One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 259: Getsuga Tenshō!

Blood infiltrated from Kuzan’s chest because of the Ice Saber and quickly wet his clothes. Under his ability to control ice, the blade disappeared and his wound was covered with a layer of frost.

“Just… Ugh, be careful!”

After saying that, Kizaru’s eyes turned white and he fainted.

He suffered serious injuries, the scratch on his chest extended to his abdomen which almost split his whole body in two. Even the bones of his right leg were cracked.

When an Admiral of the Marines suffers such injuries, it means that his enemy was so cruel and strong.

This monster’s aggression and brutality were like a wild animal biting its prey.

“I can’t lose you!”

Kuzan was helpless.

Staring at the eyes of the Rogen in the distance reminds him of the time when he was a child in the wild facing a wolf.

The feeling of fear suddenly hit his heart.

At that moment of helplessness, Rogen was flying at a low altitude and brought a gust of wind that cracked the ground and spread toward Kuzan.

“You’re the only one left!”

Immediately, he waved his sword and hit the Ice Blade.

By the powerful hit of the Getsuga Tenshō, the Ice Saber broke into pieces. However, Rogen didn’t stop and he wanted to attack Kuzan but another ice pile appeared in front of him.

“Ice again!”

Rogen’s eyes narrowed, and then he waved his sword again and cut the huge pile of ice.

“What a ferocious will to fight, it’s frightening!”

In the ice, Kuzan’s body slowly recovered and condensed.


Rogen laughed.

“Just like that guy’s light, you are ice!”

As he was speaking, Kuzan stepped forward and then disappeared. In a blink of an eye, an Ice Saber appeared and attacked Rogen.

Immediately, Rogen dodged it and waved his sword toward Kuzan who just retreated and jumped forward again.

The two men kept colliding with their sword very fast.

Rogen was very excited, and his laugh was very clear, while Kuzan was sweating hard.

The strength of his opponent was beyond his expectation, he was in huge pressure at that moment.

It was impossible to even imagine the existence of such a person in this world, he was immune against Elementalization and all kinds of Haki. This guy’s sword cut wherever he wants.

The two kept fighting for hundreds of rounds.

Kuzan’s body was covered with wounds and blood, so he kept freezing himself from time to time to recover.

Although he could still resist, the pressure was getting stronger and stronger.

“Hahaha, you are all the same, you don’t know how to fight!”

With a wave of his sword, Rogen hit the Ice Saber fiercely.


The Ice Saber broke again, which forced Kuzan to retreat 10 steps before stopping.

“Let me be compassionate and teach you how to fight!”

As he laughed, Rogen waved his sword again and approached Kuzan.


The black sword trembled in the void and then exploded in Kuzan’s chest. This time, it was faster and fiercer.


Kuzan’s chest burst open, and blood flowed out.

“However, the price will be your life, hahaha!”

Rogen laughed loudly, and then he pointed out his finger.

“Gran Rey Cero!”

The dazzling light bloomed and rushed toward Kuzan quickly.


The explosion made huge flames that covered an area of one kilometer and burned everything in that area.

In the middle of the flames, Kuzan jumped quickly, his body was completely burned, and it was hard to see his face, he was black.

“Wow, still alive?”

Rogen was a bit surprised. Suddenly, the flames seemed to bow down a split under some kind of pressure, and then, Rogen bent his knees and pounded again.

“This is the end!”

Kuzan has no choice but to stand in the same place.

The speed of the other side was astonishing. After the last blow, his seriously injured body couldn’t resist anymore.

“Getsuga Tenshō!”

Rogen waved his sword again and hit Kuzan fiercely.

After the explosion made from the sword hit, Aokiji was thrown hundreds of meters to the back.

Rogen didn’t stop, he raised his sword again and dived down.

In the fire, Kuzan was struggling to stand up, his whole body was covered with blood, and then he fell again. Whether he was alive or not, no one knows.

“Trust me, you’ll die this time!”

Holding his sword with both hands, Rogen smiled and then rushed toward Kuzan.

“I can’t fight anymore…Ugh!”

Aokiji closed his eyes, he was very exhausted and powerless. After closing his eyes, he lost consciousness.

Rogen was getting close to Kuzan. Ten meters, five meters, two meters, one meter…

Suddenly, Rogen’s body trembled.

the mask on his face shattered and the white skin began to disappear, as well as the black sword.

When the possessed soul left his body, Rogen lost consciousness. It was an extremely dangerous act allowing the possessed soul to occupy consciousness and control his body.

Fortunately for Rogen, the possessed soul was just a machine that knows how to fight and kill, it has no extra thoughts. What makes him feel more relieved was the result of the battle.

Looking at Kuzan and Kizaru in the distance, he knew that he finally made it.

“What amazing power!”

After standing up, Rogen stared at the whole area and got excited.

It can be said that the whole southeast was destroyed after the battle between Rogen and the Marines.

What was shocking for everyone, the two high ranking Marines were lying to the ground, and no one knows whether they were alive or dead.

“That’s great, I can feel the difference!”

There was a difference in Rogen’s body before and after the battle.

Holding his sword, Rogen went toward the high wall of 100 meters and stared at it.

After a while, he waved the Seven Stars sword and hit the wall.


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