One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 244: Mangekyō Sharingan.

The remaining Marines were completely angry, and they didn’t care about their lives. Killing Rogen is their purpose.

Facing them, Rogen took out the Seven Star sword with his right hand and clenched his fist with the other hand, and then he rushed forward.

With his newly born divine sense, Rogen was able to feel all his enemy’s movements within five meters, besides, he has the Sharingan and the Devil Fruit.

There’s no difference between him and who has the Kenbunshoku Haki. On the contrary, Rogen must be stronger.

Before 0.2 seconds, Rogen felt and saw the attack as false images before it comes.

After 0.2 seconds, Rogen’s figure flashed and avoided these images. At the same time, the Marines attacked, but they didn’t hit him, which shocked them.

In a blink of an eye, Rogen waved his sword and clenched his fist and began his attack.

The combination of the divine sense, Sharingan, and the Devil Fruit gave Rogen a powerful ability to avoid all his opponent attacks.

Thirty seconds later, there were only a dozen people left, they were all middle-aged Rear Admirals.

The remaining Marines were shocked, and couldn’t believe that this young man just killed thousands of elites easily.

This guy should be a demon.

At the same time, more reinforcements just came.

Rogen looked up and raised his sword.

“Is that how Marines fights?”

The three Tomoes began to rotate quickly in his eyes. When he glanced around, he saw that he was surrounded by the Marines, and they were all aiming at him.

There was huge pressure on Rogen, there were soldiers all over the place.

The remaining Rear admirals retreated and hid behind their friends silently.

“Rogen, you don’t have any chance here, just surrender!”

The three Vice-Admirals stepped forward and shouted.

When he heard that, Rogen was stunned, and the pressure was even heavier than before.

He closed his eyes and prepared to use the Haoshoku Haki. There were too many opponents, he needs to find a solution, otherwise, they will kill him.

But, as soon as he closed his eyes, all the Marines rushed toward him.


All the Marines attacked at the same time, leaving no chance for Rogen to do anything.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

“I said, nothing can penetrate me!”

Suddenly, Rogen opened his eyes and murmured.


A strange shield appeared around Rogen’s body and protected him from the bullets.

What just happened shocked the Marines, it was unimaginable.

“He’s a Devil Fruit user!”

One of the Vice-Admirals recognized it because there was a weird sound when he hit the shield.

Immediately he jumped back, and then, he rushed again, but with the Busoshoku Haki this time.

Rogen held up his sword to resist, and in an instant, they collided.

The collision between the Vice-Admiral’s Haki and Rogen’s sword made a loud sound and a strong wind.

Rogen’s face changed slightly, the power of this Vice-Admiral is just amazing, it may put Rogen in a very bad situation.


Rogen was directly thrown by the huge force. He has been retreating for tens of meters in the air.

“It seems that this dude has some power!”

Rogen looked up and stared at his opponent.

All the Marines were shocked when they saw this scene, they were amazed by the power of their Vice-Admiral.

“Rogen, surrender, or you will die!”

“Of course, someone will die today, but not me!”

Rogen smirked.

Rogen waved his sword and then walked forward again.

“Brave kid!”

The three Vice-Admirals stepped out and they were ready to attack.

They have instructions from their superiors to take down the enemy as fast as they can, and if they couldn’t, they should delay and wait for more reinforcements.

But now, it seems that the Vice-Admiral stronger than Rogen, and there’s no need to delay.

At that moment, Rogen closed his eyes, and something strange was happening.

A few moments later, his eyes were bloody red, and in the middle of that red space, there was a huge pupil.

In the middle of that pupil, there was a blood that can’t be seen, and beside it, there was a Tomoe turning slowly.

“Mangekyō Sharingan, is that it?”

Rogen was moving forward at a slow pace, and suddenly, he opened his eyes.

As he did that, the Tomoe began to rotate quickly.

It can be said that after all these battles, Rogen became able to liberate the power of these eyes.

At that moment, he gained the real power of the Sharingan.

“Mangekyō Sharingan!”

His eyes were fixed at the Vice-Admirals in front of him.

“The man who is watched by these eyes…”

“Can never escape!”