One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 220: Seven Stars Sword

The sword’s Qi was awesome, and its shadow was still lingering in the void and after a while, it disappeared.

Everyone was in pain, and they couldn’t accept that this young man could do that.

Terrible, terrible!

What kind of attack is just one blow!

“This boy, why he is so powerful?”

The five Vice-Admirals were livid. They were not damaged by the sword power just now. But the rest of the Marines suffered a lot.

“Let’s go and get him!”

The five high ranking Marines were not afraid, and they were about to attack. They believed that they were capable of dealing with this kid.

Their power was amazing, they already passed 100 meters in a blink off an eye and reached Rogen’s position.

Rogen, who took his sword back just stood and laughed.

When he saw the five Vice-Admirals coming, he smirked, and his expression was indifferent.


“You’ll suffer!”

“Kill him!”

The five just launched their attack, some of them kicked and the rest pulled their swords. They were extremely fast. It can be said that it was hard to see them with normal eyes. Besides, the Vice-Admiral didn’t forget that this young man could fight the Admirals and deal with them, so they were very careful.

At this moment, Rogen squinted and stared at them.


The five Marines expression changed immediately. They felt a domineering and powerful force that could destroy them. Suddenly, they stopped and retreated.

And then, the invisible momentum suddenly spread and swept out toward the sailors and pirates who had just reached the Marine station behind them.


A moment after, the Marines were hit by this overbearing power, their eyes turned white and they lost consciousness.

Like fruits, the Marines fell to the ground one by one. Within a second, everyone was laying on the ground, except the five High-Ranking Marines.

“Haoshoku Haki!”

The five Marines were shocked, they didn’t expect such a thing.

At this time, Rogen stared at them and said.

“I said, I have a strong guard around my body, nothing can hurt me!”

As he said that, a mysterious power expanded, and the black wall appeared in a blink and surrounded Rogen’s body.


“Stab it!”

All the five kept shooting him, and they seemed to be angry. Rogen’s Haki didn’t affect them, but they couldn’t do anything to break Rogen’s wall.

It was very strange; they were stunned and couldn’t believe what Rogen has.

After resisting several blows, the wall disappeared, and Rogen appeared again.

The five Vice-Admirals were angry and they were about to attack again.

Rogen walked step by step, and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared and reappeared behind them.

He was full of indifference, as he doesn’t pay much attention to the five Vice-Admirals.

“Rogen, Stop running, and face us!”

They were very angry, and they even shouted loudly especially when they saw Rogen’s indifference, they felt despised.

At the next moment, Rogen pointed with his finger again.

“I said, you will be trapped in a cage, and you won’t be able to go out for a day!”

After he said this, the inexplicable power surged, and a cage appeared from the ground and trapped the five Vice-Admirals in an instant.

“Destroy it!”

One of them shouted and waved his sword.

“Oh My God, nothing happened!”

Nothing happened to the cage, as if it was made of a special metal. This hit didn’t even leave a mark.

“It’s Kairōseki (Seastones)!”

The Vice-Admiral was shocked and looked at Rogen with shock.

How is that possible? What power does this kid have?

Moreover, the output of Seastones is very low. Where did this strange cage come from?

The five Marines didn’t give up trying. They waved their fists and swords and kept attacking the cage but no chance, they couldn’t do anything to escape from this powerful cage, they couldn’t even scratch it.

After watching them moving like rats in a cage, Rogen turned slowly, all his attention was to find the Admiral and fight him.

With the possessed soul, Dugu Yuyun, his mental strength has improved greatly. At this moment, even if he relies on the Devil Fruit ability, he could inevitably be able to fight against the Admiral, with a word, he can cause a powerful destructive power.

However, this fruit consumes mental energy, he was afraid that if he attacks several times using it, he would die.

These five Vice-Admirals has never been on his target at all.

At the gate of the Marine Station, a team of Marines stepped forward, and in front of them, the middle-aged man with purple hair, it was The Admiral Z.

“Come here!”

Rogen stared at Z and talked to him with an indifferent tone, and then he put his right hand behind his back.


The dark sword behind him suddenly appeared, it looks like a dragon, scattering the blue light, blinking to the sky. When it reached the height of 30 meters, it turned and dived to the purple man at the door.

“This sword called “Seven Stars”, enjoy its power, Z!”

His words were calm, but his momentum was at the peak at that moment.

He was 300 meters away from Z, but his attack came in a sudden way.

Royal Swordsmanship!

“Admiral Z!”

At the entrance, if the Marine Station, the Marines who were there shouted in fear.

From the distance, strange blue rays were fleeting, and in a blink of an eye, it rushed to the front.


When Z contracted his eyes, he saw a young man standing 300 meters away with his hands up.

Z could tell that this kid’s momentum was different from that day.

He wanted to look at Rogen again, but the blue light blocked the vision. But at the next moment, he felt something using his Kenbunshoku Haki. “The full of Qi light is going to rush in a high speed toward his neck.”



Z took the defense position, and then, he waved his fist against the blue light.


After a moment, the two collided together.


The blue light buzzed and trembled.

Z’s eyes contracted, and his expression changed.

The rushing sword was very powerful, Z believed that if he got hit by it, he would smash into pieces.

Is that the same person that he has fought against a few days ago?