One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 250: Kidnapping a Celestial Dragon!

The three mates looked at the golden buildings in front of them, and they felt a huge pressure as they were getting close to them.

They were very close to the most luxurious place in the world, Mary Geoise.

“Trensu, get ready!”

Jason stood up from the gourd and looked ahead.

Trensu nodded, he raised his black gun and put his eye on the sniper mirror and quickly adjusted it.

After a while, he became able to see everything very clear.

“There are few people there, but there are many bodyguards in black!”

After a careful check, Trensu reported the situation for his mates.

“This place is very complicated; it’s divided into several building groups. It shows the difference between the Celestial Dragons clans!”

“I can tell that strong clans have bigger buildings than the weaker ones!”

Trensu moved the sniper mirror and kept checking.

“The guards are so dense over there. Damn, it’s impossible to launch an attack!”

Through the sniper mirror, Trensu checked all the guards one by one, they were obviously strong.

They would be crushed if they went there without a good plan.

“We must find a weak spot!”

Trensu whispered while he was checking the whole area.

Crocodile puffed the smoke and then he looked at his friends and said.

“Before that, we must have a general understanding of that place!”

“I don’t know anything else; we need to find the little master’s place!”

“Crocodile is right. Let’s catch a Celestial Dragon and torture him, he will tell us everything we want!”

Jason laughed and said in a loud voice.

Black lines appeared on Trensu’s face when he heard that, but he has to admit that this method is very simple and will lead them to what they want.

Capturing a Celestial Dragon is the best choice to get all the information they need.

“Jason is right!”

Crocodile nodded and agreed with Jason.

Jason was happy to hear that everyone liked his idea.

Immediately afterward, the Wraith pirates headed forward. After reaching the other side, Trensu put the gourd away, and then followed his mates.

“356 meters to the right, we will enter from the sunken wall, it has the weakest defense!”

After checking the whole area, Trensu chose the best place to enter.

After running for a while, they saw the sunken wall in front of them, which was 13 meters in height and made from an unknown material.

As Trensu said, this place has the weakest defense.

After jumping, they glanced left and right and then disappeared.

Near the fence, there was the street of the Celestial Dragons. On both sides of the streets, there were flowers and trees, so that the whole street is full of refreshing fragrance.

The three mates kept running in the streets, looking for a target.

“At the left corner, there is a Celestial Dragon alone!”

Trensu whispered and pointed.

After a long observation, Trensu took the lead.

They already killed a Celestial Dragon, it’s easy for them to kidnap another one.

Saint Caros was in a good mood that day. His older brother was going to get married, and he gave him a woman as a gift to make him happy.

According to rumors, this woman has the blood of the Celestial Dragons, but with a low status. It seems that this woman has made a big mistake to be out of the Celestial Dragon’s clan and treated like a slave.

he was only 18 years old, and he was happy to have a (former) Celestial Dragon as a toy for him.

“I can’t believe that I will manipulate a Celestial Dragon and play with it!”

Saint Caros raised his chin, swaggered, and took eight steps, slowly and steady.

When he was a child, he saw that all the Adults walked like that, so he learned from them. Now, he was very happy to walk like this.

It was something great for him. He is Celestial Dragon, he doesn’t breathe the same air with normal people, also, his way of walking should be unique.

“That kid, his walking way makes me feel angry!”

between the trees not far from Caros, Jason clenched his fists and he wanted to beat him, especially when he saw the bubble on his head.

“Beating him is not enough!”

Trensu also didn’t like him.

“I suggest to kill him after getting the information!”

Crocodile couldn’t hold himself and suggested to kill that little bastard.

“Get him!”

immediately, Jason shook his head, and the three rushed out like a gust of wind.

Caros was intoxicated by the feeling that he was served by that woman. And suddenly, there was a gale in front of him.

“Your highness, be careful!”

“Enemy attack!”

“Where did these maniacs came from? They dared to attack the Celestial Dragon!”

One of the guards shouted, but after 3 seconds, he didn’t say anything else.

“What’s the matter?”

Two shadows appeared in front of Caros.

“What are you doing!”


A heavy punch fell directly on the Celestial Dragon’s face and made him faint.

“This is good!”

Jason looked disdainfully at Caros, and he felt relieved.

“Let’s take him!”