One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 211: Underground warehouse!


As soon as he said that, everyone in the bar got shocked.

Especially Trensu, Jason, and Crocodile, they have fought with Rogen against Z, and they knew that he wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with. It can be said that Rogen can’t defeat Z alone.

“No, you won’t!”

Crocodile shook his head and shouted.

Rayleigh’s eyes flashed, and he kept thinking before saying anything.

“Do you want to use your full power like the previous battle against Kizaru?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Rogen nodded with a smile, and then he glanced at everyone and said.

“You should know that I have a mysterious power inside me, and it can increase in a short time. and that makes me able to fight against the Admirals and defeat them!”

Hearing that, Crocodile and Trensu didn’t understand what Rogen meant, except Jason.

“Captain, are you sure that you can defeat Z as u did against Kizaru!?”


Rogen admitted.

“I’ve been training hard since the last fight against an Admiral, and I believe that I have enough power to defeat an Admiral again, besides, I have a lot of money in my system balance!”

The system balance has reached 1.8 billion, and that was enough for many successive battles.

Crocodile and Trensu looked at each other, and they were a little puzzled.

They weren’t aware of what Rogen has done before they joined the crew.

“Oh, you don’t know what happened!”

Jason laughed.

“Our captain defeated an admiral before, that guy was Kizaru!”

Defeated an Admiral????

Except for Jason, everyone got shocked, and couldn’t believe it.

“You are kidding, right?”

Crocodile was stunned.

An Admiral! how strong is Rogen? Crocodile naturally knows that Rogen was powerful, but after facing Z, he was sure that his captain won’t last for 5 seconds or less.

Rogen and his mates were extremely lucky to defeat Z. If they didn’t fight together and use their unique skills, it can be said that they won’t make it.

Rogen looked at Rayleigh and smirked.

He was curious, how did he know about the fight against the Admiral?

Rogen has defeated an Admiral; this was a very secret matter. It would be a shame for the Marines if anyone knows about that.

When the night has come, everyone took a rest.

On the second day, Rogen didn’t take any action, he just went out alone to investigate the news on the Island.

“The Marine has increased its forces; pirates will suffer more and more on this island.”

Rogen strolled on the street looking at the calmness everywhere and kept thinking.

You can only find Marines there, and it’s rare to find a pirate walking around. The harbor was full of pirates, a large number of them were hiding on the island, and they were very afraid to move or do anything.

In the evening, he went back to the bar, he wanted to talk with Rayleigh.

“What now?”

The two sat and began to talk.

“I have a general idea of the distribution of zones 1-15!”

Rogen drank a glass of wine and whispered.

“I have done my investigation, the areas 30-45 are under the control of Marines!”

Rayleigh stopped talking and then he said.

“There are no pirates over there, the Marines are everywhere. It seems that what I have done yesterday stirred up their anger. It can be said that all the elites of the Marines are there.”

Rogen’s expression was very serious.

One of the Celestial Dragons has been killed, and Admiral Z is seriously injured, and that what pushed the Marine Headquarters to attach great importance. Although the Admirals couldn’t leave because the Golden Lion might launch an attack at any time, a large Marines came to this island.


Rayleigh shook his head.

Just then, Jason and Crocodile entered the bar in a hurry.

“Captain, guess what?”

Jason smiled loudly.


Rogen was curious.

“We have found a gathering place of pirates!”

Jason laughed.

Area 24.

In a dark warehouse underground.

A large number of pirates gathered there, and they were looking at each other with panic.

When the Marines reinforcements came yesterday, many pirates were afraid and began to look for a safe place to hide.

This place belongs to a pirate captain. It can be said that they were lucky because when this captain planned to go to the new world for a new experience, he bought this place to stay away from people.

It was a huge warehouse, he thought that he might use it if things went wrong on this island.

This time, when the storm came, he led his crew first, and after seeing many pirates in a very bad situation, he decided to save them.

This captain used his identity as a pirate to do business because he knew the importance of that. And now, after saving pirates, his reputation will spread throughout the pirates, and his business will become bigger and bigger.

He and his crew rescued many pirates while the Marines were busy.

By now, he saved more than 1300 pirates, and they were all inside this underground warehouse.

“Our brothers are suffering, the Marines are so powerful, and they have many soldiers in here. It’s too dangerous to go out!”

Mona smiled when he said that, he was the captain and the owner of this warehouse.

“Mona, you saved us this time, be sure that we will have a great business in the future!”

A man with a captain’s cap and a scar on his face looked at Mona and thanked him.

Mona smiled again because he knew that the one who was talking is a captain with a bounty of 150 million.

The purpose of this rescue seems to have been achieved.

“Thank you, Mona!”

“Damn, you saved us, we almost died out there!”

“We hope that we didn’t bother you!”

All the pirates looked at Mona and thanked him.

The pirates are vicious and overbearing, but they attach great importance to love and justice.

Mona was very happy to hear these words of gratitude.

“You are welcome, every one of you is like a brother for me!”

Mona was really, really happy.

He knew that this warehouse will play a very big role.

There were more than 1300 pirates inside it.

And Mona is the one who saved them.