One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 26: Itachi Uchiha


The System’s voice suddenly came to Rogen’s mind, and it gave an answer.

“Spending 75 million Belly to summon a green class soul.”

A faint whirlpool light bloomed, and a big figure came from the Horizon and it merged with Rogen in a twinkling.

This figure’s face was cold, with scarlet eyes, which seemed to glitter with endless lights. The speed of his integration with Rogen was extremely fast, it took him just a moment to merge into Rogen’s body.

His whole body was shocked, Rogen opened his eyes, they were scarlet, and there was three Magatama spinning fast.

“This is the soul of Itachi Uchiha.”

He had a smirk on his face, Rogen didn’t know how the system arranged the soul, but 75 million Belly unexpectedly summoned a great ninja from Naruto’s world, had to say that Rogen was extremely lucky.

“Green peak soul, Itachi Uchiha!”

“He has the Sharingan and he is a great user of Genjutsu and Ninjutsu!”

In His mind, this information given by the system was very fast, and Rogen was rapidly integrating with Itachi. Gradually, he could feel a huge power expanding. It was flowing to his limbs and spreading in his entire body.

For the time being, Rogen had the Sharingan in his eyes, and the three Tomoe was spinning fast. Suddenly, the Marines rushed over him, in his sight, they were so slow.

At that moment, Rogen also moved, and he pulled out the rainbow sword behind him.


The crisp sound of the sword rang, and a brilliant light suddenly burst out. Rogen strode out, and with few steps, he had already reached the front of the marine. He jumped a distance of more than ten meters like he teleported. This huge speed shocked the marine.

Followed by, even more terrifying, the appearance of the Yuan Hong.

A beautiful blue light came out from the sword, shining all over the place.

The blue light bloomed in the eyes of everyone. Such brilliance was very beautiful and fascinating.

Rogen’s expression was quiet and that was clear in his eyes, cooperating with Itachi’s battle experience. At this moment, he displayed the extremely terrible abilities of Itachi.


Rogen didn’t stop at all, rushed and crossed the marines who came to attack him.


Suddenly, the blood spread out, which made the marine screaming in pain and fell to the ground.

In the face of this fierce sword, they couldn’t even react to his hit.

Seeing this scene, Dragon’s eyes contracted. According to the information he got, Rogen was a pirate worth only 40 million, but now he found out that he worth a lot more than that. However, these high-rank marines were immediately defeated and laid on the ground.

“This kid still hides strength?”

“In one move, he defeated 5 marine’s Instructors, this kid is ferocious!”

With such a terrifying power at this age, it can be said that Rogen’s potential was not less than his brother Gol D Roger. This also proves that he is worthy of a hundred million bounty.

“I underestimated you!”

Dragon made a step forward, the cloak of justice behind him swayed and his expression was full of attention.

“Hey you, what’s your name!”

Rogen passed the Instructors of the marine who had fallen to the ground and pointed his sword to Dragon.

The characters in this anime were very familiar to Rogen, but he could hardly distinguish them when they were in front of him.

“Monkey D Dragon! The Rear Admiral!” Dragon said quietly, “Rogen, in the name of justice, I’ll arrest you today!”

“You must surrender?”

When Rogen heard the name of that Marine, he couldn’t help but glimpse.


He didn’t expect that this extremely energetic guy turned out to be Dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army who had set off the world in the anime, and was hailed as the most vicious criminal in the world. He is an amazing character and from the most powerful persons in the whole world of One Piece.

“Interesting, I really didn’t expect to meet you here!”

Rogen smiled, and his heart became calmer.

Suddenly encounter such a strong enemy, had to say that Rogen’s heart still excited. It was a very interesting thing to compete with the famous and powerful young man in the anime.

“Do you know me?” Dragon raised his eyebrows.

“The famous Monkey D Dragon! Who doesn’t know you?” Rogen chuckled.

Dragon was surprised. This was his first time to leave the headquarters for a mission. As for his great name, it was only known inside the marine, how could any outsider know him?

Rogen stopped talking, his eyes narrowed, and the three Tomoe began rotating with high speed. It’s unlikely to start a fight with all their strength, the beginning of each fight must be a test of each other’s strength.

The Rainbow Abyss sword was pulled out and it issued a crisp sound. At this moment Rogen moved.

His pace was brisk and strange, but, it was very fast.

Only In an instant, he was already in front of dragon, and his sword drew and went straight to Dragon’s neck.


Like a gust, Dragon dodged this attack. But then, more stormy shadow of the sword hits came. Dragon was surprised. Rogen’s swordsmanship was impenetrable and extremely repressive. At the moment, Dragon was forced to retreat.

“Da da da da da da dah!”

They were fighting fiercely. Dragon dodged away and stepped back. Just a moment later, they had already fought over a 100 meters.

Ghost Valley’s (Guigu’s) swordsmanship, the Vertical and horizontal technique was a guard and attack skill. It attacked like an angry thunder, violent and cruel when the sword tip tremble it let the enemy fall into a storm and get a hit by the thunder, punctuality like a snake, Impenetrable like a turtle, there was no flaw in this attack.

Under such circumstances, even Dragon had to retreat from this attack.

It was so interesting that Dragon was pushed to the fountain in the street.

At this time, Rogen’s right hand moved again and more fierce hits came out. In an instant, he stabbed thirty-six pierces by his sword, these were distributed in the air in front of Dragon.

This means that at that moment, the swordsmanship issued by Rogen attacked Dragon in 36 different directions of his body.

“A frightening swordsmanship!”

Dragon’s eyes narrowed, this time, he didn’t avoid that attack, he got hit by all the 36 stabs.

After that, Rogen’s pupil suddenly contracted.

“It got through?”

The sword’s shadow actually passed through Dragon’s body. And at the same time, a big hand fell toward Rogen…


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