One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 233: the silence before the great storm!

The next day, after the sunrise, Rogen opened his eyes again.

“Almost there!”

Rogen seemed to have some regrets, so he shook his head.

After one-night practice, he mastered if attributes of martial arts from the last possessed soul, but this fairy sword skills were still not well understood.

However, Rogen was very satisfied.

“Captain, are we going toward the Red Line?”

Jason looked at Rogen whether he was sure to go there or not.

“Yes, we need to pass through the Marine headquarters to reach Mary Geoise!”

Rogen nodded.

“Do you mean that we are going to face the Marines?”

Trensu was shocked.

Crocodile also was stunned; he didn’t know what to say.

“Are you crazy?”

“That’s the Marine Headquarters, not a casual Marine group!”

“Of course not, with the four of us, we won’t be able to do anything!”

Rogen shook his head again.

Rogen was very aware of how dangerous this will be, even if he defeated many Admirals in, he won’t be able to do that in the Headquarters.

“Captain, what are you trying to do?”

Jason was worried.

Rogen smirked, and then he looked at the chart in Jason’s hand and chose a place in the corner of the Red Line Edge.

“Let’s go there!”


All the crew became confused after seeing the location.

They couldn’t even say anything in front of their captain’s decisions.

“Jason, just go there, I have a plan!”

When he heard that, Jason quickly responded.

On the other side of the Red Line, the Grand Line.

Large pirate ships lined up neatly above the sea, forming a black cloud-like scene, making everyone who sees them in a shock and depression.

There were thirteen ships like islands floating on the sea and in the void. This scene makes everyone feel how powerful this group was.

It was the powerful pirate regiment, The Golden-Lion Pirates.

They reached the bottom of the Red Line this morning, and they kept waiting there under the command of the Golden Lion.

“Captain, when shall we attack?”

One of the cadres approached Shiki and asked him.

“Well, let’s make the Marines nervous first!”

His voice was majestic, and when he said that, a large smile appeared on his face.

Shiki was very confident; he was sure that he’s stronger than the whole Marine Department.

Seeing this confidence, all his crew stood up and smiled. They were not afraid at all.

The Golden Lion believes in his own strength, and he was aware of the weakness of the Marines. All his crew became very confident when they saw their captain, and they believed that no one could stand in front of them.

Shiki is a firm opposer of both the World Government and the Marines, and now he decided to move.

The Marine department was very aware of this, and they prepared to face it with all its power.

Some of the reporters risked their lives with fear and excitement were there to share this astonishing war all over the world.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to report this war. Have you seen it? Behind me, the world-famous pirate regiment, The Golden-Lion Pirates!”

“Their captain is the legendary pirate, Shiki, the Golden Lion, he has a glorious history. He has the majesty of the king and the courage and ambition the conquer the world!”

“In the past, he faced the Pirate King, Gol-D-Roger. It was the famous battle in history, called the Battle of Edd War!”

“Like his name, strong and dominating, with a golden glow all over his body.”

“His power and ambition can swallow up the whole world!”

Taking a deep breath, the reported paused and spoke loudly again.

“And now…”

“As you can see, he gathered all kind of pirates under his command, what is he going to do?”

“I’m afraid to say that he will attack the Marine headquarters! What a shock to the world, no one dares to think of it!”

“The war is about to explode. Reaching this level means that this whole thing is no joke. They didn’t come here to play, something huge is going to happen!”

“Does he want to destroy the Marine Headquarters? Does he want to make all the world how strong is he?”

The reporter shouted loudly, he seemed to be very excited, but actually, he was afraid.

This war will subvert history. Whoever wins or loses will cause great changes in the whole world.

If the Marines win, their prestige will be further enhanced, and their power will suppress the whole world in the future. Without a strong pirate like the Golden Lion, no one could stand in front of them. And if the Golden Lion wins, then from now on, the strength of the pirates will advance to a terrible level, and they will expand again.

In this way, the balance of the world will slowly incline to the side of the pirates.

“The was hasn’t started yet. What’s inside The Golden Lion’s mind? no one knows!”

“We can be sure that this brilliant king must have his own strategy. At the moment of the war, the whole world will be shocked.”

The reporter’s words echoed in the minds of people all over the world.

Everyone who heard the news got shocked, and stunned, such thing will inevitably change the world.

On an unknown island, a young man with bread poured a sip of wine and then he looked at the picture and laughed.

“Hahaha, Golden Lion, worthy of being a legendary pirate!”

“For me, I prefer the White Beard!”


“I’m the Black Beard!”

He laughed loudly, and then he turned and left.

He doesn’t seem to believe that Shiki the Golden Lion would win this war.