One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 215: Devil Fruit

The next day, just after the dawn, the sun shone through the seven-colored bubbles on the ground of the Sabaody Archipelago.

Area 4, behind a large tree.

Crocodile closed his eyes and looked calm. He seemed to feel something.

The sound of the breeze, of the grass, and the sound of birds scratching their heads on the branches, this series of sounds were enough to clear Crocodile’s mind.

What was new, Crocodile could feel if there’s someone strong close to him. When it happens, few sand particles floats around Crocodile.

These particles can clearly feedback all the information nearby to him, and increase his perception.

Crocodile could rely on sand grains to form the ability to see and hear anything around.

After the war against Z, Crocodile was deeply aware of his shortcomings, and he was shocked by the horrible perception of the Admiral. Since then, he wondered whether he could have such power in the past two days.

Until this morning, he finally controlled the sand and formed this new ability.

Because he has just mastered this ability, he was a bit slow, it will take some time before he could upgrade it to another level.

He felt everything around him carefully. Although he closed his eyes, he clearly grasped the wind and grass around him.

And suddenly, he opened his mouth and said.

“Is it now?”

The woman who was 30 meters away from him was stunned. From that distance, she could see that Crocodile’s eyes were closed, how could he see her coming?

“Well, the auction will start in half an hour. This half-hour is our chance!”

She answered back.

When she was only ten meters away, Crocodile opened his eyes and looked at her.

Mastering this new ability was indeed a happy thing for him.

“Let’s go!”

Crocodile lit up his cigar and moved forward.

Five minutes later, they reached the entrance of the auction hall.

No one blocked them, and no one felt suspicious. The auction was very large, and there were all kinds of people. The existence of the bodyguard was just to ensure safety, and they don’t need to be responsible for participating people. In addition, the owner of the auction was backed by the Celestial Dragons, which means no one can do anything there.

“How do you want to do it?”

Crocodile looked at the woman and asked her with a cold tone.

“Come with me!”

She whispered.

After saying that, she sped along the side road of the two seats in the auction and quickly came to the front podium, and walked back naturally.

Crocodile narrowed his eyes and remained calm. He wanted to see what this woman wanted to do.

“Delia, hurry up, the boss is already urging, where have you been?”

When he reached the podium, a sharp-faced man appeared from the curtain and shouted.

“Come here, I’m going to find my eldest brother. He is strong enough to help us.”

Delia said with a smile.

The sharp-faced man glanced at Crocodile and he seems that he didn’t like his fierce look.

“What about him, is it safe?”

Delia nodded and then she led the way, they entered the curtain and came behind the scene of the auction floor.

Crocodile squinted and took a deep look at Delia.

It turned out that she was the presenter of the auction, when she entered, everyone who was there greeted her.

It wasn’t easy to be a presenter of an auction, especially when this auction is under the Celestial Dragons guard. You won’t be able to do anything wrong, otherwise, your life will end before you could think of it.

“Follow me!”

Behind the scene, Delia greeted everyone around her, and then she approached Crocodile.

“I’ll take you to the Devil Fruit first, but to get this devil fruit, you need to help me to save someone!”

She was very upset and confused, but she forced herself to calm down.

Crocodile’s eyes flashed, and he nodded slightly.

If it comes to save someone, he won’t refuse it. Relatively speaking, a Devil Fruit is worth at least 100 million!

Yesterday, he kept thinking about it, and he even wandered around the auction floor. That devil fruit, even if he can’t use it, there’s Trensu, Rogen, or the rest of his mates, they can use it.

After a while, the two walked all the way, and in three minutes, they came to the door of a bedroom.

“The devil fruit is guarded by special personnel. They are all experienced, strong men.”

Delia was confused, she wandered if Crocodile could solve these people.

She doesn’t have to prove that there’s the Devil fruit, its location already detected by Crocodile’s sand.

He strode forward toward the box surrounded by 30 people.

“Who are you?”

The black-suited man asked him loudly.

However, Crocodile didn’t hesitate to speed up his pace, at the same time, the sand grains floated in the air and began to combine with each other. And after a moment, a lot of sand appeared in front of the bodyguards.

In front of them, the sand grains formed a very long sword.

And then, in a twinkling of an eye…


All the men fell to the ground with horror and fear.

When everyone fell down, Crocodile approached and raised the box with his right hand.


Crocodile went back to Delia and whispered.

Dealing with those weak bodyguards was an effortless task for him.

“You, you are so strong!”

Delia was shocked, she knows very well how strong were those bodyguards, it can be said that they are equal to 40 or 50 million pirates. But this Crocodile, he solved them easily and very fast.

At the same time, her heart was more hopeful to save her brother.

“Where is the guy you want to save?”