One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 251: Time is your weakness!

Mary Geoise scale is very large, it can be seen that these huge buildings took a long time to build.

It shows the thick and the glorious past of the Celestial Dragons.

“Wake him up!”

Caros felt confused. He doesn’t remember anything. He opened his eyes and touched his head.

“Ugh, who are you?”

The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was two big men around him, and not far away, there was a young man.

“Where am I? what did I go through? How dare someone to kidnap me?”

“Oh My God, I’m a Celestial Dragon, isn’t that right?”


A fist fell directly on Caros head, making him scream loudly.

Saint Caros, the descendant of the twenty kings and one of the Greatest Celestial Dragons, was really kidnapped.

“From now on, I’ll ask and you’ll answer, and you have to answer, otherwise, I’ll destroy you!”

Jason squatted down and hit his skull with his knuckles. Caros was in true pain, and he even cried.

“You idiot, don’t you know who am I?”

Caros shouted with anger.

“Shut up little bastard! If you opened your mouth again, I’ll smash your head!”

Jason was completely mad at that moment.

Caros felt that he was in danger, and he was about to pee.

“What do you want to ask?”

Caros was shivering.

He has never experienced such a thing, he is a Celestial Dragon, and the whole world should serve him and follow his orders. After he got kidnapped, he felt that he was in a very dangerous situation.

Besides, that ugly man with the cigar, he looks very fierce.

“What did I do wrong?” Caros kept thinking.

“Do you know a woman called Lucy? She’s a Celestial Dragon!”

Jason asked coldly.

When they heard that, Trensu and Crocodile looked at each other.


Caros was stunned.

“No way, are they going to kidnap the girl I’m about to get?” Caros was confused, and he kept thinking. The girl that his brother gave him named Lucy too.

He didn’t understand what was that about.

At that moment, he got angry and shouted.

“I won’t tell you, she’s mine! She’s mine!”

But after Jason’s punch and Crocodile’s kick, Caros confessed.

“I know her, I was going to see her!”

“Where is she?”

Jason and the others were extremely happy, they didn’t expect that they would get the good news easily.

“She belongs to the Illios family, but there’s something special about her identity!”


Trensu wondered.

The three were confused, and after forcing Caros to speak, they got angry.

“Damn you bastard! How dare you to treat our partner like this?”

“Partner?” Caros was stunned. “Aren’t you going to kidnap both of us?”

Hearing this, Jason didn’t hesitate to punch Caros again.

“Shut up and lead the way. Be careful, don’t do anything stupid!”

“Don’t punch me again please!”

Caros felt that he was the most disgraced Celestial Dragon. He forced to take orders from normal people.

Z didn’t know what was happening outside, he could hear the movements of the three guys clearly, but he has nothing to do but keep silent.

“These guys are really bold, they dared to kidnap a Celestial Dragon in their territory!”

“All I can say that this guy is only a bomb, if it explodes, the three mates will die without being buried!”

“What a brave group!”

He didn’t try to persuade them to leave, he was worried about how to get out of this gourd after they got killed.

Southeast region of the Marine Headquarters.

A black and a golden light were rushed toward each other.


Because of the strong explosion, the ground cracked, and two tall buildings around them collapsed immediately.

The impact of their strength has reached an incredible level.


All the Marines below were panicked, and they ran away quickly.

In three minutes, ten tall building in a row has been collapsed.

“Yasakani no Magatama!”

“Getsuga Tenshō!”

The dark sword and the golden one collided together and caused another huge explosion and flames in the void.

“If I’m not wrong, then your power will dissipate after a while!”

After another collision, Kizaru retreated and smirked.

Rogen’s eyes contracted; he doesn’t seem to be surprised.

“It seems that the Marines have spent a long time studying me!”

“You are different than any other fighter in this world, I can see that in a glance.”

“You’re very strong, but your weakness is obvious!”

Kizaru’s eyes narrowed.

“Really?” Rogen smiled.


“Time is your weakness. Last time, the power you gained was so strong that I couldn’t even fight it!”

“But this time, I have to say, it’s too far from the last time!”

As he said that, Kizaru smiled and disappeared.


There was only golden light moving in the void.

“I won’t fight you. I just need to delay you!”

“With the power you’re showing now, you won’t be able to defeat me!”