One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 243: Powerful attack!

A veteran Admiral with a terrible power, how could they let him out?

That’s impossible, setting him free is like jumping to the howling abyss.

After the brief conversation, the Gourd kept moving slowly in silence.

In the Marine Headquarters.

The Golden Lion looked at the Northeast side and smiled.

“Hmm, there’s an amazing smell over there!”

“Haoshoku Haki!”

After saying that, he looked down at the dead pirates.

His eyes didn’t fluctuate at all, he turned at his crew and said.

“It seems that there is another force trying to fish in the muddy waters!”

“But it’s okay, it doesn’t matter who is it. He just attracted the Marine Forces for us, haha!”

The Golden Lion smiled, and then he looked down and waved his hand.

“Second wave, get ready!”

As he gave the order, countless pirate ships extended its long wings on both sides and began to flap. meanwhile, all the artilleries rotated and aimed down.

“Target locked; we’re waiting for orders!”

At that moment, all the pirates filled the cannons with bombs, and they were ready to attack


Bombs were like raindrops falling on the heads of the Marines.

All the Marines got shocked, and they wanted to dodge it, but it was too late to act.


Black shells kept falling from the sky, destroying everything and killing everyone.

On the high stage, Kong shouted with anger.

“Where is Kizaru?”

“He’s coming soon, sir!”

Sengoku answered quickly.

At the same time, he kept calling Garp, but he didn’t answer back. what Garp was doing just put Sengoku in a very bad situation. The Golden Lion is a world-class strong man, and it’s hard to defeat him.

“What about Kuzan?”

Kong shouted again with an angry tone.

The Marines really need their powerful fighters to win this war. The opposite side is very strong and could destroy them easily.

No one knows where is Z, Kizaru, and Kuzan are not here yet. There’s only Kong and Sengoku in this department.

On the other side, there’s the Golden Lion, with his subordinates that were as strong as the Admirals.

Kong was in a very bad situation; this might be the end of the Marines if he didn’t act well.

On the southeast, Rogen strode forward with confidence.

The Marines were unable to move, they were shocked when they saw the strength of this young man.

“Oh, My God!”

Immediately, one of them whistled and asked for reinforcements.

When he heard the whistle, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and then he took his sword and jumped.


In a blink of an eye, he killed the soldier.

And then, he strode again, but this time, he was faster.

“Sword extraction!”

He ran and passed by five Rear Admirals. Everything was quick, no one could see anything but blood spread all over the place. In a blink of an eye, Rogen was bending his knees, and behind him, all the Rear Admirals were on the ground.

When he looked up, he saw 100 elites from the Marines rushing toward him with their weapons.

It was unfair, Rogen was facing hundreds of Marines all alone. Besides, there were huge War Robots waiting to attack him.

But war has never been fair.

In the face of these fighters, Rogen took out his Sever Stars sword.

Ripples appeared in the void, and after a moment, his sword turned into a dragon that kept spinning around him.

At the same moment, Rogen jumped to the sky and opened his palm.

“The Buddhist Palm!”

A huge golden palm appeared and then printed to the ground.


All the Marines shouted and they couldn’t even dodge it, it was very huge and fast.

By this move, he killed at least 70 Marines.


The Seven Stars Sword trembled, and then rushed forward.


Four heads in a row flew out and then fall to the ground.

“18 Dragons Palms!”

18 Dragons appeared around Rogen, and when he waved his hand, they rushed forward causing a series of explosions in the void.

Rogen was very angry at that moment, and his eyes were flashing.

“Ten thousand swords!”

In front of him, the Seven Stars sword trembled, and then, a curtain of swords appeared.

Looking at the huge curtain of swords in the air, all the Marines shouted.

“Dodge it!”


As they shouted, the swords dived down like shells, causing several explosions.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

In a short time, Several Marines that couldn’t escape this attack fell to the ground. And the rest who dodge it were seriously injured and unable to move.

Rogen stood in the void and stared at the scene.

He was amazingly strong; he could defeat this huge number of Marines all alone. He used all that he learned to destroy them.

When he extended his right hand, the Seven Star Sword flew out and came to him.

Before they could breathe, Rogen came to the ground, and he attacked the Marines again.

“Dugu Nine Swords!”

“Sword Extraction!”


Rogen used all the abilities that learned before and attacked the Marines with no mercy.

Thirty seconds later, all the Marines were seriously injured, and lying to the ground. There were only 50 left.

“Kill him!”


The remaining Marines shouted again.

The Marines were raging, and they wanted to kill Rogen no matter what happens.