One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 231: True Qi

The Sword of God and the Magical Spell cost him too much energy and time.

Maintaining these high-end skills made Rogen’s soul exhausted. At that moment, Rogen was sweating, and he finally succeeded.

“I won’t lose it!”

After seeing what he can do using these new skills, Rogen was even more excited.

The Sword of God combined with his Martial arts made him very strong, besides, there’s still enough possession coins to exchange.

“Is it time?”

Rogen stood up when he saw his friends in front of him.

Rogen’s eyes flashed, he was preparing for a long time, and now, the time has come.

“Let’s go!”

He whispered to his friends and then they left.

Trensu, Jason, and Crocodile followed Rogen that seems to be heading to a specific place.

“Rayleigh, where?”

While they were running, Rogen took out the den den Mushi and asked quickly.

“Area 38, near the coast.”

Rayleigh answered quickly.


Rogen nodded, and then he waved his hand to his mates.

Confronting the Admirals is possible at any moment, they started looking for Rogen already.

It wasn’t clear which one has come, but Rogen already made a guess.

“If they want to suppress the island, then Kizaru is the best choice for the Marines.”

“In addition, Kizaru alone is not enough. Sengoku is smarter than sending that Admiral alone, there must be another one!”

“The other one should have enough power to be at the Admiral level, an this must be Sakazuki (Akainu) or Kuzan (Aokiji)!”

While he was thinking, he doesn’t seem to be afraid at all, in a=other words, he has nothing to worry about.

The first task for Kizaru and Akainu was to suppress the island and kill the pirates, and the second task was to arrest Rogen or kill him.

Along the way, Rogen and his mates didn’t encounter any disturbance, and they finally reached area 38.

“Here we are!”

Rogen stopped and glanced around.

“Rogen, here!”

Suddenly, Rayleigh’s voice came out.

As they turned their heads, they saw Rayleigh standing on a small boat. It was a small wooden boat, docked under a huge tree, providing good concealment.

“Is this the ship?”

Rogen strode forward and jumped on board.

“Well, do not underestimate it, this little boat is very light and fast, besides, it’s the best for your mission.”

Rayleigh patted the mast and answered with a smile.

“Thank you, Rayleigh!”

Rogen was very serious at that moment.

“Let’s move, you have a long trip, guys!”

After saying this, Rayleigh jumped off the boat, and then he looked at the six Dragon Elephants and said.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll help you to get stronger!”

Jason took the rudder quickly, and after a while, a transparent cover appeared on the whole boat.

“it will make you safe in bad weather.”

Rayleigh smiled.

Rogen immediately understood that Rayleigh did everything to help him. Which made him very grateful.

“We’re leaving, Rayleigh, take care!”

Waving to Rayleigh, Rogen seemed to be sad at that moment.

“Hey guys, be safe, you must come back alive!”

Rayleigh waved his hand and smiled.

He was aware of how dangerous their mission was.

“Jason, move!”

Rogen turned around and whispered.

Immediately, Jason responded, and in a moment, the ship roared and left the port.

Rayleigh kept standing there, and when the boat disappeared, he turned and left.

Five minutes after their departure, a golden light appeared, and then Kizaru’s figure emerged from the light.

“Damn, where did he go?”

He was very angry at that moment.

Since he came to this island, he kept searching for Rogen and his crew, but none of them appeared.

After looking around, Kizaru shook his head and left.

“Sengoku-Sama, there’s no trace for Rogen and his crew here!”

Kizaru went back to the Marine station and called Sengoku.

“Well, then you have to stay there with Akainu to prevent accidents!”

Sengoku was very upset.

Kizaru seemed to be mad because of this order. He sees that staying there has no use.

Even though the pressure in the Marine Headquarter is much greater, Kizaru seemed to love it.

In the presence of Kizaru and Akainu, the Sabaody Archipelago remained calm in half a day. Most of the pirates were either killed or arrested.

This strong suppression made the world see how strong the Marines were.

All the civilians were happy also, after suppressing the chaos, they felt relieved, they only want to live in peace on this island.

In the time of war and chaos, no one ever thought about them, most of the civilians were killed by the pirates with no mercy.

Time passed quickly, and the night fell on the island.

The moon was shining, creating a cool atmosphere on the surface of the sea. Occasionally, some fish jumped out of the sea and give out a majestic silver light.

Above the boat.

Crocodile sat down and kept checking his wounds.

Jason took care of the rudder, humming an unknown tune.

Trensu was busy cleaning his weapon.

Rogen sat away from everyone and kept thinking about the new skill obtained later that day. His internal cultivation power has reached the limit.

It can be said that Rogen can master this new skill in a short time.

In a half-day, the Qi in his body has reached a higher level.


When he opened his eyes, there was a mighty sword on his body.

The unique method of cultivation, which makes you able to carry the Sharp Qi Sword. A very powerful sword that could cut the mountains.

“That’s the real Qi!”

Stretching out his hands, Rogen took out the sword and kept looking at it with a smile on his face.

The true Qi, with all kinds of incredible powers, lightning, water, fire…

This kind of power is the future.