One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 210: “I’ll fight him, alone!”

In the evening, a group of four people quickly entered the bar and closed the door tightly.

The death of a Celestial Dragon has angered the World Government and the Marine Headquarters, and immediately, it launched a large cleansing in the Sabaody. Of course, in the face of the offensive Marines, the pirates won’t surrender easily.

This battle continued for three hours, and with the arrival of a large number of Marine reinforcements, it stopped the trend of further deterioration.

A large number of pirates have been killed or arrested, and the rest quickly hid in the vicinity of the Sabaody.

This war did not last for a long time, but it was extremely tragic. According to the statics of the Marines, the number of dead pirates reached an astonishing 532, and more than 1000 were arrested by the Marines. Correspondingly, the number of the dead Marine reached 300, and more than 2000 suffered serious injuries.

In terms of fighting power, although the Marines dominates on this island, in the face of the fierce pirates, they were in the weak position.

The island remained calm after the big fight between The Wraith and Admiral Z, but the war could restart at any time.

After making a huge effort to hurt Z, the Wraith ran quickly. It took them five or six hours to get here after they changed dozens of directions in a row.

After that battle, a large number of Marine reinforcements have come with the lead of high-end forces.

The Admirals didn’t leave the Marine Headquarters to protect it against Shiki and his pirate regiment, but 10 Vice Admirals came to handle the troublesome situation on the island.

The Sabaody Archipelago located at the end of the Grand Line and its geographical position is very important in the eyes of the Marines. Mary Geoise is located on the Red Line and serves as the official route for people to cross between the two halves of the Grand Line, and the Marine Headquarters is very close to it.

It can be said that this island is just a gate, which located between the two halves of the Grand Line.

Once there’s a wave of chaos, the Marine Headquarters is bound to reinforce and suppress it with all its power. It explains the presence of the Marines in this Island always.

At this moment, the Sabaody Archipelago was surrounded by the Marines. A large number of soldiers were patrolling in batches to arrest the killers among the Pirates.

Moreover, the storm of this incident spread over the nearby waters, which made the pirates very afraid. They immediately turned their bow and left the place.

“Sigh! “

The four entered the bar and exhaled heavily and relaxed.

Big day!

“Hey, guys, why you came back?”

Rayleigh was curious, he leaned on the bar and beside him, the six Dragon Elephants were wiping the bar quietly.


They immediately shouted after seeing their captain.

“The Sabaody became messy, we couldn’t do anything!”

Rogen came over and he was very upset.

“Oh yes, I heard about it, there was a big fight out there! Haha…”

Rayleigh laughed.

“It’s shocking to hear that someone killed a Celestial Dragon!”

“Yeah, that person is too brave, he dared to kill a Celestial Dragon!”

“It can be said that this event will inevitably cause the fury of the Celestial Dragons and the anger of the World Government. By tomorrow, it will spread all over the world!”

The Six Dragon Elephants heard the news, and they kept talking about it.

Hearing this, Crocodile shivered, Trensu’s expression was unnatural and they lowered their heads.

Rayleigh noticed the perturbance on them, and he wondered.

“What happened to you out there, guys?”

“I heard that the killers are four people wearing black robes, and one of them was carrying a gun!”

Shakky said that while she was entering the bar.

When she looked up, she saw Rogen and his friends, and she doubted.

“Four people and one of them has a long gun…!”

When he heard that, Hatchan was stunned, and stared at Trensu.

Everyone stared at the four and they panicked.

“That’s impossible!”

One of the six Dragon Elephants shouted and he couldn’t believe it.

“You did that???”

Rayleigh asked with a serious tone.

“I didn’t want to kill a Celestial Dragon; I didn’t know who he was!”

Trensu wanted to show that he was innocent. He didn’t want to do such a thing.

Crocodile was mad, but he wasn’t afraid of anything. They did it, so what?

Hearing Trensu’s words, everyone was shocked.

“You killed a Celestial Dragon? Oh My God!”

Shakky was shocked, she panicked, and she didn’t know what to say.

“Actually, I have heard some other news!”

Rayleigh stared at the four again.

“What? What else?”

Shakky was curious to know.

“The four people who killed the Celestial Dragon fought against Admiral Z in area 21!”

This sentence was like thunder into everyone’s ears.

“Admiral Z!!!!”

“Captain, you have encountered an Admiral!”

“Oh My God, alright guys!”

“We are fine now, but that was very dangerous!”

Rogen answered with a deep voice.

After the fight against this powerful Admiral, Rogen has a new understanding of things.

Thinking about his group, they weren’t very strong, but they have the qualification to be in this strong world and take higher positions.

“Z was defeated by the four of you, and he is seriously injured. Now, he is recuperating!”

Rayleigh was even more shocked, and he couldn’t believe how strong this group was.

Everyone looked at Rogen and his mates with stunned eyes.

How did they defeat the Admiral of the Marines!!?

“We were lucky, to be honest, we escaped in the end. If we fight him again, I’m afraid that he would defeat us, even more, we might die!”

Trensu smiled bitterly.

Admiral has big destructive power.

His sharp perception, physical fitness, and his Haki, it can be said that he is unbreakable.

“The four of you did something unexpected!” Rayleigh sighed.

Rogen and his mates were embarrassed, they were just going out for a walk and didn’t want to do anything… All this was an accident.

“Although Z is seriously injured, the medical facilities of the Marines are very advanced. I believe that he will recover very soon!”

“Our plan won’t be efficient this time!”

Rayleigh looked at Rogen and said slowly.

“So, I decided to wait for Z to recover, and when he appears, I’ll act again!”

Rogen smiled softly.

“You meant the four of you, right?” Rayleigh was stunned.

“No, I’ll act alone!”