One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 236: “Kill them!”

Crocodile and his mates were in the air, more than ten thousand meters away from the sea. When he glanced down from the corner of his eye, Jason’s face turned green.

The four went down, and the strong wind began to blow into their mouth.

“It’s over, we are going to diiiiiiiiiie!”

Trensu closed his eyes and accepted the fact that he is going to die.

However, all of them decided to gamble, which means if they failed, they will die.

Crocodile was the calmest of the three, he was pale, and his sweat dried quickly in the strong wind.

As for Rogen, he looked down at his feet. When he saw their wooden boat turned into a black spot, a trace of horror appeared in his eyes.

It was too high; it can be said that they chose a suicidal jump. Even if they fall into the sea, it is bound to be smashed by the reaction force produced in that moment of collision.

Rogen thought and he acted immediately. He decided to use his magical gourd.

Under the magical power, the gourd expanded to about ten meters, it was shining with a Greenlight. And immediately, he jumped and sat on it.

“Everyone, jump on the gourd!”

Rogen shouted at his crewmates who were in a daze.

His loud voice woke up everyone. Trensu jumped quickly, and Jason followed him closely, and finally Crocodile. When the four sat on the gourd, they breathed the sigh of relief.

“You scared me!”

Jason took a long breath, and then he turned his head a wiped Crocodile’s saliva.

“Crocodile, you are useless!”

Black lines appeared on Crocodile’s face, and he didn’t pay much attention to Jason.

“Captain, how long can you support that gourd?”

On the other side, Trensu was afraid, and he asked Rogen.

Crocodile’s monster made him completely afraid, he even though about the possibility of death when he was on that creature.

“Don’t worry, it’s enough to support us!”

Rogen answered with a smile.

In fact, from the beginning, he planned to use this gourd to fly. With his magical power, he could support his crew to fly.

“Captain, your way is much safer than Crocodile’s!”

Sitting on the gourd, Jason felt relieved.

There was an invisible barrier around them to isolate the strong wind. Besides, the gourd was much comfortable than the sand monster.

Soon, the headquarters became clearer.

After a while, the green streamer flashed, and the Jasper gourd arrived in a peripheral zone of the Marine Headquarters.

Rogen controlled the gourd to fall slowly and find a remote place.

“Here we are, fellas!”

“Now, it’s time to find the Celestial Dragon’s territory!”

Rogen turned and whispered to his friends.

As they were talking, a group of Marines patrolled in front of them, which let them hide quickly.

The Marine Headquarters has very tight security, which makes everyone afraid to break into it. Especially today, the Headquarters guarding strength strengthened several times, makes its risk enhance.

The situation was getting hard for Rogen and his crew.

10 minutes later, a group of four members of the Marines appeared in the center of the department, and then they walked quickly.

They were arranged in order, the front two were at the same height, and the back two were taller than the front two.

This group of people looked strange, they were carrying rifles and they were walking with pride ignoring all the Marines around them.

Gradually, half a day passed.

The sky was blue and cloudless. Today is undoubtedly a sunny day.

The sun was shinning slowly, and the weather was warm, which makes all the sailors happy.

In the second half of the Grand Line, The Marines paid attention to everything and kept reporting the situation.

Suddenly, the sea ahead became noisy.

The Marines who were in charge of the operation of the Golden Lion looked up with doubts. And in the next second, their expression changed immediately.

At the same time, the reporters who were close to the Golden Lion Pirates were excited.

They suddenly turned around, aimed the Proko, and then they shouted.

“Have you seen it?”

“After waiting for a long time, the Golden Lion finally took action!”

They moved the Proko and zoomed at Shiki.

The whole world got shocked when they saw the majestic figure of the Golden Lion.

The Golden Lion’s fleet began to move.

In an instant, 13 floating islands moved forward, followed by hundreds of ships heading to the Marine Headquarters.

After a while, all the pirate ships came to the bottom of the floating islands, they gathered together forming a huge fleet.

“Have you seen it? What are they going to do?”

Seeing this scene, the reporter lost his mind, and he shouted again.

Everyone knew that the Golden Lion began to move, but no know knows what is he going to do.

The Marine Headquarters is located in the Red Line, if you want to get there, you need to enter the gate of justice and fight with the Marines.

This is the other side of the Red Line, if you want to enter the Marine Headquarter, you must enter from the main road opened by the Marines.

But from here, it seems that the golden Lion has no such plan.

“What is he planning to do?”

At the same time, the Marines raised their attention and prepared for everything.

On the floating island, Shiki ordered all the pirate ships to gather, and then he looked down at the sea, and his eyes were domineering.

“Fire! Kill all those bastards who peep in the dark!”

In a word, all the fleet took action.



Several artillery attacks launched at the same time.

“Oh My God! The Golden Lion decided to launch an attack against us!”

The reporter couldn’t believe what he just saw, and he shouted.

“It’s over, he is going to kill us!”

In a blink of an eye, all the ships of the reporters were destroyed.