One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 214: “I believe in him!”

“I believe that you have defeated Admiral Z, but what about your mates who fought with you?”

Blanco looked at Trensu and asked about his mates that fought with him, and his tone was very cold.

Oh yeah, they are observing the deployment of the Marines and attracting them, leaving us time to prepare!”

Trensu answered with a smile.

Actually, Trensu doesn’t know what his friends were doing, but he thought that his silly brother Jason was in the bar at that moment. As for Rogen and Crocodile, he has no idea at all.

However, in front of all these pirates, Trensu needs to bluff them to get their attention.

“Amazing, your mates are really great!”

“I feel safe with them!”

“Under the leadership of the Wraith, I’m sure that we will defeat the Marines!”

All the pirates praised one after another, especially when they heard that this pirate regiment has defeated an Admiral.

Blanco didn’t say anything after what Trensu said.

If this guy came to encourage these pirates, he must have a plan. However, he won’t pursue it. After all, it’s better for him to escape from here and stay away from all these problems.

It has to be said that Trensu and the six Dragon Elephants played a big role to make these pirates angry.

The pirates want to take their revenge from the Marines, but they didn’t have enough courage to do it. And that’s what Trensu and his friends did, they gave them a push to get their revenge.

“The day after tomorrow, our captain will attract the attention of all the high-end Marine’s forces. And this will be our chance!”

Trensu said with a condensed voice.

When he was with Rogen and Rayleigh, he heard them talking about the plan. Trensu knows very well how to talk with people, better than anyone in his group, that’s why he stayed here and let Jason go back to tell his captain.

Such a big deception must be done by a smart person, it needs a person could lie without leaving a trace.

If it was Jason, he will ruin it for sure, other pirates will ask him many questions, and Jason wasn’t a good liar, so he will be in big trouble then.

After that, Trensu began to discuss the general plan of the operation with several pirate regiments.

Shakky’s Rip-off Bar.

“You have found a gathering place for pirates?”

Rogen was surprised.

He didn’t expect that at all, he thought that most of the pirates were annihilated in the Great Purge of the Marines, and the rest of them left this place quickly. Unexpectedly, there was a gathering place for the pirates!

“Yes Captain, I left Trensu and the six Dragons Elephants there to encourage them to fight again, and I came here to tell you!”

Jason grabbed the wine glass on the table and drank it while he was talking.

“And where is that place?”

Rayleigh was curious to know.

“Area 24, there’s an underground warehouse, and its owner is a pirate… When we were walking there, his crew pulled us there, Ugh… There are more than 1300 pirates over there!”

Jason was very exhausted.

They were very lucky to find this place.

Hearing such news, Rogen and Rayleigh looked at each other and laughed.

“In this case, my plan will be more perfect. The Sabaody will be chaotic more and more. Really, I didn’t expect that.

Rogen was very happy.

And then he looked seriously.

“Then we have to change our plans!”

“The day after tomorrow, I will go to the Marine garrison, I will meet Z again!”

“And Jason, you’re in charge, you have to contact Crocodile and Trensu to lead these pirates, we need to make big chaos!”

“Rayleigh, you need to distract the Vice-Admirals, I don’t want to kill them, just drag them!”

As he said that, Rayleigh and Jason nodded.

After hearing the plan, Rayleigh asked curiously.

“Are you sure that these pirates will obey your crew orders?”

Hearing that, Rogen laughed loudly.

“I trust my partner, if he asked Jason to come back to deliver the message, then he knows what to do very well!”

“I’m not sure if he did well there, but…”

After a pause, Rogen’s expression changed.

“But I believe in him!”

Rayleigh froze, he took the glass of wine and drank it.

“You look so much like him!”

“Like what?”

Rogen was curious.

“A lot of things…”

Rayleigh sighed.

“You’ll see the difference in the future!”

Rogen laughed.

Rayleigh laughed also, and the two started giggling.

That night passed quickly.

Sabaody archipelago, area 4.

With a cigar on his mouth, the burly man stood on the street, and the white smoke surrounded him. it seems that he was thinking of a problem.

Strangely, he wore a crocodile mask on his face, which made the passers-by couldn’t help looking at him.

“Are you thinking about taking the Devil Fruit?”

Suddenly, a female voice whispered beside him.

As he heard that, he turned and his eyes flashed.

He immediately saw a golden woman with a plump body, and she has a dagger at her waist, she was looking at him with interest.

“Who are you?”

The masked man asked coldly.

“Sir Crocodile, who has a bounty of 200 million on his head. I didn’t expect that you would dare to walk on the street in this sensitive period!”

The woman laughed and approached to Crocodile.

Crocodile didn’t want to answer, and he turned away.

“What if I said I can help you to get the Devil Fruit?”

As he stepped, Crocodile’s eyes sharpened.

He turned his head again and asked coldly.

“Is there any information about that fruit?”

“There will be an auction on that fruit!”

The woman smiled and didn’t hide any information.

“And when it will start?”

Crocodile was curious.

“The auction starts tomorrow!”

“You’d better not lie to me!”

He puffed the smoke and stared at her.

He warned her to not play tricks on him.

“Actually, I’m not here to play tricks, because I need your help to accomplish my business!”

Her eyes flashed when she said that.

“If it’s difficult, then I won’t do it!”

Crocodile answered coldly.

After a while, the two left the place.

Three hundred meters away was the location of the Auction.