One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 232: Great Harvest.

This oriental system of practice makes people stronger.

By constantly understanding life and rules, people could get the way of unity of heaven and men, the way you work the better you understand.

Once you improve yourself and have a pure soul, you’ll achieve the profound method of being strong. At that time, even if you have no magical abilities, you’ll be strong enough to move mountains.

Rogen learned that the strong man in the fairy sword had reached the realm of the Unity of heaven and men, he was extremely powerful.

This Chinese concept makes you feel nature, and you might control it. Even Dugu Yuyun has reached that realm.

He was able to stand on the river surface, walking and running on it as if he was on the ground. he seemed to control his weight.

This unique state, even with the possession of the system, Rogen won’t be able to reach it. Of course, their realms are still far away from Rogen.

“The ways of men are conditioned by those of earth; the ways of the earth by those of heaven; the ways of heaven by those of Tao, and the ways of Tao by nature. When these four steps are completed, you can soar in the clouds, achieve the immortal body, and enjoy eternal life.”

Rogen’s eyes were bright.

In fact, the whole world has a messy understanding of such practice, but it is generally the same.

The eastern system practice was undoubtedly the most suitable for Rogen. With it, he could enjoy the long life, and at the same time, he could get stronger.

Unlike the chaotic system that gives you a great attack power in a short period of time.

Getting strong for a short time is not a big deal.

“I need to practice; I need to improve my Qi!”

Rogen looked at the interface of the system and checked on the swordsman’s item list.

After a while, he focused on those items.

“Seven-star sword costs 50 million of possessed coins.”

“Magical Gourd costs 30 million of possessed coins.”

It can be said that there’s a lot of treasures. Every item can be a strong weapon for Rogen.

“Interesting, but I don’t have that much!”

Rogen shook his head, and then he exchanged the Seven-Star Sword and the Magical Gourd.

After a flash of light, there was already a long sword behind him. The whole body was dark. There were seven stars shining on the hilt, arranged in a spoon shape. It was the Big Dipper Seven Star array.

At the same time, the Magical Gourd hung on his waist.

“Rogen, get me out, if you are going to kill me then do it now!”

Suddenly, a strong voice came out from the gourd, which made Rogen laugh.

He almost forgot that Z was still trapped in the gourd, even after exchanging it.

“Admiral Z, stop crying like a baby, you’ll be free when I decide!”

Rogen laughed.

“Damn it!”

Z was completely mad.

Rogen ignored Z and began to cultivate.

He has completed the stage of introducing Qi into the body. Next, he will practice the Qi spirit to make his spiritual strength stronger.

In fact, when people enter this realm, it is the beginning of their practice, and all kinds of incredible means can be used.

The process of cultivation is a process of continuous supplement and strength.

It can be said that Rogen was good at using swords, but at that moment, he needs to practice for better control of this new swordsmanship.

“Unfortunately, with my current knowledge of swordsmanship, I’m still far from being a swordsman. Even with practice, I’m afraid that I won’t be as strong as this powerful swordsman!”

Rogen sighed and shook his head.

After experiencing the true power of Dugu Yuyun, Rogen recognized the lack of his skills.

The gap between them was extremely huge.

Finally, at the dawn, and after a long night of practice, Rogen recited the incantation, which made the magic power revolves.


Immediately, the Seven-Star sword behind him began to tremble.

After a while, the sword moved slowly toward the sky, making a crisp sound.

No one was holding the sword, but it kept moving in the void.

“This is the magic power, I made it!”

Rogen couldn’t believe himself, he pointed his right hand to the sword, and then pointed forward and said.

“Go there!”

Suddenly, the sword stopped for a while, and then he rushed quickly toward the sky.

In a blink of an eye, the Seven-Star sword reached 10 meters above everyone’s head.


Rogen waved his hand as if he was holding the sword, but actually, no one was holding it, it was standing in the void all alone.

“Mount Hua Swordsmanship!”

“Thirteen Swords!”

“Nine-headed Dragon power!”
A set of different sword tricks was shown by Rogen.

The smile and happiness were very clear on his face. He finally made it.

The sever-star sword that was hard to control it by manpower, he finally controls it using the magical power.

It can be said that Rogen won’t be afraid of anyone.

“I made it!”

In the end, Rogen shouted loudly, he was very happy at that moment.

Compared with the previous sword techniques, this set of martial arts has fewer changes in routine, but more sharp attacks.

After the celebration, Rogen breathed a sigh of relief and put the sword back into its sheath.

At that moment, Jason and the others were in a deep sleep, and they didn’t know what was happening at all.

“I finally made it, yes!”

With a smile, Rogen closed his eyes and kept learning.