One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 234: The Red Line, Plan!

The second half of the Grand Line.

On the surface of the sea, a big pirate ship like a mountain swayed with the waves. On its deck, a huge figure sat on a chair.

Sitting there, he was like a hill, giving a heavy sense of oppression. He has a prominent crescent-shaped mustache that telling the world his identity.

Edward Newgate, aka The White Beard. A king in the same position the Golden Lion, and it can be said that he’s stronger than the latter in some details.

At this moment, after hearing the news about the Golden Lion, he shook his head and murmured.

“Stupid guy, his pride and arrogance will bring death to him!”

He raised his head and looked as if watching the war quietly from a long distance.

The behavior of the Golden Lion shocked the whole world. This powerful man who occupies a very high position in this world, not only has incredible power, but also has a large number of pirates in his side, and they were all strong. It can be said that this guy has all the means to make great chaos in the world.

At the bottom of the Red Line, the voice of the Golden Lion Pirates came up. No one was afraid to face the Elites from the Marines; those pirates were very brave and full of fighting spirit.

Under the lead of Shiki, they were full of confidence that they could win.

On the floating island, Shiki stood up and kept looking at the majestic Red Line. No one knows what he was thinking at that moment, he didn’t tell anyone about his plan.

The Marine Headquarters.

Kong somewhat hesitated, but he wasn’t nervous or angry.

If it was the White Beard, he might be afraid, but the Golden Lion, Kong was sure that he could suppress this war.

He was worried about how to minimize the damage during this war.

Standing at the long table, Kong looked up and said.

“Sengoku, Where’s Garp, didn’t he come yet?”

“He’s coming soon!”

Sengoku answered quickly.

Kong was completely angry because Garp didn’t show up yet, in this critical situation, he should come earlier to the Marine Headquarters. Until this morning, he called him and scolded him ruthlessly.

The Marine can’t be broken with Garp on its side, the man who was able to face the Pirate King in the past.

“Take positions and be ready, the Golden Lion may attack at any time!”

“This guy has been always like a crazy lion, no one knows what he can do!”

Kong looked at all the Marines in front of him and ordered them.

The Red Line, the tallest and the largest barrier in the world, that directly distinguishes the first and the second half of the Grand Line.

It’s so difficult to break into this place. Kong was very curious to know what this legendary guy will do.

He went out of the office and went to the top floor, and then he looked ahead.

He saw continuous buildings. Outside the huge gate at the front, there was a huge lake.

This inner lake wasn’t formed by nature. It took several men and material resources to build it.

If the Marine fortresses around the world have a strong defensive and offensive capabilities at the same time, then this main division of the Marine organization is the most powerful of them!

The Marine Headquarters here is significantly the largest base, and it is much more heavily fortified, with the fortress below the main building being circular and three-tiered and containing more defense cannons. On the sides of the fortress are massive arches that go up to the top, and there is a small building on top of each arch.

It can be said that anyone dared to intrude here, this powerful artillery stations will take them down.

The Marine Headquarters isn’t just a military building, but also a large number of powerful people.

“Golden Lion, you’ve underestimated us!”

Kong clenched his fists.

He was sure that if the other party dared to attack, he will suffer under the Marines power.

The whole world paid great importance to this huge event, but surprisingly, the Golden Lion didn’t take any further action yet.

This is the 6th day for Rogen in the Sabaody Archipelago, and he already made a great step in his plan.

The Red Line is like a big and large line that divides the world into two parts. This line is higher than any mountain in this world. Only a few people can survive in this place because it’s too high.

At this time, a small wooden boat approached the magnificent Red Line, about 10 kilometers away from the Marine Headquarters.

“How tall!!”

“You’re kidding right! How can we get up there?”

On the wooden boat, everyone was shocked when they saw the Red Line.

It was Rogen and his crew.

After a day and a night of sailing, they finally reached a very close place to the Red Line.

“If we go straight up here, we can reach the center of the Marine Headquarter!”

Rogen picked up the chart and pointed out their location, and then, he slid with his finger one centimeters up, and he arrived at the location of the Headquarters.

“It’s easy to say that, but how can we do that?”

Jason was completely confused.

“We are going to fly!”

Rogen answered with a smile.

Hearing this answer, Jason’s eye became very bright.

Is he going to call that big bird? Jason remembered that his captain had all kinds of magical skills. The last time when he crossed the Calm Belt, he relied on the ability to control birds.

“In fact, it’s possible for me to climb using my ability!”

At this time, Crocodile stood up and murmured with a smile.

Trensu was amazed, and then he said.

“Yes, Crocodile-Sama has the ability to control the sand, it’s easy for him to reach the top!”