One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 222: Sword of God!

Rogen’s wasn’t tall and burly, and it can be said that he was very thin.

He was only one meter and a half, with a thin figure. But at this moment, when he closed his eyes, the Qi inside his body began to “Buzz”, and he trembled. After a while, his body became began to swell.

As if he was a balloon. His body blinked ten times and he got bigger and bigger.

And then, a surging sword appeared and then suddenly spread, and covered an area of 300 meters.

The ground began to crack and shake because of the majestic power of the sword. In many other worlds, you could find many powerful swords able to do such a thing. Rogen’s sword at that moment was one of the greatest swords in the world. At that moment, the Talisman was shining brightly. And then, the tip of the sword turned, and in a moment, it aimed at Z, which made him cold and somewhat afraid.


Within the three hundred meters of the circle, the void seemed to be frozen. Every part of the skin seemed to be stabbed by an invisible sword, which intended to tear his body.

“What is that? I can’t see anything!”

Z was astonished, he didn’t understand what was happening, and it can be said that he panicked.

Just then, Rogen closed his eyes and opened them in a sudden.

You can clearly see in his pupils the sword that was shining and spreading his power all over the place, and then…

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

The ground exploded again in a large area, spreading to the Z’s location, and between its rage, Z was covered and drowned under the dust.

Rogen put his hands behind him and kept looking at the amazing sword he has that could pierce the void.


Suddenly, Z roared and stood up with anger.

Z was shocked by the power of this sword that was stronger than anything he has met in his life. It was only one sword, but when it attacks, he felt several stabs pierce into his body at the same moment.

He realized that he despised his enemy. The mysterious power of this young guy was far beyond his imagination.

“Z, you have to try this!”

Rogen’s voice was very loud, like the thunder.


In the void, Rogen’s sword trembled in the void again, and its tip turned blue again, and directly pointed toward Z.

“Damn it!”

Z realized that something bad was going to happen again, he seems to fall into the other side’s field. Sharp swords are going to stab him again. And he won’t be fine, because even his ability to foresee didn’t help him last time.

Every step he made seems to be in a deep mire, Z was struggling to move forward.


Clenching his fists, Z exploded with all his strength, he broke free of the mire and crossed a distance of 30 meters and came to Rogen.

“Bend for me!”

With a loud roar, he bent his knees slightly and exploded with great power. He pushed the ground out of two deep pits and went straight to Rogen.

“Here it comes!”

Rogen’s eyes flashed, and he shouted loudly.


Under his call, the Seven Stars Sword rushed and blocked Z’s fist.

Rogen raised his right hand slightly, and then he grabbed the hilt of the sword. In a blink of an eye, the True Qi transferred from his hand to the sword, making it expanding 10 times, and shinning with blue.

After that, Rogen raised his sword again and pointed it toward Z.

Seeing this, Z quickly stepped into the air and used the Moonwalk to avoid the sword.


The Seven Stars Sword cut into the air and headed further away.


After three breaths, there was a loud blast in the Marine Station 100 meters away. 50 buildings in a row were cut by this Sword.

Z was astonished, and he looked with horror.

Rogen’s strength was beyond his expectation, and he seemed to realize the difficulty of this battle finally. Compared with the last time, this kid has been strengthened more than 100 times. It was an unimaginable thing.


The Seven Stars sword waved again, but this time, the degree of damage was bigger than the last one.

Z was in a trance for a while, and he didn’t have time to avoid this blow. In a blink of an eye…


He flew out like a cannonball, marking 30 meters on the ground before stopping.

Immediately, Z stood up. After bearing that hit, his whole body was covered with fine sword marks, and his blood was flowing.

But just as he got up and looked forward, Rogen pointed at him with his index finger.

“Sword of God!”


After he said that, many swords appeared trembled continuously and burst with bright and fierce vigor and rushed toward Z.

Z’s eyes contracted, and his expression changed.

When he saw the powerful sword rushing once again, Z trembled and didn’t know what to do.

“Oh, My God!”

With a loud roar, Z jumped with all his power to avoid that blow.

These swords were connected at the tail and formed a sword circle hovering above Rogen’s head.

At the next moment, Rogen stared at Z and said slightly.

“I said, you will stand where you are, and you won’t move for ten seconds!”

The strange power spreads and Z’s body was diffused in an instant, and he became unable to move. At this moment, his body was directly bound by inexplicable power and cannot move.

At the same time, the swords circle moved.


Like a serpent, swords began to rush and fell on his body in a blink of an eye.

Z’s eyes contracted, and his whole body was shaking.

Such a blow might kill him.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

A series of sword explosions within a radius of 300 meters, especially around Z constantly exploded for 13 seconds.

Rogen looks indifferent, and when there was only half of the sword circle above his head, he waved his hand, and the explosion stopped.


The bright red blood dripped from the dust and smoke and stained the ground.

After a while, the smoke and dust dispersed, revealing Z’s body. His arms were in front of him, and his whole body was torn and stained with blood.

“Ugh, Rogen!”

He spread his arms slowly, he was in a true pain at that moment. All his body was torn and stabbed. Thousands of stabs made him suffer.

At this moment, Z roared, he bent his knees approached Rogen.