her eyes were bright. At this moment, the confused expression revealed her beauty and purity.

“It’s alright, we are safe now!”

“It’s beyond our imagination, facing the Admiral is very dangerous!”

They were very lucky.

They didn’t know how strong the Admiral was, but after seeing the fight, they were panicked.

They couldn’t believe what they saw.

The scene in the Sabaody was chaotic.

The civilians closed their doors tightly and they were afraid. In the streets, you can only hear screaming and gunfire sounds.

The battle between the Marines and the Pirates was very fierce.

There were two reasons behind the existence of the Admiral in here. One was to avenge the Celestial Dragon, and the other was to display the majesty of the Marines and suppress the arrogance of the pirates of this era. If everything goes well, the island will inevitably have peace for a very long term.

On the way to area 21, Z killed at least 20 or 30 pirates.

“Did you head the news? Admiral Z killed the whole Crazy Lion Pirates!”

“Oh My God! They were a very strong regiment!”

“Then what shall we do?”

Countless pirates whispered.

Fighting took place on the whole island, and the blood was merged into the rivers which became red.

It was a brutal crackdown.

Following Z, a large number of Marines arrived in area 21.

“What’s the plan to pull them out?”

With the arrival of the Admiral, some of the pirates in area 21 have been eliminated and some of them ran away.

“Admiral Z, someone saw the killers heading toward area 30, and now they are in area 28!”

Immediately, after hearing the information, Z disappeared.

Area 28.

Rogen and his mates in black robes were running into the alley at a high speed. After glancing around, they found that no one was chasing them, they took off the black robes and the masks.

“What bad luck, everyone wants to chase us.”

Jason was angry.

From area 21 to here, Rogen and his friends were running in one breath. Along the way, everyone attacks them without hesitation, it was a very long and hard run.

This cross-region took a full half an hour.

“Stop talking, we don’t have time, change your clothes and let’s leave, our task is finish, we can’t do anything in this chaotic island!”

Crocodile was very angry.

Rogen and Trensu took the black robes and threw them in the alleyway.

At the same time as they entered the lane, a middle-aged man with purple hair entered this area, it was Zephyr.

As soon as he reached area 28, he looked everywhere to find his target.

Along the way, and after killing many pirates, he stood in a place not far away from Rogen.

“There’s no news for the killers, they should be here!”

He kept looking at his Den Den Mushi waiting for information for the killers.

In the lane, Rogen and his friends changed their clothes and then left.

“We must be safe now. God, we were in hell!”

Jason exhaled slowly.

“Hey guys, over there, is that a coincidence?”

Jason was shocked when he saw the figure in front of him.

“Shut up!”

Crocodile was stunned also, and he whispered.

Rogen’s pupils contracted, and he held the Yuan Hong sword. Trensu’s eyes flashed, and he took his gun.

At this time, A was about 100 meters away from Rogen. At a glance, he saw them.


With a flash in his eyes, he strode slowly.

As he approached, Z recognized this group.

“Oh, I didn’t imagine that I would find a big fish in here!”

He stared at the four people in front of him one by one, these pirates worth more than 900 million.

“Did you kill all these pirates and Marines? Humm!”

There was about 70 or more corpse around Rogen, which made Z wondering.