One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 207: Z vs the Wraith!

At this time, the two were only 30 meters away from each other.

“Something bad is going to happen!”

Trensu whispered.

“Don’t panic, he probably doesn’t know who we are!”

Rogen thought that Z didn’t recognize them, and he just regarded them as stray fishes that he encountered by chance.

“Oh, that would be good!”

The three relaxed.

“Admiral Z, we have no intention to offend, let us leave!”

In their plan, they have to avoid fighting against high-end power.

“Now that we have met, how can I tolerate the departure of such a vicious man like you?”

Z strode forward, and he seemed to be serious.

“it seems that you want to fight!”

Rogen became angry.

Rogen has never underestimated the Admiral power. He always put this rank beside the Yonko level, they are able to suppress any power in this world.

The one in front of him is different than Kizaru. His strength is at the peak of his life.

Also, this is the teacher of Kizaru, Kuzan, and others. He taught many Marines elites, almost all young masters of the Marines.

“Be prepared, we’ll fight him, and if we failed, you need to run as fast as you can!”

Rogen whispered to his mates.

He could escape directly, but Z won’t let this happen.

Besides, Rogen wanted to know whether they can compete against an Admiral or not.

The four of them worth 1 billion, this fight will unleash their true power.

As a battle against an Admiral, Rogen won’t underestimate his opponent, and he would do everything to win.

“I won’t use the system from the beginning!”

He has to solve this problem and maximize the chance of saving the little master.

“I’m so excited, I’m going to fight the Admiral soon!”

Crocodile was happy.


Rogen growled suddenly.


The three moved almost at the same time, and the cyclones under their feet appeared.

“Bang, Bang…”

In a blink of an eye, the four disappeared and reappeared again, but this time, they surrounded Z.

“What a surprise, you have mastered the Rokushiki. Although it seems to me that they are full of flaws, it’s enough to impress me.”

Z was surprised.


Trensu lifted his foot, and a powerful projectile came out.

At the same time, Jason and Rogen moved.



In a blink of an eye, the two reached Z, Rogen took out his sword and Jason clenched his fist.

“Interesting, you have the courage to attack me!”

Z laughed, and then he waved his fist.

He dodged Jason’s punch, and then his figure disappeared. It was unbelievable, this guy was as fast as light.

Z reappeared again, and this time, he used his Haki on his hand and collided with Rogen’s sword.


When he blocked Rogen’s attack with his hands, he smiled, but Rogen was stunned.

Zephyr’s block was very tight, which made Rogen retreat 15 steps before he could understand this overbearing power.

Z didn’t stop, he turned back and kicked Jason who was on his way to the ground. All this happened in a micro-second.


Because of the huge power, Jason flew out like a cannonball and didn’t stop until he got hit on the wall of a house in front of him.

Z was very fast, he did all that in a blink of an eye, incredible!

Under the watch of Crocodile, the fight between the trio has finished, and then…

A circle of golden waves formed on the field, the dust flew up and several cracks appeared on the ground.

“Wow, nice skill!”

Z didn’t understand what Crocodile just did, but he liked it.

This Admiral has a very strong Haki, he blocked the blow of the Yuan Hong with his hand, and now he kicked Jason with tremendous power, he can use the Busoshoku Haki very well.

“Cough, Cough!”

Under the ruins, something began to move, and then, Jason stood up and cleaned himself. As he turned his head, he rushed toward Z again.

Seeing than Jason didn’t get hurt at all after his attack, Z narrowed his eyes.

“You must be the number 1 Supernova then!”

At this time, Z became mad, and his tone was very serious.

As you know, he killed The Crazy Lion Pirates in a short time, and he didn’t use all his power.

However, this group seemed to have some abilities to compete.

“This crew has some power to use, I think I like it!”

Z stared at Rogen and said.

Rogen pointed his sword to the ground and stared at Z.

How could someone block the attack of the Yuan Hong? Rogen thought that if Z punched the sword again, he would break it.

“Is this the power of the Admiral?”

Rogen was shocked, and he kept thinking about this matter for a while.

After a few talks, Rogen’s expression changed and he shouted.

“Come again!”

Z smirked, this group seemed to attract his attention

After a few moments, Rogen and Jason yelled and attacked again.

“Dragon’s 18 palms!”

“Nine swords!”

Swords and fists were like waves in front of Z.

What was shocking, Z stood in the same place, but his body was swaying avoiding these attacks easily.

More than a dozen rounds passed, and Z didn’t get hurt at all. Everyone was shocked.


The Alligator on Crocodile’s shoulder roared and began to move.

“I couldn’t hit him!”

“Too strange!”

Trensu was sweating, he couldn’t hit Z at all.

“it seems…”

“It seems that he could foresee our attacks!”

This sentence made Crocodile’s eyes shrink.

At this time, a loud noise was heard in the field, Rogen attacked, and a cloud of dust came from nowhere and stationed on the sky.