One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 242: Z’s plan!

The Magical Gourd was floating in the void, and after a while, they reached the abyss.

Trensu and his friends were sweating, and they looked down with fear.

It was very high; they couldn’t even imagine what will happen to them if they fall.

“Trensu, you have to be careful; we will die if you didn’t focus!”

Even Crocodile, the bold man, was afraid and kept nagging on Trensu.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a lazy man like you guy, I’ve been cultivating my Qi for a long time ago!”

Trensu answered with strong self-confidence.

That Gourd doesn’t need much Qi to maintain such flight. Trensu did his best, although it was very slow, it was safe.

“You are so bold guys that you want to break into the Celestial Dragons Palace!”

At this time, Z’s voice came out again.

“Old man, our captain trapped you in this gourd to keep you quiet. Shut up and don’t scare us anymore!”

Jason quipped.

“That young boy and his strange power, I’ve never seen it before!”

When he heard Rogen’s name, Z lowered his voice. And then he continued.

“If I wasn’t captured in this stupid Gourd, he would be dead in my hands!”

“You bastard, you are not an opponent to our captain, you are just an old bird inside a cage, that could complain only!”

Trensu didn’t want to hear from Z again.

“Huh, what a boastful Marine.”

Even Crocodile, he laughed at him.

The three people were worried about their captain, so they didn’t pay much attention to Z and his stupid thoughts.

This time, Z was completely angry, and he shouted.

“You little bastards, I’m saying facts here. Your captain is quite powerful, but after the battle, I kept thinking carefully, and I have found something…”

“Damn, his strength is unstable and has great flaws!”

At this point, Z regrets it.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that when I fought against him!”

“Next time, he will suffer, I won’t lose again!”

Hearing the Admirals word, Trensu and his friends couldn’t help but laugh loudly.


After that, everyone kept quiet.

Rogen’s situation was unknown at that moment. The Wraith members were not in the mood to talk about anything with Z.

“You planned to break into the Celestial Dragons Palace, and you don’t know what is there, what a bunch of losers!”

Z couldn’t stay calm, and he talked again.

“Old man, what do you want? Shut up, idiot!”

Jason was impatient.

“Blah, Blah, Blah, all we ever hear from you is blah, blah!”

“Big man, your name is Jason, right? If you give up the pirate identity and join the Marines, you’ll get the power you need!”

This time, Z seemed to be interested in Jason.

“huh, you have completely lost your mind after fighting against our captain!”

Jason laughed.

“Just listen to me. You have great power. If you follow me, you’ll join a powerful group with a powerful training plan, and you’ll be able to learn Haki. You’ll be as strong as Admirals, believe me!”

Z was very serious at that time.

“I won’t lie, I can teach you if you want!”

“In your dreams, idiot!”

Jason neglected Z.

“It’s better for you to stay inside that gourd and keep quiet!”

Trensu shouted again.

Crocodile looked at the Palace in front of him and kept thinking for a while.

“Even if the defense of the Celestial Dragons is not as strong as the Marine Headquarters, it can’t be underestimated. You can’t do anything there!”

Z opened his mouth again.

“What do you mean?”

Trensu was curious at that time.

He noticed that Z has something important to say.

“This young man is very kind and respectful, not like Rogen and these two big men!”

Z praised Trensu.

“In my life, I have never killed anyone innocent, I’m kind to innocent and painful to killers!”

“I admire those who have their own rules, who wants to change the world, I regard them as the other face of justice, those pirates can truly make the world a better place to live!”

“For example, Roger and the Whitebeard, I admire them!”

“However, the Celestial Dragons…”

At this point, Z’s tone became heavy.

“They have created a new era that is worthy of recognition and admiration. they ended the era of war and ushered in a new era of peace. This is a great achievement and must be affirmed.”

“But at the same time, their descendants have been disappointing. It can be said that they destroyed everything good…”

“They are like huge cancer, they caused true damage to the world, and no one could stop them. They are now the spine of the world!”

“If anything happened to them, the world will be paralyzed, and might be destroyed!”

Z couldn’t stop talking, he seemed to be very sad.

No one could say these words, especially someone in his position. First, he’s a Marine, and he has to protect the Celestial Dragons, Second, as an Admiral, he represents the face of the Marines. If these words were spread out, it will make a huge impact on the image of the Marines.

But today, he’s trapped in the Gourd, he felt that he could talk his thoughts out without fearing the consequences.

“This old man doesn’t seem to like the Celestial Dragons too!”

Trensu smiled.

“No one would praise them because of what they have done!”

Z was very sad.

“A few days ago, I heard that there were four people killed a Celestial Dragon. No one noticed, but I was happy to hear that!”

And then, when he said this sentence, Trensu and his friends got confused.

Of course, they can’t admit that stupidly, they kept listening in silence.

“I’m curious about what you want to do in the Palace of the Celestial Dragons!”

“I can help you, but first, you need to help me!”

Hearing that, Trensu and the others looked at each other.

Immediately, they turned and asked.

“Z, are you sure that you’re going to help us?”

“As long as you help me, why not!”

Z affirmed.

“What do you want is to do?”

Trensu was curious.

“Let me out!”

At that moment, they looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Impossible, forget it!”

Is he trying to fool them?