One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 241: “We made it!”

“As for these Marines, I’ll handle them, do not underestimate your captain!”

Step by step, an invisible aura ascended, and it was overbearing that no one able to look at him.

And then he turned, leaving the huge wall behind him, and in front of him, there were 3000 elite Marines rushing with anger.

It was a 1 against 3000 battle. At that moment, the atmosphere was raging and majestic.

Rogen didn’t want to leave with his crew, because the Marines won’t stop the pursuit until they catch them. Jason and the others are not weak, but they don’t have the system to stop all these Marines.

As a captain, he has to protect his companion.

Rogen chose to face the Marines all alone.

“Breaking into the Marine Headquarters and pretend to be a Marine, what are you planning to do?”

The Marines were 30 meters away from Rogen, and it was very clear that they were very angry.

“What are you doing?”

Hearing that, Rogen smiled and stepped forward.

“Beat me to know the truth, haha!”

The two sides rushed toward each other, only ten meters left between them.

At that moment, all the Marines took out their guns and swords and prepared to attack. Ten meters is a short distance, and the battle will start in a blink of an eye.

When he saw that, Rogen closed his eyes, and then he opened it again.


The overbearing aura spread around Rogen, and as an effect, the wall behind him cracked, and there was a long trace on the buildings.

It was like a flying dragon rising from the ground. It shows the majesty and the power of this guy. It can be said that there’s no one strong in his eyes.


It was like an invisible bomb exploded between the Marines. At that moment, their eyes turned white, and most of them stopped and lost consciousness.

In a blink of an eye, there were only a few Marines around, and they were all confused.

What happened?

More than 90% of the Marines lost consciousness and faint.

“I’m sorry, I’m alone against 3000, I was afraid, haha!”

In front of the confused Marines, Rogen moved forward at a slow pace. He stretched his hand behind him and he was about to pull out his sword.

“Haoshoku Haki!”

At the center of the battlefield, Kong felt the Haki, and he looked toward Rogen’s side.

“Sengoku, what’s happening there?”

This sudden explosion of Haoshoku Haki attracted the attention of the highest rank in the Marines. On this day, any small event will cause serious consequences. Kong didn’t want anything to be out of his control.

Sengoku also felt it, and immediately, he took out the Den Den Mushi and asked about information.

“Sir, it’s Rogen! They got through the walls on the southeast side of the Headquarters. I’m afraid to say that they are going to the Palace of the Celestial Dragons!”

As he expected, Sengoku was aware of Rogen’s purpose.

The other side will take this opportunity and sneak into the Celestial Dragons Palace.

It was a good plan to choose the Golden Lion as a cover.


Kong’s eyes flashed.

“There no one strong here except us, we need to solve this!”

Rogen is a dangerous guy in their eyes, he’s the only one from the supernova that put the Marines in a very bad situation.

“Kizaru will be here soon!”

Sengoku responded immediately.

Outside the wall the wind was howling, Jason and the others were looking with panic at the vast abyss under them.

“What can we do?”

Crocodile threw the cigar and asked.

“Trensu, what’s the use of the captain’s Gourd?”

Jason asked about the Gourd in Trensu’s hands.

The Gourd wasn’t as big as the previous one. Instead, they can hold it in one hand.

When he’s about to speak, an old voice came out of the Gourd.

“Don’t waste your energy. You are not aware of how strong the Marines in the Headquarters. No matter how strong your captain is, he will be captured!”

“After him, your turn will come!”

Z’s tone was sarcastic, and he laughed.

“Is that you Z? did our captain capture you inside this Gourd?”

Trensu exclaimed.


Speaking of this shameful topic, Z snorted silently.

“There must be something unique about this Gourd, otherwise, the captain won’t give it to us!”

Trensu turned to his friends and whispered.

“Try to shake it!”

Crocodile kept thinking and then he said that.

The three began to find a way to use it. They saw that Rogen patted on it one time, and then the Gourd grew up and expand.

After they patted several times on it, their hands hurt them, which forced them to give up.

There must be something strange about this. It’s not something that will be released easily.

“I’ll try it with real Qi!”

After thinking for a while, Trensu put his right hand in the Gourd.

At that moment, the Gourd was glowing with a green light.

“Yeah, I knew it!”

When they saw the green light, they felt relieved and became happy.

After a while, the Gourd expanded and float one meter above the ground, it can fit the three of them easily now.

“You made it pal, let’s ride it!”

Trensu was very happy, and he jumped first.

“What a Magical Gourd, I like it!”

Jason was very happy.

The Gourd was very stable, even under the weight of Trensu, Jason, and the big Jason.

“Let’s move, hurry up!”

Crocodile urged.

Trensu took a breath and kept delivering the Qi.

The Gourd trembled and began to move forward over the Abyss.

“We made it, yes baby!”