One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 209: The Admiral has been defeated.


At this moment, the ground turned into a desert river. Crocodile’s sand completely burst out.

This huge quantity of sand was more than 10.000 tons, and after pressing it down like this, it became extremely strong.


Exhaling breath, Crocodile was sweating and his face became pale.

Controlling such a weight of sand has exceeded his limit, it made him very tired.

A large stream rushed toward the position of Z under the control of Crocodile.

“You have done a great job!”

Everyone gathered around Crocodile and they were amazed.

Under the pressure of such a weight of sand, nothing can survive.

Of course, Crocodile didn’t have the chance to test this power against an admiral before.

“I can’t!”

With full of sweat face, Crocodile was suffering after this effort, and his hand trembled.

He had reached the limit, at that moment, he was breathing heavily.

“That guy, he should be dead after this!”

Jason stared at the sand in front of him and he was uncertain.

He just saw the destructive power of Crocodile, it could exterminate most of the creatures in this world, but Z, Jason wasn’t sure.

Who knows this guy, he might have the ability to come back to life!!

Rogen kept looking at Zephyr’s position, and Trensu aimed his muzzle to that place also, he was ready to shoot at any time.

Facing the Admiral, Rogen and his mates were very cautious.


Suddenly, the sand in the area trembled, and a burly figure appeared and rushed out.

His clothes were torn, and his skin was stained with blood, he seemed to suffer a lot of injuries after the last attack.

The Admiral’s ferocious momentum surprised the four again.

“You really surprised me!”

His deep voice was filled with anger.

He felt like he was a giant dragon got hurt by a weak falcon. He felt shame.

“Captain, this is my last hit!”

At this time, Crocodile waved his hand again.

Z was about to step forward, and suddenly, he got tied with two tied ropes, making him unable to move.

“Stop there, bastard!”

“Move now!”

Seeing this scene, Rogen, Jason, and Trensu shouted and moved quickly.

Jason jumped and in a blink of an eye, he reached Z.

“Arhat Boxing!”

A series of punched directly fell on the Admiral’s face.

Rogen jumped to the sky, and after reaching 300 meters, he dived down.

Jason hit Z with all his power, and when he saw Rogen diving down, he jumped away quickly.

With all this power, Z thought that he got hit by a mountain.

“The Buddhist Palm!”

The Pale Golden Palm spread to one hundred meters.


This palm hit Zephyr’s position, making a huge palm print on the ground, with a radius of more than one hundred meters.

Z vomited blood, he bent over and fell down.


His feet were still tied. His eyes were full of anger as if he was an angry tiger who wanted someone to eat. His anger was about to burn the sky.

He didn’t die!

After Jason’s terrifying force and Rogen’s attack, Z was still alive.

His ability to resist was beyond everyone’s imaginations.


With blood on his whole body, Z opened his mouth and roared.

“I can’t hold him more, Oh My God!”

Crocodile shouted loudly, and he was shocked. The power of the other side burst out at that moment, and he could break the Sand Rope easily.


The Sand-Rope on Z’s waist shattered, he roared and roared, showing his frenzy.

This group thoroughly stirred up the anger of this beast.

Face to face, Z could kill the strongest boy of this group within ten seconds, and that Crocodile, he could kill him in few breaths.

But the combination of these people actually made him suffer a serious injury.

There were many bruises on his skin and internal organs were damaged by the force. They were all broken. This time, it was the most serious injury he had suffered since he became an Admiral!

Moreover, this injury will affect his future life!


At this time, Trensu fired without hesitation.

Z’s heart trembled, and half of his body became black because of the Kenbunshoku Haki but…

“Ugh!” The bullet hit his shoulder and it can be said that it caused big damage, because Z couldn’t move his arm.

“Damn it!”

Trensu was angry. Although he hit him, he failed the right position he wanted to shoot at.

Trensu aimed at the opponent’s eyebrows again, and he was about to shoot.

“Hurry up, shoot him!”

At this moment, Rogen’s expression changed and he shouted loudly.

At the distance, he saw that the shackles on Z’s feet shattered and he was completely free.

“You will die!”

Z shouted with anger and jumped.

Everyone was shocked, they couldn’t believe the power of this guy. Trensu didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.


However, this shot didn’t hit the target, but it raised the anger of Z.

Seeing this scene, the four didn’t hesitate to run.

This Admiral is really strong, they couldn’t defeat him at all, and if they kept fighting, they would suffer a big loss.

This 4 vs 1 fight was enough to shock the whole world, it contains a huge destructive power.

“Huh, do you really want to run?”

Z laughed and then he followed them.

One second after moving, he stopped and vomited blood.

His internal were completely damaged, and of course, it couldn’t withstand the pressure of his action. He already consumed a lot of energy.

It can be said that Z was on the thin line between life and death.

When the four saw this scene, they speeded up again and disappeared.

“Damn it!”

Z clenched his fists in anger, and he felt ashamed.

Ten minutes later, a large number of Marines has arrived, and after seeing Z in this status, they were shocked. No one could believe that someone did that to the Admiral of the Marines.

Almost the whole area turned into a small desert, and their Admiral was standing in the center, he was fully covered with blood.

What a shocking scene!!!
The Admiral of the Marines has been defeated.