One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 212: No more peace!

So how can these people repay Captain Mona for saving their lives?

Among the pirates, Mona saw the star pirates, and their bounties were more than 500 million.

These powerful guys, although they did not show much enthusiasm, they looked at him with goodwill.

At this moment of gratitude, a strange voice came out.

“Brothers, do you want to hide here like mice?”

As soon as he heard that, Mona’s face shuddered.

Oops, who said that?

Mona ran around exhaustedly and saved these guys just to get their friendship. Are you instigating them to go out and fight the Navy?

“Yes! I can’t stand it! “

“I have to go out and fight them!”

“We are pirates, even if they are stronger than us, we have to fight with no fear!”

The sounds spread throughout the warehouse and attracted the attention of all pirates.

And this also made many pirates looked gloomy.

No fool can be a pirate these days. The Marine is very powerful, if pirates went out, they will suffer and die. Does this speaker treat them as fools?

Looking for the speakers, Mona stared at them.

They saw six pirates gathered together, and they said all that one by one.

Facing the eyes of everyone, these six pirates looked calm and confident.

“Who are you guys?”

Mona asked loudly.

If he didn’t act, these guys might ruin all that he did.


There were smiles on the six faces.

“We are the Wraith!”

Hearing that, all the pirates were stunned. Some of them have never heard this name, but the others were shocked and dreaded.

“The Wraith!?”


“What kind of pirates group is that? Newcomers? I have never heard of it!”

Then, a sound came out of the pirate, with disdain in his tone.

At this time, among the six, a young man with a long gun stepped out and smiled.

While he was smiling, he seemed to be a little shy, and then, he stared at them and said with a serious tone.

“Never heard about it? It’s alright, you will have the honor to know about it soon!”

As the young man appeared, some of the pirates saw him and screamed.

“Trensu, he is Trensu?”

“What? Who is Trensu? Never heard of it!”

“Shut up, you can’t mess with him! Once, he killed a whole group of pirates with more than 190 million as a bounty, it can be said that he is one of the powerful pirates here if he wasn’t the strongest.”

Someone who knew him lowered his voice and said quickly.

This astonishing message spread quickly, even the guys who expressed disdain panicked and didn’t utter a word.

When everyone calmed down, Trensu became very proud.

“It seems that someone knows my identity!”

No one dared to answer, and even Mona, he kept silent.

The Pirate regiment of Mona was just a group that does business, but it is very weak when it comes to fighting. The whole crew bounty adds up to a total of 100 million.

On the other side, there’s Trensu, who killed a group of more than 190 million in one shot.

“As my partners just said.”

“Everyone of us is a pirate, we have dreams in our hearts, ambitions, our blood is boiling inside. Hiding like rats underground is something very uncomfortable!”

“Let’s fight, we are pirates, we have nothing to do but fighting!”

Trensu said that and then he smiled.

“As for Mr. Mona, who can provide us with a temporary resting place, on behalf of all of you, I thank him.”

As he said that, Trensu turned and bowed to Mona.

Mona’s expression changed, but he didn’t say anything.

After saving about 1300 pirate, to be able to make business with them in the future, someone came and ruined all of that, it seems that pirates are going to fight against the Marines!

“Trensu, all the pirates are going out, how can you fight?”

“As far as I know, the Admiral is still on this island, and even yesterday, Ten Vice-Admirals have arrived!”

“This time, even big pirate regiments in the Second Half are unable to contend with this force!”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind, it seems that this guy knows too much.

Everyone saw that he was a young man in black, but he seemed indifferent.

He has a revolver at his waist, and he wore a hat to cover his head.

“It’s Blanco, with a reward of 250 million!”

Someone recognized him and whispered quickly.

“And what about your mates? Jason, Crocodile, and especially your mysterious captain Rogen!”

Blanco’s eyes were cold, and he kept asking.

He was very powerful, and he is the Captain of this group of new stars. The bounty of his whole crew has a total of 600 million. At that moment, the scene became quiet.

“Hmmm, Blanco!”

Trensu looked serious.

“As you said, there are ten Vice-Admirals, and also, Admiral Z is here!”

When he said that, all the pirates stunned.

“Admiral and Vice-Admirals, Oh My God!”

“Z and Garp, they are the strongest heroes of this era, they are very strong!”

“This is so bad; I don’t know how long we have to hide!”

Many pirates aren’t aware that there are Vice-Admirals stationed in the Sabaody Archipelago. Even if they see Z, they won’t recognize him.

There are many pirates in the first half of the great waterway, but in fact, for all pirates, they are just novices.

“This Admiral has been seriously injured by me and my companions!”

“And I’m afraid he’s healing now!”

“So, if you have any ambition and you want to act, just take advantage of the present!”

Trensu’s words were very calm, he didn’t want the other pirates to get panicked.

All the pirates got shocked, and they couldn’t believe what they just heard.

Blanco shuddered and stared at Trensu.

Also, Mona, he looked at Trensu with fear.

“They have defeated Z?”