One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 237: Fly! Fly! Fly!

It was a shocking scene for the whole world, they were waiting to see what was going to happen, but the Golden Lion seemed to have another thought.

On the screens, they heard gunfire, and then they saw red flames burning everything. The Proko (Den Den Mushi) fell to the ground, and there was nothing but white screens and screams that makes everyone afraid. After a while, the broadcast interrupted.

At that moment, the silence controlled the world.

The cruelty of the Golden Lion shocked everyone, no one expected that his first step was to destroy innocent people who were just shooting the scene. At that moment, everyone realized that the Golden Lion wasn’t a kind person at all.

He is crazy, cruel, and doesn’t care about people’s life. He is vicious and cold-blooded. He would kill anyone if he doesn’t agree with him.

No one could imagine what this guy could bring to the world.

In the Marine Headquarters, there was a panic scream in the ears of the Marines who were responsible for receiving information about the Golden Lion.

“Damn, the Golden Lion began to move!”

“What is he going to do? Oh My God, he’s going to kill us!”

“Quickly, report the Headquarters!”

Screams kept sounding for five or six seconds and then stopped abruptly.

“What happened?”

“The Golden Lion took action, inform the officers as soon as possible!”

In a blink of an eye, the information spread all over the Marine Headquarters.

“Increase the defense, and report me all the movements in the gate of justice!”

“All the Marines, take positions, and get ready to fight!”

Kong stood on the high stage and shouted. At that moment, he was completely angry.

A series of orderly footsteps sounded in the Marine Headquarters. The tension increased at that moment, and the situation was getting harder.

The four people were hiding in the dense buildings, pretending to shuttle back and forth, and looking around.

“Captain, do you know how to get to Mary Geoise?”

Jason hesitated, he trusts his captain, and he was sure that Rogen always has a plan.

Hearing this, Rogen nodded and his expression changed.

“No way! That’s Mary Geoise! You brought us here with no plan?”

Jason was completely shocked.

“I’m sorry, we have nothing else to do!”

Rogen shrugged.

“The Marines strengthened their defense, something terrible is going to happen.”

Crocodile said solemnly.

“I heard that the Golden Lion began to move!”

Trensu whispered.

Rogen’s eyes flashed, and a smile appeared on his face.

What a lucky guy, it seems that Rogen was lucky to be inside the Marine headquarters when Shiki launched his attack. That will increase his chances.

Rogen and his crew kept walking carefully. Inside the headquarters, there were many military buildings, and anyone of them may turn into a dangerous weapon at any time. They have to be very careful.

On the other side of the Red Line, the Golden Lion was shining under the sun rays.

His burly figure, his golden hair, and his golden robe, every part of his body was showing the majestic momentum of the Golden Lion, just like a legend who came out of the myth. Powerful, majestic, and domineering, just like the gods.

Looking down at a large number of pirates below, Shiki opened his arms and said.

“Little ones!”

His voice spread like the roar of a lion across the sea.

All the pirates looked up at their king. They were very excited.

“I’m sorry to waste much time!”

“But now, we’ll start the attack!”

“Weak Marines should be afraid now!”

“Let’s slaughter them like lambs!”

“The whole world will see how powerful we are!”

His powerful voice spread out and swept the sea, making all the pirates excited. They even howled and waved their weapons.

“Let’s start, we can’t wait more!”

“That’s great, we’re going to attack! I’ve been waiting for so long!”

“My sword is hungry for blood!”

Every member of the Golden Lion pirates was excited to start this war.

They have been at the top of the world for too long. If they defeated the Marines, they will go further again. Even more, their captain, Shiki, the Golden Lion, he might have the chance to be on the throne of the Pirate King.

Seeing this scene, Shiki smiled with great satisfaction.

What was happening made Shiki very happy. With such a powerful force, what can the Marines do?

And then, he raised his arms.


With a loud roar, the strange power spread out in an instant, covering all the pirate ships below in a blink of an eye.

Suddenly, all the ships pulled out to the air and began to float slowly, and they aligned together.

At the same time, all the pirates kept shouting.

“Fly!! Fly! Fly!”

It was like a miracle. It was amazing that their captain could do that, only gods can do that.


What he just did means only one thing. He avoided attacking the Headquarters from the front and chose to leap and enter it from the air.

It was like a show. He wanted to start the war with his majestic ways.

In a blink of an eye, all the floating ships reached the level of the Marine Headquarters.

“See, we are very close!”

“Brothers! Get ready, let’s fight!”

“Let them see how powerful we are!”

“We are the strongest!”

For a moment, all the pirates roared, and their eyes turned red.