One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 235: Almost there!

At that moment, everyone looked at him with curiosity.

“I can try, but if I didn’t make it, then I have to blame the bad luck!”

“After all, no one knows how tall this Red Line is!”

Looking up at the Red Line, Crocodile was a bit confused.

He wasn’t sure that he would make it.

“Crocodile, it’s up to you!”

Rogen patted on Crocodile’s shoulder and laughed.

After a while, they docked the ship next to the Red Line. Crocodile stretched out his right hand and in a twinkling of an eye, the dust filled the air and formed a strange creature and began to move.

“Let’s do it!”

Rogen and the others kept looking at the floating beast, and they hesitated.

“If you don’t trust me, I’ll go first!”

Crocodile saw the hesitation on his friends, so he decided to go first just to make them feel relieved.

“Come on, trust him!”

Rogen seemed to believe in Crocodile, and he comforted Jason and Trensu.

No wonder that they hesitate, Crocodile made a strange creature, which made them very confused and didn’t recognize it.

It was a cylindrical body with no limbs, and it has a seat on its back, enough for people to sit on it. It was a very weird creature.

After a while, everyone took a seat, and then, a sand rope appeared and tied them for safety.

“This thing is too fast, hold on for a while and be careful!”

Crocodile gave them some advice before starting.

At this time, Jason tapped the sand rope to test its firmness.


All of sudden, the strange cylindrical creature suddenly soared and then flew out along the Red Line wall.

The strong pressure pushed Rogen and the crew back making their expression changed.

Jason in particular, his whole body was shaking violently, and he felt that he’s going to be thrown, which made his face became blue from panic and fear.

“Crocodile, what’s the matter with you, easy!”

When he realized that he was still on his seat, Jason looked up and scolded.

As he said that, few sand grains flew out and shut Jason’s mouth.

Rogen was sitting in the second position, just behind Crocodile, when he felt the strong pressure his face became green. This creature was amazingly fast, about 150 miles per hour.

Ten seconds later, the speed reached an astonishing 200 miles per hour.

It was like a racing car, because of the high speed and the instability of the sand monster itself, Rogen’s felt the perturbation in his stomach.

Rogen’s face turned blue, he couldn’t even open his mouth or his eyes because of the wind.

“Damn, this Crocodile is good at racing!”

“That’s very exciting!”

Rogen was happy to have someone like Crocodile in his crew.

Behind him, Jason and Trensu turned pale. This kind of height has a great effect on the human heart. They felt like they want to vomit, but at this degree, they won’t dare to do it, because if so, their faces will be covered by the vomit.



The strong wind made a huge pressure on Crocodile’s mates and put them in a very bad situation.

They have never experienced such a thing, and that’s what makes Crocodile smile. He stared at them and then he took a cigar to calm his mind.

Crocodile was completely indifferent; it seems that he wasn’t affected by this at all.

In fact, he could make a barrier from the sand, to protect his friends from this strong wind, but he didn’t want to.

It really makes him feel comfortable to see his friends want to beat him, but they can’t move, they can’t even open their mouth to scold him.

“Haha, what a good feeling!”

It was like driving a car at a very high speed in a crazy race. They were climbing the high Red Line with extremely high speed.

15 minutes later, the sand monster slowed down.

Crocodile’s forehead was sweating. The sand monster had been climbing at a high speed, which consumed his physical strength.

“Almost there!”

At this time, the four people have seen some buildings above their heads.

It’s the Marine Headquarters! And here, just in the center, they avoided the dense artillery platform at the entrance and the most defended area of the Marines.

“Well done, Crocodile-Sama!”

Trensu forgot all the pain, and he shouted excitedly.

Unexpectedly, they made it.

Climbing the Red Line and reaching the Marine Headquarters is something far than anyone could believe, but they have made it.

“One more thing, don’t get too excited, ugh!”

Crocodile didn’t seem to be happy.

“Crocodile, Come on!”

Rogen wanted to encourage Crocodile.

“I can’t hold on!”

Crocodile was sweating.

“Let’s go!”

In a word, the sand monster roared again.

Only ten Kilometers remained from the Headquarters. Crocodile didn’t wait to move again.

30 seconds later, Crocodile clenched his fists again, as if he couldn’t hold on.

“I can’t!”

When he said that, Jason and Trensu got angry.

“Hey, Crocodile, hold on!”

“Take it easy, we are almost there, buddy!”

They shouted with anger.

As they finished their words, Crocodile shouted, and the sand monster roared.

When they saw the deep sea below, Trensu and Jason panicked.