One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 249: “You don’t have the permission to leave us!”

There was a fierce fight, between the Admiral of the Marines, Borsalino, and the captain of the Wraith Pirates, Rogen.


They caused strong wind around them because of their speed, and each time they collided, a huge explosion came out.

All the Marines on the ground were shocked, the two fighters just swept several kilometers in a short time.

Too strong! Too fast!

The Marines haven’t seen their Admiral in a fight like this, they thought that his power and speed were just rumors.

They admired him, being an Admiral isn’t an easy thing at all.

During this fight, no one of the Marines dared to interfere, they do not have any qualification to compete.

In the mid-air, Rogen and Kizaru were boiling, they were fighting for a long while. They couldn’t find any way to finish this fight.

“Rogen, you surprised me, but I have to say that you are weaker than last time!”

In the middle of the fight, Kizaru laughed and mocked Rogen, and at the same time, he kept waving his sword against his enemy.


When he heard that, Rogen smiled, and then the three Tomoe in his eyes began to rotate.

Kizaru was stunned after only one glance to Rogen’s eyes.

“Getsuga Tenshō!”

As he said that, Rogen waved his sword vertically and headed toward Kizaru.


The yellow Admiral couldn’t believe what he just saw.

The Getsuga Tenshō crossed the void and fall directly on a tall building thousands of miles away.


With only one hit, Rogen cut a building up to ten floors.

“What power is this?”

Kizaru’s eyes flashed with golden light and kept looking at Rogen carefully.

“Tsukuyomi! Is it useless?”

Rogen’s heart trembled, he realized that the Admiral of the Marines was really strong.

“Kenbunshoku Haki is faster Genjutsu, damn!”

After a quick think, Rogen understood the deficient of his Genjutsu.

In this case, he should give up on it.

His eyes changed back to three Tomoe. Although the power of this eye was tyrannical, Rogen was worried about the consumption of his power. And he might need it later.

Once again, the two returned to fight, and in a blink of an eye, they spent 5 minutes.

The fierce battle just entered a stalemate.

On the side of the Golden Lion, after the coming of Akainu, the pirates suffered heavy losses, and more than a dozen pirates with their ships were directly destroyed.

“Captain, we need to do something, this guy is too strong!”

One of the cadres behind Shiki shouted.

They naturally know the true power of Akainu.

“I’ll go, since the Marines has dispatched high-end combat power, we can’t be stingy!”

One of Shiki’s crew stepped forward and then jumped from the floating island following by many officers of the pirate regiment.

“This war is going to be very exciting!”

The Golden Lion didn’t stop his subordinates, he turned his gaze toward Kong in the opposite direction and smiled.

He has a general understanding of the power of the Marines at that moment.

Sure enough, there are many powerful fighters on the side of the Marines.

Excluding Kizaru who was dragged to the southeast region by the unknown force, there were 2 Admirals left here, as well as the Fleet Admiral.

This kind of high-level Marines is no less than the Golden Lion Pirates.

Until now, Shiki didn’t achieve his goal, he wanted to destroy the Marine Headquarters, but first, he needs to defeat the powerful fighters to do that.

The Golden Lion was upset at that moment.

Looking down, all the officers of the Golden Lion Pirates rushed down and engaged Akainu.

At the same time, The Marine troops just joined the battle, which made Shiki felt relieved.

The war was like hot water, it began to bubble and boil.

“Sengoku, where the hell is Garp?”

Kong stared at Sengoku and shouted.

“Kong-Sama, he is in the middle of the sea between the Sabaody Archipelago and the Marine Headquarters, he will be here soon!”

Sengoku trembled and he responded quickly.

He finally reached his old bastard friend, and he felt relieved when he knew that he’s going to be here soon.

“When Garp arrives, this war will take place. You will join Garp and you will destroy them!”

“He dared to attack the Marine Headquarters. That bastard, he will suffer!”

Kong was angry, and also, he felt relieved to hear that Garp is coming soon.

After scanning the Marine Headquarters, although most of the areas were still intact, 1/5 area has been destroyed, and there were countless casualties from the Marines.

It can be said that this war is the biggest in the history of the Marines.

“Hai, Hai sir!”

Sengoku looked at Kong and responded quickly.

It won’t be hard for Garp and Sengoku to defeat the Golden Lion.

Outside the southeast wall, the Jasper Gourd was flying slowly.

“Only three hundred meters left, and we will be near the Celestial Dragon’s palace!”

Jason’s eyes sparkled.

The luxurious and unique buildings have already appeared in front of them.

“If you don’t want to die, I advise you to go back. This is not a place you want to break into!”

Z was very angry, and he wanted to manipulate them.

“Don’t waste your energy, Z. We don’t care about our lives; we have something we need there!”

Immediately, Jason interrupted Z and stopped him from talking.

Z stopped talking for a while, and then he asked.

“What are you going to do there?”

“Our partner, he’s there!”

Trensu’s tone was very serious at that moment.

Crocodile exhaled, and he remembered the little cat.

His relationship with the cat wasn’t very deep, but as Trensu said, she’s their partner.

“Is that enough for you?”


Z was stunned, and he didn’t ask again.

He has been in the Marines his whole life, and he couldn’t understand how pirates think. How could they break into the Celestial Dragon’s Palace for the sake of a partner, and without taking care of their lives?

Are they aware of what they are going to do?

“We’re going to be there soon, soon!”

Jason looked ahead and clenched his fists.

“Little master, we don’t care about your identity, since you are our partner…”

“Then you don’t have the right to leave us, you have to get the captain’s permission!”

“I asked the captain…”

“He said, whatever the reason behind leaving us…”

“He doesn’t agree at all!”