One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 213: The Great Alliance of Pirates

“Sister, have you heard? He said that they defeated Z! “

One of the women said and she was stunned.

Their captain was shocked, she nodded, but at the same time, she didn’t believe it.

She knew very well what kind of power Z has. She even saw the famous group of Crazy Lion Pirates, this group was buried under Z’s fists, and it didn’t take 30 seconds.

Z was stronger than anything in this world, what she has heard was bluffing for her.

“Stop lying, we won’t believe you!”

“The Crazy Lion pirates were destroyed by Z. I saw it with my own eyes, how can you say that you defeated Z?”

“Z is very strong, and I’m sure that you are lying!”

After a while, one of the pirates shouted loudly, he didn’t believe what Trensu said.

After that, many pirates followed him and shouted.

“You didn’t heart Z at all, you are a liar!”

The pirate’s expressions changed from shock to anger, and they stared at Trensu.

As they were shouting, one of the pirates hesitated for a while and then he said.

“I… I saw him!”

When he said that, everyone looked at him.

“Yesterday, I saw Z supported by the Marines and they were leaving area 21!”

“At that time, Z was covered with blood and there’s strange sand on his body!”

All the pirates were shocked, and they didn’t say anything.

But then, another one shouted.

“I saw him too, many medics surrounded Z to treat him!”

“Yes, I saw him too, in area 30!”

“He was in a very bad situation!”

In a blink of an eye, everyone’s expression changed.

“Oh My God! He was saying the truth!”

“That’s awesome, the Wraith became my idols since then!”

“Amazing, in my life, I have never heard about newcomers that can defeat an Admiral!”

At that moment, all the pirates looked at Trensu and his crew with admiration.

“If they really beat Z, then their bounty will be higher than any time before!”

Blanco sat on the ground, and one of his crew came from behind and said.

“Well, if it’s true, then these people are so powerful!”

Blanco nodded, but he didn’t say anything.

The Wraith pirates are able to defeat an Admiral, which means there’s a huge gap between his group and them.

“Big sister, he wasn’t lying, it’s really amazing, I really want to see their captain!”

“Yes, I heard about him, his name is Rogen and he has a bounty of 350 million!”

One of the Women pirates whispered.

Their captain’s eyes flashed, and she was curious about that Rogen.

It was a kind of imposing oppression which was hard to say but it was real.

No one knows how could Rogen and his crew defeat Z. And even more, how did they get the courage to fight him.

“It’s true that Z was seriously injured, so as I said, we still have a chance!”

“We should have the courage and do what pirates should do!”

Trensu kept listening to the brief conversation between the pirates, it made him very proud of him and his crew.

At this moment, felt that he was stronger than any time before.

In a few words, the enthusiasm of the pirates boiled again.

That’s true, pirates are facing waves, sea beasts, bad weather, people, why would they have to fear the Marines?

“Death means nothing against the will, we have to do it!”

One of the Dragon Elephants shouted.

Instantly, the atmosphere of the underground warehouse was pushed to the highest level.

All the pirates shouted and they decided to go out, they even clenched their fists and growled.

Since yesterday, they have been chased and beaten by the Marines. They have been running away like lost dogs. They were in a true mess. Now, they have enough courage to take revenge, they won’t show mercy.

After seeing all the pirates raging, Trensu and his friends looked at each other and smiled.

Their purpose was achieved, and the calm island will be chaotic again.

All the pirates regained their confidence, and they were not afraid of death. They will bring more trouble to the Marines.

Sabaody Archipelago, in the Marine garrison.

“Hello! “

Z hardly took his Den Den Mushi and answered.

“This is Sengoku!”

When he heard this name, Z’s face changed slightly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Have you fought against the Wraith pirates?”

Sengoku asked with a deep voice.

When he said that, Z became angry.

“Are you mocking me?”

Z felt ashamed, he just lost against four novices.

“I just want to warn you, don’t take it lightly, Jason, Crocodile, and Trensu, these three are nothing!”

“But their captain, Rogen, you have to focus on Rogen!”

Sengoku’s tone was very serious.

“He’s the one who defeated Kizaru! He is very dangerous!”

“I know!”

Z was impatient, but at the same time, he was cautious.

He is a veteran, naturally, he won’t be afraid of anything. Although his character is very stubborn, Sengoku’s words still remained in his heart, leaving traces.


Z was totally angry, and he clenched his fists.

He won’t forgive Rogen and his crew. The Marine’s medics are very advanced and he will recover very soon.

After his recovery, he will find the four guys and he will destroy them.

Underground warehouse.

Trensu took the lead, after cooperating, the great alliance of pirates has begun.

They called it, The Great Alliance of Pirates in Sabaody Archipelago.

93 pirate regiments, and more than 1300 pirates, this was enough to shock the whole world and also enough to put the Marines in a very bad situation.